Mevlut Cavusoglu

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Turkish government rebukes ‘Russian election interference’ claims Russia Turkey 1w
Ukraine grain deal may be extended for 2 months: Çavuşoğlu Ukraine 2w
Çavuşoğlu to discuss Türkiye-Syria ties in 4-way meeting in Russia Iran Russia Syria 2w
Türkiye reiterates stance on Russia sanctions – media Russia 3w
US asked Türkiye for access to Russian air defense system – FM US Russia Turkey Ukraine 3w
Western media under fire for biased rhetoric pre-Türkiye polls Turkey 3w
Turkish, Syrian foreign ministers may meet next week Syria Turkey 3w
Turkish, Syrian foreign ministers may meet next week Syria Turkey 3w
Türkiye only genuine partner in counterterrorism: Foreign Minister 3w
'Türkiye, Ethiopia try to act as mediators in Sudan conflict' Ethiopia Sudan 4w
Turkish FM calls US President Biden 'charlatan' over Armenian genocide remark US Armenia Turkey 1mo
Türkiye discusses evacuation of citizens from Sudan with Ethiopia Ethiopia Turkey Sudan 1mo
FM Çavuşoğlu, Stoltenberg discuss NATO summit, Ukraine war Ukraine 1mo
Türkiye discusses cease-fire with conflicting sides in Sudan Sudan 1mo
Austria, Türkiye look to increase economic, trade cooperation Austria 1mo
Türkiye to continue efforts for EU visa liberalization: Çavuşoğlu 1mo
Türkiye, Egypt to cooperate for Libya's stability: FM Çavuşoğlu Egypt 1mo
Türkiye, Egypt to cooperate for Libya: FM Çavuşoğlu Egypt 1mo
Axis of Türkiye: FM pledges a powerful country in foreign policy  1mo

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‘Türkiye grateful for Turkish Bulgarian aid after Feb. quakes’ Bulgaria Turkey 1mo
Türkiye welcomes Israeli decision to ban non-Muslim Al-Aqsa visits Israel 1mo
Türkiye reaffirms support for Azerbaijan after new Armenia clashes Armenia Azerbaijan 1mo
'Israeli provocations against Palestinians unacceptable' Israel 1mo
Any Ukraine Peace Talks Should Be About 'New World Order' – Lavrov - The Moscow Times Russia Turkey Ukraine 1mo
Türkiye calls for end to Russia-Ukraine conflict Russia 1mo
Russian FM Lavrov to visit Türkiye for talks Russia 1mo
Sweden must take concrete action to join NATO: FM Çavuşoğlu Sweden 1mo
Türkiye-Syria talks set to be held in Moscow after delay Iran Russia Syria 1mo
Türkiye highlights ‘humane’ approach to tackle migration troubles 1mo
Turkish FM Çavuşoğlu, UN chief discuss Zero Waste Project Turkey 2mos
'Sweden's steps not enough to address Türkiye's concerns' Sweden 2mos
Turkish FM says diplomatic ties with Egypt will be maximized Turkey Egypt 2mos
Türkiye, Egypt look to restore frayed ties as FMs hold landmark talks Egypt 2mos
Talks boost diplomatic reconciliation between Turkiye and Egypt Turkey Egypt Cyprus 2mos
Top Egyptian and Turkish diplomats hold talks in Cairo amid improving ties Turkey Egypt 2mos
Turkish, Egyptian FMs meet in Cairo for 1st talks in over decade Turkey Egypt 2mos
Turkish, Egyptian foreign ministers meet in Cairo as ties thaw Turkey Egypt 2mos
Turkish FM to visit Egypt as countries end decade-long split Turkey Egypt 2mos
Turkey’s Cavusoglu to visit Egypt in first such trip in a decade Turkey Egypt 2mos
Turkish foreign minister set to visit Egypt as ties thaw Turkey Egypt 2mos
Meeting of Turkiye, Syria, Iran, Russia, officials postponed -Turkish source Iran Russia Syria Turkey 2mos
FM Çavuşoğlu, Norwegian FM Huitfeldt discuss NATO enlargement Norway 2mos
EU donor conference for Türkiye quake victims moved to March 20 2mos
Iran joins four-way Moscow talks with Turkiye, Syria Iran Russia Syria Turkey 2mos
FM Çavuşoğlu, Turkmen FM discuss upcoming OTS summit Turkmenistan 2mos
Türkiye ‘working hard’ to renew Black Sea grain deal: FM Çavuşoğlu Ukraine 2mos
Turkey Says It's Working To Renew Black Sea Grain Deal Russia Turkey Ukraine 2mos
Türkiye calls for United Nations reforms at G-20 Summit India Turkey 2mos
Turkish FM speaks out on sanctioning Russia over Ukraine  Russia Turkey Ukraine 2mos
FM Çavuşoğlu, Indian FM discuss bilateral ties, Türkiye quake India 3mos
FM Çavuşoğlu to attend G-20, MIKTA meetings in India India Turkey 3mos
Turkey's NATO Talks With Sweden And Finland Set To Resume On March 9 Finland Sweden Turkey 3mos
Turkey's NATO talks with Sweden and Finland to resume on March 9 Finland Sweden Turkey Denmark 3mos
NATO bid talks set for March 9, Ankara urges Sweden for progress Finland Sweden 3mos
War in Ukraine, live: Turkey announces the resumption of negotiations with Sweden and Finland w... Finland Sweden Turkey Ukraine 3mos
Turkish, Egyptian FMs talk about post-earthquake situation Turkey Egypt 3mos
Swedish PM welcomes Türkiye's message on NATO bid resumption Sweden 3mos
Ankara insists US lift unilateral sanctions as Blinken visits US 3mos
Ankara requests US to lift unilateral sanctions as Blinken visits US Turkey 3mos
Live: Blinken and Turkish foreign minister hold conference over US earthquake aid US Turkey 3mos
Blinken arrives for tour of Turkey's earthquake zone US Turkey 3mos
Costa Rica FM meets Turkish counterpart, signs co-op protocol Turkey Costa Rica 3mos
Turkish minister lauds quick response of Saudi relief teams to quake disaster Syria Saudi Arabia Turkey 3mos
Turkiye won’t allow new Syrian refugee influx after quake: Minister Syria 3mos
Border crossings with Syria open after earthquake: FM Çavuşoğlu Syria 3mos
Greek foreign minister makes goodwill trip to earthquake-hit parts of Turkey Greece Turkey 3mos
Egypt to send urgent relief aid for Syria, Turkiye quake victims Syria Turkey Egypt 3mos
Sweden deliberately endangers NATO process: FM Çavuşoğlu Sweden 3mos
Türkiye angered over 'intentional' closure of foreign missions 3mos
‘Foreign embassies closing without consulting Ankara intentional’ 3mos
President: Estonia, Turkey understand each other's security concerns Turkey Estonia 3mos
Estonian formin calls on Turkey to approve NATO accession of Finland, Sweden Finland Sweden Turkey Estonia 3mos
Türkiye reiterates proposal for Finland Finland Sweden Turkey 3mos
Turkey says Sweden was complicit in burning of Quran amid tension over NATO membership bid Sweden Turkey 4mos
Turkey says it is "meaningless" to restore NATO dialogue with Sweden, Finland Finland Sweden Turkey 4mos
Turkey Says It's 'Meaningless' To Restore NATO Dialogue With Sweden, Finland Finland Sweden Turkey 4mos
‘No official proposal from Finland joining NATO without Sweden’ Finland Sweden 4mos
Pompeo’s statements ‘exaggeration, delusive’, FM Çavuşoğlu says US 4mos
FM Çavuşoğlu to host Thai, Serb counterparts in Ankara Thailand Serbia 4mos
FM Çavuşoğlu to attend ECO Council of Ministers meeting in Uzbekistan Uzbekistan 4mos
‘Ankara, Baku sincere in normalizing ties, expect steps from Yerevan’ Armenia Azerbaijan 4mos
Turkiye asks US for F-16 jets amid NATO, Congress rows US Turkey 4mos
Türkiye urges US to expedite F-16 process US 4mos
Turkish FM embarks on 3-day official visit to US to discuss bilateral relations US Turkey 4mos
Türkiye, Iran support Syria's territorial integrity, unity Iran Syria 4mos
FM Çavuşoğlu visits US as ties remain crucial US Turkey 4mos
West views Türkiye as rival in Balkans: FM Çavuşoğlu 4mos
FM Çavuşoğlu slams 'racist' YPG/PKK propaganda in Sweden Sweden 4mos
'Libyan govt informed Türkiye it backs maritime deal despite suspension' Libya 4mos
Turkish FM mulls February for talks with Syrian counterpart Syria Turkey 4mos
Türkiye says 5 million tons of grain shipped to sub-Sahara Africa Rwanda 4mos
Turkey supports Ukrainian Peace Formula Turkey 4mos
Turkish FM stresses more support for Africa in Pretoria visit Turkey 4mos
Turkish FM opens consulate in Cape Town, hails South Africa ties South Africa Turkey 4mos
FM Çavuşoğlu starts 5-nation tour aiming to develop ties with Africa South Africa 4mos
Turkish foreign minister to visit US as Ankara steps up diplomatic efforts US Turkey 4mos
Türkiye condemns Israeli minister's 'provocative' Al-Aqsa visit Israel 4mos
Çavuşoğlu talks to Gulf counterparts on Afghanistan, Al-Aqsa Mosque Afghanistan UAE United Arab Emirates 4mos
Türkiye meets Syrian opposition amid Assad normalization Syria 4mos
Çavuşoğlu talks to UAE counterpart on Afghanistan, Al-Aqsa Mosque Afghanistan UAE United Arab Emirates 4mos