Mark Milley

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U.S. carries out multiple airstrikes to support Afghan forces as they fight Taliban US Afghanistan 1w
Top US general Milley insists military is ‘apolitical’ as he dodges questions about ‘white rage... US 2w
Taliban seek to cut off Afghan population centres: Top US general US Afghanistan 2w
Opinion | Gen. Mark Milley Reminisces About the Battle of the Beltway Iran 2w
Trump: Milley should be 'COURT-MARTIALED' for saying he feared a coup 2w
Mark Milley warned Trump was going to start a ‘f***ing war’ with Iran and Pence called country... Iran 2w
Tucker Carlson demands Biden fire General Mark Milley 2w
Netanyahu urged US to attack Iran after Trump’s election loss — report US Iran Israel 2w
Mark Milley feared Trump would start war with Iran to stay in power Iran 2w
Trump: I wouldn't have used military to illegally seize control of govt US 2w
‘If I was going to do a coup, it wouldn’t be with him’: Trump attacks ‘woke’ general Milley who... US 2w
Trump smears America’s top general as ‘choking dog’ after book reveals he compared ex-president... US 2w
'Shocking, but not surprising': George Conway reacts to Trump book excerpt 2w
Trump preached Führer’s gospel in last days, says Mark Milley US 3w
Coins of the last months of Trump. The US Army commanders were afraid that he would try to make... 3w
"Rijkskagmoment" threatened in the US according to new book US 3w
General feared Trump would attempt coup after election, book claims 3w
'You f**king did this': Rep. Liz Cheney rips Jim Jordan after Capitol riot 3w
New book shows top US generals planned ways to stop Trump in case of coup US 3w

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Top US general warned of ‘Reichstag moment’ in Trump’s turbulent last days US Germany 3w
Trump demands Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley RESIGN 1mo
Trump calls on Mark Milley to resign after top US military officer thrust into ‘critical race t... US 1mo
Tucker Carlson calls America's top general a stupid pig US 1mo
Tucker Carlson calls America's top general a stupid pig US 1mo
Tucker Carlson doubles down on criticisms of Gen. Mark Milley 1mo
Tucker Carlson lashes out at top US military leader Mark Milley: ‘He’s not just a pig, he’s stu... US 1mo
US military chief Mark Milley once told Stephen Miller to ‘shut the f*** up’ over criticisms of... US 1mo
Top US general rejected Trump's push for military to 'crack skulls' US 1mo
Top US general rejected Trump suggestions military should 'crack skulls' during protests last y... US 1mo
America’s top general defends study of critical race theory by military US 1mo
US military chief links Capitol riot to ‘white rage’ and defends study of critical race theory US 1mo
General's response to GOP lawmaker's question leaves him shaking his head 1mo
Top Pentagon officer Mark Milley says Russia & China pose ‘biggest threats’ after Biden says it... China US Russia 1mo
Afghanistan: Pentagon deploys extra warplanes amid pullout US Afghanistan 2mos
Mark Milley reverses course on military's sexual assault policy after reported cases continue t... 3mos
Afghan forces face ‘bad possible outcomes’ against Taliban – US general US Afghanistan 3mos
Pentagon appoints two female generals, promotion postponed for fear of Trump interference 5mos
Gen. Mark Milley key to military continuity as Biden takes office 6mos
READ: Military Joint Chiefs statement condemn 'sedition and insurrection' at US Capitol US 6mos
Top military officials issue rare message to US forces, condemning 'sedition' at Capitol US 6mos
Nancy Pelosi seeks assurance from Pentagon about Trump's access to nuclear codes 6mos
Read: Pelosi's letter on speaking with top US general about Trump and nuclear codes US 6mos
Israel using Gen. Mark Milley to pass messages to Biden administration on Iran: report Iran Israel 7mos
Israel’s Netanyahu, top US military discuss Iranian threat US Iran Israel 7mos
Saudi chief of staff receives US General Mark Milley US Saudi Arabia 7mos
US needs a hi-tech revolution to combat China, says General Mark Milley China US 8mos
Top military general ‘did not give consent’ for photo to be used in Trump campaign ad 9mos
USA. Chief of Staff and several quarantined military officers US 9mos
US military chiefs in quarantine as Trump Covid chaos spreads US 9mos
US military leaders quarantine after positive test US 9mos
Senior Pentagon leadership quarantining after exposure to coronavirus US 9mos
Trump has chosen: Amy Coney to the Supreme Court. The Senate holds back the president: "The wil... US Russia 10mos
Top general says no role for military in U.S. presidential election US 11mos
Top general rejects Democrats’ fantasy of military ousting Trump from White House US 11mos
US military won't play role in election and won't help settle contested result, top general say... US 11mos
Trump's top general appears to contradict president on military bases named for Confederates 1yr
White House didn't get heads up about top general's apology 1yr
Chairman of joint chiefs discussed resigning in wake of Trump photo op 1yr
General apologizes for appearing in photo-op with Trump: I should not have been there 1yr
George Floyd protests: Top US general apologises for joining Trump at church photo op US 1yr
Joining Trump church photo-op 'a mistake', says Gen Mark Milley 1yr
Joining Trump church photo op 'a mistake', says Gen Mark Milley – video US 1yr
Top US general Milley admits 'mistake' after Trump photo-op US 1yr
Top US military general Mark Milley apologizes for Trump church photo-op US 1yr
US military chief sorry for joining Trump walk US 1yr
White House wanted 10,000 active duty troops to quell protesters 1yr
Americas top soldier General Milley had 'shouting match' with Trump US 1yr
U.S. defense officials converge in Seoul to discuss troop costs, Japan pact US South Korea Japan 1yr
Japan, US say 3-way ties with S. Korea are key to security US South Korea Japan 1yr
Top US military official calls on Japan and S Korea to cool tensions China US South Korea Japan 1yr
U.S. will leave about 600 troops in northeast Syria to prevent ISIS resurgence, top general say... US Syria 1yr
Top general doesn't know where Trump got description of Isis chief 'whimpering and crying' 1yr
Two prisoners were captured ALIVE during deadly Baghdadi strike 1yr
‘We will not be intimidated into making stupid decisions,’ Trump nominee tells Senate 2yrs
Russia an ‘existential threat’ to US, top Army general tells Congress US Russia 2yrs
U.S. Army Chief Of Staff Visits Kabul For Talks With Afghan Leaders US Afghanistan 2yrs
Trump Chooses Army Chief Milley To Be His Next Top Military Adviser US 2yrs
Trump nominates Milley as a top soldier US 2yrs
Trump to nominate Milley as next chairman of Joint Chiefs US 2yrs
Trump nominates Gen. Mark Milley as chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff US 2yrs