Suella Braverman

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Rwanda safe for refugees – London Rwanda 4h
Singling out Albanian migrants 'very disgraceful moment in British politics,' says country's PM... UK Albania 2d
Suella Braverman has become the Conservatives' biggest liability - The New Statesman 4d
Experts dispute UK’s claim of possible ECHR reforms on Rwanda UK Rwanda 5d
UK expands Rwanda deportation deal UK Rwanda 5d
UK interior minister visits Rwanda to expand deportation plan UK Rwanda 6d
Suella Braverman’s ‘stop the boats’ plan would bar 45,000 children from UK UK Rwanda 6d
UK Home Secretary visits Rwanda to discuss controversial deportation scheme UK Rwanda 1w
Home Secretary Suella Braverman visits Rwanda as asylum deal remains mired in legal challenges UK Rwanda 1w
Children’s commissioner for England expresses ‘deep concern’ over illegal migration bill England 1w
Britain and the EU are making a deadly hash of tackling irregular migration - Financial Times UK 1w
‘Assault on free speech’: Gary Lineker’s defenders and detractors 2w
From Brexit to Qatar, Gary Lineker has not shied away from airing his views Qatar 2w
Gary Lineker accused of playing down the Holocaust with comparison to ‘1930s Germany’ as asylum... Germany UK England 2w
Resettlement expansion no substitute for right to seek asylum, UNHCR tells UK - The Guardian UK 2w
Home Office officials demand apology from Suella Braverman over ‘attack on integrity’ 2w
United Nations sharply critical of British plan to deport migrants who arrive in small boats UK 2w
Resettlement expansion no substitute for right to seek asylum, UNHCR tells UK - The Guardian UK 2w
Suella Braverman accused of rule breach over ‘blob of civil servants’ email 2w

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How the UK's intake of asylum seekers compares to nations across Europe - inews UK 2w
Braverman admits as many as 80000 people could cross Channel on small boats this year – UK poli... UK 2w
Politics latest news: Suella Braverman concedes 80000 migrants could make small boat crossings... UK 2w
Cabinet and MPs to hear details of small boats bill that has ‘pushed boundaries of internationa... UK 2w
Suella Braverman: small boats plan will push boundaries of international law 2w
Martyn’s law: anti-terror security rules for UK venues to be introduced after delay UK 2w
Public order bill to be amended to protect journalists covering protests 2w
Political correctness has created 'blind spot' for Islamic terrorism to flourish, warns Suella... 3w
‘Humanitarian visa’ could cut number of asylum seekers reaching UK by boat UK 1mo
British Home Secretary met with police over Nicola Bulley case ‘concerns’ UK 1mo
Gillian Keegan at odds with Home Office plan to restrict overseas students UK 1mo
Activists infiltrate Tory event to protest over missing asylum-seeking children 1mo
Alf Dubs decries Suella Braverman’s likening of refugees to invaders UK 1mo
Hongkongers in UK ask Suella Braverman to ditch ‘repressive’ anti-protest bill UK 1mo
‘Stringing us along’: Windrush U-turns let down those whose lives were ruined 1mo
UK ban on laughing gas sale or possession poised to go ahead UK 1mo
Home secretary mulls cut to post-study student visa stay in UK, says report UK 1mo
UK home secretary ‘won’t apologise’ to Holocaust survivor over ‘invasion’ rhetoric UK 2mos
Ten sanctioned Russia-backed individuals used ‘golden visa’ route to the UK Russia UK 2mos
Black Britons and MPs condemn ‘cruel’ plan to dump Windrush pledges 2mos
Suella Braverman plans to ditch key Windrush pledges UK 2mos
Britain to proscribe Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as terror group — report Iran UK 2mos
Suella Braverman targets spouses and students in plan to cut immigration UK 2mos
Suella Braverman says civil servants’ productivity on asylum claims is too low 3mos
Braverman keen to activate Rwanda migrant plan after High Court victory UK Rwanda 3mos
Rwanda dream could still become a nightmare for Suella Braverman | Rajeev Syal Rwanda 3mos
Suella Braverman feeding Farage politics, says outgoing government adviser 3mos
Ministers accused of unlawfully denying Afghan journalists UK visas UK Afghanistan 3mos
Channel tragedy shows hardline policies will not deter those desperate to reach UK UK 3mos
Suella Braverman says UK must ‘end these crossings’ after Channel deaths UK 3mos
Home Office adviser Nimco Ali appears to quit by criticising Suella Braverman 3mos
Suella Braverman urges people to rethink Christmas holiday flight plans 3mos
"Nobody took her seriously": the rise, fall and rise of Suella Braverman 3mos
Suella Braverman says people coming to UK illegally ‘at fault’ for processing chaos UK 4mos
Suella Braverman fails to explain how theoretical asylum seeker could get to UK safely and lega... UK Rwanda 4mos
Rishi Sunak green-lights visas for Indians in hope of salvaging trade deal 4mos
Suella Braverman is the star - even with a bit of stumbling French France 4mos
UK and France clinch new agreement on migrants as Suella Braverman travels to Paris France UK 4mos
Suella Braverman to sign revised deal with France on Channel migrants France 4mos
Edi Rama: Albanian PM who’s Blair’s buddy and blames Brexit for migrant exodus Albania 4mos
Concern over plan for military to fill in for striking Border Force staff 4mos
Great Britain: Interior Minister Suella Braverman, controversial Bretteuse of the Sunak governm... Great Britain 4mos
Suella Braverman urges police to get tougher on Just Stop Oil activists 4mos
Suella Braverman was ‘warned again and again’ over migrant crisis at Manston 4mos
Suella Braverman was warned ‘hate speech’ could inspire far right 4mos
‘A complete mess’: small boats a big issue for successive home secretaries 4mos
Asylum-seekers’ human rights ‘routinely abused’ in Calais, Sunak told 4mos
Rishi Sunak risks fallout from bringing Suella Braverman onboard 4mos
Suella Braverman Makes 20-Mile Journey To Controversial Migrant Centre In A Military Helicopter 4mos
Sadiq Khan calls for urgent review after asylum seekers stranded in London 4mos
In the United Kingdom, a saturated asylum system and an interior minister on the hot seat UK 4mos
Tory disquiet over Channel crossings shakes projection of unity under Sunak 4mos
Braverman, cuts, and the end of Sunak’s honeymoon? –Politics Weekly UK UK 4mos
Britain is targeting Albanians to excuse policy failures, says country’s PM UK Albania 4mos
Suella Braverman calls coming of migrants ‘invasion’, faces heat UK 4mos
‘Invasion’ of the UK? Experts dubious of Suella Braverman’s claim UK 4mos
UK is compassionate, says PM after Suella Braverman invasion row UK 4mos
UK minister under fire for calling migrants an 'invasion' UK 4mos
Labour refers Suella Braverman to financial watchdog over email leak 4mos
UK home secretary slammed for asylum seeker ‘invasion’ remarks UK 4mos
UK home secretary Suella Braverman under fire over migrant ‘invasion' claim UK 4mos
Minister warns on language after Suella Braverman 'invasion' comment 4mos
Suella Braverman says she will fix broken asylum system 4mos
Suella Braverman remains under fire over situation at Manston migrant processing centre – UK po... UK 4mos
Suella Braverman sent official docus to personal email 6 times UK 4mos
Suella Braverman challenges critics to oust her in asylum row 4mos
Suella Braverman challenges critics to oust her in asylum row 4mos
UK home secretary complains of migrant 'invasion' – DW – 10/31/2022 UK 4mos
Rishi Sunak’s First Crisis: Turmoil Engulfing His Home Secretary 4mos
Suella Braverman email: four questions left unanswered 4mos
British Home Secretary Suella Braverman sent official documents to personal email address six t... UK 4mos
Suella Braverman was warned over Manston migrant centre overcrowding 4mos
MRSA reported at Manston in migrant who tested positive for diphtheria 4mos
Braverman’s secret meetings with ‘anti-woke’ MP flagged by officials before she quit 4mos
Suella Braverman stays silent as rapid cabinet return reignites Tory row 4mos
Labour demand answers to Suella Braverman’s ‘growth visa’ leak reports 4mos
Rishi Sunak faces backlash over Suella Braverman appointment UK 4mos
Conservative MPs question Suella Braverman's return to cabinet 4mos
Senior Tories split over Suella Braverman appointment 4mos
UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman accused of ‘multiple breaches’ of ministerial code UK 4mos
Rishi Sunak - live updates: Next wave of government shake-up begins - as PM faces pressure over... 4mos