Osama bin Laden

Saudi Arabian founder of al-Qaeda more on Wikipedia

Opinion: Lawmaker falsely claiming Trump caught bin Laden sums up today's GOP 3mos
Western allies should not rule out assassinating Putin, former Army chief says Iran 3mos
Vladimir Putin warning from Navy SEAL who killed Osama Bin Laden US Russia Ukraine 3mos
Osama bin Laden’s son visited Afghanistan in Oct, held meetings with Taliban: UN report Afghanistan 5mos
Joe Biden has a history of caution when it comes to staking out terrorists. But this time, some... 5mos
Hunting Hambali: bringing ‘Southeast Asia’s Osama bin Laden’ to justice US Indonesia 6mos
The US did more to radicalise Afghanistan than Osama bin Laden US Afghanistan 8mos
The Rise and Fall of Osama bin Laden by Peter Bergen review — portrait of a deadly terrorist US Afghanistan 9mos
The shadow that America was in the heart: why the brain behind 9/11 is still waiting for a proc... US 9mos
Opinion: Osama bin Laden changed history on 9/11, but not in the ways he expected US Pakistan Syria Yemen Iraq Afghanistan Somalia 9mos
September 11, day as every day. How could the world look like today if there were no attacks in... US Afghanistan 9mos
9/11 anniversary: Who were the September 11th attackers and what are the links with the new Tal... Afghanistan 9mos
Saudi Arabia, 20 years after 9/11: 'A country in the making' Saudi Arabia 9mos
EXPLAINER: What was, and is, al-Qaida? US 9mos
The Rise and Fall of Osama bin Laden review – how the son of a brickie became the leader of al-... 10mos
Osama bin Laden’s childhood best friend: 'how is it possible this boy turned into a monster?' 10mos
After US troops leave, focus on how Taliban will face challenges ahead US Afghanistan 10mos
Al-Qaeda return: Bin Laden's ex-aide returns to Afghanistan hours after US troops exit US Afghanistan 10mos
Osama bin Laden's former aide Amin-ul-Haq returns to Afghanistan Afghanistan 10mos

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Top Al Qaeda arms dealer returns to Afghanistan hours before US troops leave US Afghanistan 10mos
Bin Laden’s al Qaeda security chief back in Afghanistan, videos show Pakistan Afghanistan 10mos
2000-2002: When the United States was the "absolute priority" of Al-Qaida US France 10mos
Osama bin Laden security chief RETURNS to Afghanistan after 20 years US Afghanistan 10mos
Trump says bin Laden 'had one hit,' his admin killed... 10mos
'No proof' Osama bin Laden was involved in 9/11: Taliban 10mos
Taliban defend Osama bin Laden, insist ‘no proof’ he was behind 9/11 10mos
Opinion: America's awful options in Afghanistan US Afghanistan 10mos
Taliban say there's 'no proof' Osama bin Laden was behind 9/11 attacks US 10mos
Continuing evidence of close ties between Taliban and al Qaeda US Afghanistan 10mos
Navy Seal who killed Bin Laden shares his Afghanistan strategy Afghanistan 10mos
Afghanistan: Tony Blair says US withdrawal from country was made 'for political reasons' US UK Afghanistan 10mos
Osama Bin Laden banned Al Qaeda from trying to assassinate Joe Biden US 10mos
Fact check: Biden claimed al Qaeda is 'gone' from Afghanistan. The Pentagon said it's not US Afghanistan 10mos
Bin Laden 'BANNED assassination of Biden so Joe could lead US into crisis' US 10mos
Osama bin Laden predicted Joe Biden would 'lead America into a crisis' US 10mos
After the Afghanistan withdrawal, the West will soon learn “troops out” has consequences US Pakistan France UK Syria Iraq Afghanistan 10mos
Taliban chief linked to Osama bin Laden poses 'heightened threat' to the West 10mos
How the US was fooled into letting Osama bin Laden flee Afghanistan US Afghanistan 10mos
CNN.com - White House warns Taliban: 'We will defeat you' - September 21, 2001 US Afghanistan 10mos
Al Qaida members to contribute to new Channel 4 documentary on the life of Osama Bin Laden 10mos
Bin Laden ‘plotted to kill Obama after being out of spotlight after 9/11' 11mos
The woman who was the first to warn about Osama bin Laden 11mos
Osama bin Laden's half-brother puts his Bel Air mansion up for sale after abandoning it post 9/... 11mos
Osama bin Laden's half-brother lists Bel Air mansion for $28M 11mos
CIA officers among 200 Americans afflicted by 'Havana Syndrome' 11mos
The 'Bin Laden-Spy' of the CIA is at behind Havana syndrome US 11mos
CIA taps Bin Laden hunter to probe mystery ‘Havana syndrome’ as US says cases hit 200 – reports US 11mos
Imran Khan calling Osama bin Laden ‘martyr’ was ‘slip of tongue’, says Pak minister Pakistan 1yr
Donald Rumsfeld dies at 88. The former defense secretary oversaw Iraq, Afghanistan wars Iraq Afghanistan 1yr
Imran Khan called Osama Bin Laden a martyr, his foreign minister says 'I will let it pass' Pakistan 1yr
Imran Khan called Osama Bin Laden a martyr, his foreign minister says 'I will let it pass' Pakistan 1yr
FM refrains from calling Osama bin Laden martyr or terrorist Pakistan Afghanistan 1yr
Shah Mahmood Qureshi | ‘I will let that pass’, says Pak's Shah Mahmood Qureshi when asked if he... 1yr
Watch: Osama Bin Laden’s niece flies ‘Trump Won’ flag on boat outside Biden-Putin summit US Russia Switzerland 1yr
Bin Laden's niece flies 'Trump won' flag in protest of Biden-Putin summit 1yr
Osama Bin Laden’s niece trolls Biden with ‘Trump Won’ sign at Geneva summit 1yr
Osama bin Laden's pro-Trump niece protests Joe Biden's Geneva summit US 1yr
Bakr Bin Laden after 3 years luxury released Saudi Arabia 1yr
CIA used vaccine scheme in hunt for Osama bin Laden 1yr
Biden marks 10th anniversary of bin Laden's death with promise to 'remain vigilant' US Afghanistan 1yr
Joe Biden over Al-Qaeda: "Have Bin Loading to the Gates of Hell" US Afghanistan 1yr
Afghan forces face ‘bad possible outcomes’ against Taliban – US general US Afghanistan 1yr
10 years ago Osama went to Laden Terror to an end 1yr
Bin Laden was killed a decade ago. How would Biden have handled it? US 1yr
Al Qaeda vows to 'wage war on all fronts' against the US US 1yr
Al Qaeda promises 'war on all fronts' against America as Biden pulls out of Afghanistan US Pakistan Afghanistan 1yr
The keys to understand the political legacy of Osama Ben Laden US Afghanistan 1yr
‘Scapegoat’: The Lonely Life of Doctor Who Helped Pinpoint Bin Laden US Pakistan 1yr
'Scapegoat': The lonely life of doctor who helped pinpoint Osama bin Laden Pakistan 1yr
10 years after death, Osama Bin Laden still mobilises jihadists US Pakistan 1yr
Pakistan's Legacy of Fake CIA Vaccination Programs is Making People Scared of the COVID Vaccine Pakistan 1yr
TV host criticises Trump Jr and Lauren Boebert, accusing them of acting like IRA and Osama Bin... 1yr
New Al-Qaeda boss known as Sword of Revenge is 'worse than Osama bin Laden' 1yr
Is Turkey Biden's "ally from hell"? US Pakistan Turkey 1yr
Osama bin Laden used to finance, support Nawaz Sharif, reveals former ambassador 1yr
Terrorist Abdul Nacer Benbrika to stay in jail, despite finishing 15-year sentence Australia 1yr
Tony Blair rock opera will be 'fast and loose with facts' 1yr
Mystery about al-Zawahiri, for the Arab media "he is dead" Egypt 1yr
Al-Qaeda boss al-Zawahiri dies from asthma, reports claim Afghanistan 1yr
Obama’s A Promised Land is an elegant memoir from the coolest president ever – review 1yr
Israeli bombers killed one of Al-Qaeda's leaders and his daughter Osama bin Laden's daughter-in... US Iran Israel Kenya Tanzania 1yr
Israeli agents 'killed Al-Qaeda's second-in-command hiding in Iran' Iran Israel 1yr
FBI most wanted: Al Qaeda's second-in-command 'killed in Iran by Israeli operatives' Iran Israel 1yr
Worried Joe Biden 'advised against Osama bin Laden raid,' Obama's memoir reveals 1yr
What happened on the way to Obama's 'Promised Land' 1yr
Joe Biden advised against Osama bin Laden raid, Barack Obama writes 1yr
The death of Robert Fisk, leading Middle East reporter and controversial figure 1yr
Veteran journalist Robert Fisk who interviewed Bin Laden dies aged 74 1yr
Robert Fisk, veteran UK journalist, dies aged 74 UK 1yr
Robert Fisk, veteran UK journalist, dies aged 74 UK 1yr
Revealed: UK's secret deal to take back Osama bin Laden's spokesman UK Egypt 1yr
He oversaw the bin Laden raid. See what he says about Trump 1yr
Trump suggests Osama bin Laden's death was faked in Pakistan in 2011 Pakistan 1yr
Kimmel on Trump: 'No one in my lifetime has done more to separate us' 1yr
Presenter clashes with Trump: "You're not a crazy uncle!" US 1yr
Can Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump? India US Israel France UK Iraq Jamaica Ukrania 1yr
Breaking: Joe Biden's 152 Billion Dollar Benghazi Coverup Iran 1yr
Bin Laden spokesman heading for Britain after US jail release US UK 1yr
Bin Laden spokesman 'freed from jail' for UK return over 'Covid risk' US UK 1yr
Niece of Osama bin Laden says her support for Trump has caused her ‘more grief’ than relation t... US 1yr