Suella Braverman

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UK interior minister plans to restrict use of tents by homeless UK 5mos
UK home secretary threatens pro-Palestine protesters with jail time UK 5mos
Suella Braverman says rough sleeping is ‘lifestyle choice’ 5mos
Suella Braverman pushes to restrict tents for rough sleepers 5mos
Austria to follow Britain on Rwanda-style asylum seeker removal scheme UK Austria 5mos
Austria seeks to adopt UK’s Rwanda-style plan for asylum seekers UK Austria 5mos
UK's Suella Braverman hits out at ‘hate marches' amid Israel-Gaza conflict UK 5mos
UK ministers to hold Cobra meeting on terrorism threat from Israel-Hamas conflict UK 5mos
Furious row breaks out over Palestinian marches at Israel 'war crimes': 'That's just NOT true!'... Israel UK Palestine 5mos
Israel-Gaza latest updates: Video appearing to show Tube driver leading Palestine chant branded... UK Palestine 5mos
Fury as Islamists chant Hamas slogans on the streets of London during huge pro-Palestine protes... UK Palestine 5mos
‘Simply a call for freedom’: marchers defend slogan at London Palestine protest - The Guardian UK 5mos
Suella Braverman to urge Met to use 'full force of the law' over 'jihad' chants at protest – UK... UK England 5mos
Suella Braverman to urge Met to use ‘full force of the law’ over ‘jihad’ chants at protest – UK... UK 5mos
Suella Braverman to urge Met to use ‘full force of the law’ over ‘jihad’ chants at protest – UK... UK 5mos
Met must explain decision over ‘jihad’ chant at protest, says minister 5mos
Suella Braverman to question Met Police chief over jihad chant at rally 5mos
Suella Braverman to question Met Police chief over Gaza protests response 5mos
Fury at year-long Home Office delay over protest buffer zones at UK abortion clinics UK 5mos

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Israel says it is restarting water supply to southern Gaza Strip - The Times of Israel Israel Hindustan Israel Israel 5mos
Sunak left thousands of Afghans eligible for UK stranded in Pakistan ‘to save money’ China Pakistan UK 6mos
Suella Braverman urges police to crack down on Hamas support in UK Israel UK 6mos
Rishi Sunak’s political makeover includes leaning into Indian heritage India UK 6mos
Suella Braverman: Firebrand Tory mimics US culture-war rhetoric to stoke support US UK 6mos
Rishi Sunak won't repeat Suella Braverman's migrant 'hurricane' claim - The Times UK 6mos
Rishi Sunak and Giorgia Meloni defy Spain to discuss migration crisis at European summit - The... Spain 6mos
Migrant crisis: Sunak to urge 'Europe-wide solutions' at summit in Granada - Spain Bulgaria UK Belgium Serbia 6mos
Suella Braverman claims ‘hurricane’ of mass migration coming to UK UK 6mos
Suella Braverman warns of ‘hurricane’ of migrants | Financial Times UK 6mos
No rule to stop Tory MP interviewing minister on GB News, says Ofcom boss 6mos
Tory MPs criticise Suella Braverman’s ‘alarmist’ speech on migration 6mos
Thursday briefing: Why Suella Braverman attacked refugee rights in Washington UK 6mos
UK's Braverman lobbies in US for tougher asylum rules – DW – 09/26/2023 US UK 6mos
UN rebukes Suella Braverman over her attack on refugee convention UK 6mos
Great Britain: Braverman wants to restrict UN refugee convention UK Great Britain 6mos
UK home secretary Suella Braverman set to call for UN refugee treaty reform | Financial Times UK 6mos
Suella Braverman to call for overhaul of UN refugee convention – UK politics live UK 6mos
Suella Braverman orders review into UK police firearms regulations UK Scotland 6mos
Suella Braverman orders review of armed policing after officer’s murder charge 6mos
Suella Braverman suggests some UK net zero pledges are ‘arbitrary’ | Financial Times UK 6mos
Suella Braverman pushes for ban on American bully XLs after attack US 7mos
War in Ukraine, live: the United Kingdom will write Wagner on its list of terrorist organizatio... Russia UK Ukraine 7mos
UK government orders review into police 'political activism' UK 7mos
UK not ruling out quitting European Court of Human Rights as Home Secretary accuses judges of b... UK 7mos
Suella Braverman restates wish for UK to leave European court of human rights UK 7mos
UK could fit asylum seekers with electronic tags UK 7mos
Asylum seekers 'could be fitted with electronic tags' - Express 7mos
Suella Braverman says ‘we will do whatever it takes’ if Strasbourg thwarts Rwanda plan Rwanda 7mos
Asylum seekers say Bibby Stockholm conditions caused suicide attempt 7mos
Some charities 'politically motivated activists masquerading as humanitarians' says Suella Brav... 7mos
Suella Braverman refusing to roll out asylum-support scheme deemed ‘more humane’ 7mos
Bibby Stockholm: Home Office ‘should accept blame’ for delay in removing people 7mos
‘Secretive and evasive’: Patel criticises plan to house asylum seekers at Essex RAF base 7mos
At least six dead and 50 rescued after migrant boat sinks in English Channel France UK Italy Tunisia 8mos
People in Oxford Street clashes must be ‘hunted down’, says Suella Braverman 8mos
Suella Braverman acted unlawfully over asylum seekers, judge rules UK 8mos
Suella Braverman refuses plea of man barred from UK to be reunited with son UK Turkey 8mos
Extremists might use AI to plan attacks, Home Office warns UK 8mos
Islamic State and al-Qaeda both still seeking to stage attacks in Britain, Suella Braverman to... UK 8mos
Suella Braverman wants Albania-style returns deal with Turkey - The Telegraph Turkey 8mos
Suella Braverman U-turns on new rules targeting trafficking victims 9mos
Rwanda asylum plan: Timeline of government’s policy to deport migrants Rwanda 9mos
Rwanda asylum plan: Timeline of government’s policy to deport migrants Rwanda 9mos
Suella Braverman tells police to ramp up use of stop and search UK 9mos
Home Office diversity training on rise despite Braverman scepticism 9mos
Suella Braverman urged to clarify why refugees were left on London street 10mos
In the United Kingdom, Suella Braverman, the minister of all excesses UK 10mos
Suella Braverman’s leadership hopes dented as public support plummets UK 10mos
‘Knives out’ for Suella Braverman as Rishi Sunak is warned he may have to sack her 10mos
UK net migration hits record high despite Tory promises to cut arrivals UK 10mos
Rishi Sunak decides not to launch ethics investigation into Suella Braverman 10mos
Suella Braverman will not face investigation over speeding claims UK 10mos
Sinspfuhl Westminster: In the British political operation, real and supposed affairs are chasin... UK 10mos
Civil servants ‘have to fact-check’ Suella Braverman’s claims to cabinet 10mos
Braverman says she did ‘nothing untoward’ but could face probe into handling of speeding offenc... UK 10mos
Suella Braverman did breach ministerial code says former top civil servant – UK politics live UK 10mos
Pressure on Rishi Sunak to investigate claim Suella Braverman asked civil servants to help avoi... 10mos
Rishi Sunak under pressure to investigate Suella Braverman bid to avoid penalty points UK 10mos
A second reprieve for Suella Braverman could be a tall order 10mos
Suella Braverman ‘tried to get out of final vote on small boats bill’ 10mos
Road safety groups hit out at Suella Braverman over speeding incident 10mos
Suella Braverman: what are the allegations over her speeding fine? 10mos
Report: British minister asked for help for help in the event of a criminal ticket UK 10mos
Discontent among Tory MPs after Sunak changes immigration targets 10mos
Suella Braverman says she’s not a hypocrite for wanting less immigration in UK UK 10mos
Michael Gove says Tories will not win election with culture wars 10mos
Afghan families in Yorkshire issued with eviction letters from Suella Braverman - The Guardian UK Afghanistan 10mos
Afghan families in Yorkshire issued with eviction letters from Suella Braverman Afghanistan 10mos
Tory MPs accuse Suella Braverman of making bid for party leadership 10mos
Rwanda asylum plan: Timeline of goverment’s policy to deport migrants Rwanda 10mos
Suella Braverman rails against ‘experts and elites’ in partisan speech 10mos
The face of cruel Britannia: who is the real Suella Braverman? - The Guardian 10mos
The face of cruel Britannia: who is the real Suella Braverman? - The Guardian 10mos
Suella Braverman accused of breaching barristers’ code over ‘racist’ language 10mos
Suella Braverman says illegal immigration ‘out of control’ as she urges peers not to block bill... UK 11mos
Police to get powers to ban slow walking in traffic amid Just Stop Oil protests 11mos
Does Suella Braverman have evidence to link boat arrivals to crime? 11mos
Suella Braverman rules out introducing safe routes for Sudan asylum seekers - Sky News UK Sudan 11mos
Sudanese boat arrivals to face deportation: UK home secretary UK Sudan 11mos
Suella Braverman says Sudan refugees on small boats will face deportation – live Sudan 11mos