Sergey Lavrov

Russian politician and Foreign Minister more on Wikipedia

US creating quasi-Kurdish state in Syria, Russian FM Lavrov says US Russia Syria 1d
Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says Russia has 'no problems with Ukraine's territorial integrit... Russia UK Ukraine Ukraine   FRANCE 2d
Brussels should buy Ukrainian grain for Africa – Lavrov Russia 3d
‘New world order’ vs ‘empire of lies’: key takeaways from Lavrov’s UN speech 3d
UN efforts to revive Ukraine grain deal 'not realistic': Russia Russia Ukraine 3d
If West wants battlefield resolution to Ukraine conflict, so be it – Lavrov Russia Ukraine 4d
West has been ‘blinded’ by desire to ‘defeat’ Russia – Lavrov Russia 4d
West has ‘no honest arguments’ on Ukraine – Lavrov Russia Ukraine 6d
China’s FM hails ‘strategic cooperation’ in talks with Russian counterpart China Russia 1w
Zelensky and Lavrov might cross paths at UN Russia Ukraine 1w
US waging war against Russia – Lavrov US Russia Ukraine 1w
Moscow not impeding African dialogue with West – Lavrov 2w
West failed to ‘Ukrainize’ G20 – Lavrov India Ukraine 2w
Putin's self-isolation: Lavrov attends the G20 – DW – 09/08/2023 India South Africa 2w
Ukraine tried to blow up gas pipelines to Türkiye – Lavrov Russia Ukraine 2w
Russia ditching ‘unreliable’ dollar in trade – Lavrov US Russia 3w
More crises to come as West fights history – Lavrov Russia 3w
UN chief Guterres sends letter to Russian FM to revive grain deal Russia 3w
Lavrov to lead Russian delegation at G20 summit – Moscow India Russia 4w

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BRICS aims for just, multipolar world order – Lavrov Russia 1mo
Ukraine faces a ‘grim future’ – Moscow Russia Ukraine 1mo
Western calls for Ukraine peace talks a ‘tactical ploy’ – Moscow US Ukraine 1mo
West has shown its ‘true Russophobic face’ – Lavrov Russia 1mo
Lavrov to travel to US for key UN assembly US Russia 1mo
West trying to lure nations with Zelensky ‘peace plan’ – Moscow Russia 1mo
Russia will ‘never abandon’ goals of military operation – Lavrov Russia Ukraine 2mos
Russia ‘not constructive’ at Asean talks, US says, shows no change on Ukraine US Russia Ukraine 2mos
Relations with West won’t return to way they were – Russian FM Russia 2mos
Top US, Chinese diplomats meet on ASEAN summit sidelines – DW – 07/13/2023 China US Russia 2mos
NATO suffering delusions of grandeur – Lavrov Russia 2mos
China, Russia vow to work together to boost regional ties in Jakarta talks China Russia 2mos
Russia will treat F-16s in Ukraine as nuclear threat – Lavrov Russia Ukraine 2mos
ASEAN talks: Blinken to meet China's Wang Yi on sidelines – DW – 07/13/2023 China US Russia 2mos
Russia knows 'What to do' in response to new NATO members: FM Russia Finland Sweden 2mos
Russian trade with Gulf countries soars – Lavrov Russia 2mos
Saudi, Russian foreign ministers meet in Moscow Russia Saudi Arabia 2mos
Saudi FM receives message from Russian counterpart Russia Saudi Arabia 2mos
Russia urges expansion of UNSC for balanced representation Russia 2mos
Key takeaways from Lavrov’s press conference on Ukraine Ukraine 2mos
Russia will destroy foreign fighters and Western generals in Ukraine – Lavrov Russia Ukraine 2mos
Quitting grain deal will not affect Russia’s agricultural exports – Lavrov Russia Ukraine 2mos
Standoff between Russia and West is ‘war of worlds’ – Lavrov US Russia 2mos
No panic in Africa over Wagner revolt, Lavrov tells RT Russia 3mos
Kiev’s nuclear terrorism allegations are ‘nonsense’ – Lavrov to RT Russia 3mos
US backs coup attempts whenever it can benefit – Lavrov US Russia 3mos
US always puts its vested interests first, not principles, Lavrov tells RT US Russia 3mos
Let NATO fight, Russia is prepared – Lavrov Russia Ukraine 3mos
US plotting to interfere in Russian elections – Lavrov US Russia 3mos
‘The world will be different’ when the Ukraine conflict ends – Lavrov to RT Russia Ukraine 3mos
New BRICS members improve multipolarity – Russian FM Russia Saudi Arabia UAE Egypt Algeria 3mos
Anglo-Saxons control collective West – Moscow  3mos
Gas hub in Türkiye can help solve global energy crisis: Russia Russia 3mos
Russia will ‘never again’ accept US rules – Lavrov US Russia 3mos
Nordic nations have been under NATO thumb for decade – Lavrov Finland Sweden 3mos
Lavrov arrives in South Africa South Africa 3mos
Russia understands needs of modern Africa – Lavrov Russia 3mos
Mind your own business, Lavrov tells US envoy US Russia South Africa 3mos
Relationship with Russia very productive – Burundi Russia Burundi 3mos
Africa intends to become center of emerging multipolar world order – Moscow Kenya 3mos
Lavrov in Kenya on Heels of Ukrainian Counterpart's Trip to Africa - The Moscow Times Russia Kenya France UK Ukraine 3mos
Lavrov in shock Kenya visit days after Ukraine FM trip to Africa - Al Jazeera English Russia Kenya France UK Ukraine 3mos
Russian forces will ‘react’ to F-16 deliveries – Lavrov US Russia Ukraine 3mos
Moscow warns West against ‘playing with fire’ Russia Ukraine 3mos
China’s peace envoy pushes political settlement for Ukraine in Moscow meetings China Russia Ukraine 4mos
Russian FM hosts Azerbaijani, Armenian counterparts for talks Russia Armenia Azerbaijan 4mos
Russia still open to diplomacy on Ukraine – Lavrov US Russia Ukraine 4mos
Saudi FM discusses regional, international developments with Russia’s Lavrov Russia Saudi Arabia Ukraine 4mos
Turkiye-Syria rapprochement dialogue hosted by Moscow Iran Russia Syria 4mos
Zelensky is a 'puppet’ – Lavrov 4mos
West’s efforts to isolate Russia failed – Lavrov Russia 4mos
Russia denies US consular visit to jailed journalist Evan Gershkovich - The Guardian US Russia Ukraine 5mos
Russia Slammed At United Nations Security Council Meet | Russia Ukraine War News | English News... Russia UK Ukraine Russia Ukraine 5mos
Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, says the US 'has destroyed globalisation' - Sky News US Russia UK Ukraine 5mos
Lavrov is a clown, and Russia a terrorist – Czech Foreign Minister Russia Czech Republic 5mos
Lavrov is a clown, and Russia a terrorist Russia Czech Republic 5mos
Russia’s Lavrov warns of EU militarisation, says similar to NATO Russia 5mos
Sudan has the right to use Wagner Group: Russia’s Lavrov Russia Sudan 5mos
Highlights from Russian foreign minister’s US media blitz US Russia Sudan 5mos
Russia urges expansion of UN Security Council US Russia 5mos
Russia's Lavrov hosts UN meeting on 'international peace,' gets slammed by Western diplomats |... Russia Ukraine 5mos
Ukraine’s allies denounce ‘cynical’ Russian meeting at UN US Russia Ukraine 5mos
Lavrov at UN: Western minority’s place in multilateral world Russia 5mos
Fact check: What to make of Lavrov's claims at the UN? – DW – 04/25/2023 US Russia Ukraine 5mos
Russia ‘will not forget or forgive’ US refusal of journalist visas US Russia 5mos
Russia warns of repercussions from US visa refusal US Russia 5mos
Russia outraged by US denying visas to Russian journalists: US Russia 5mos
Russia outraged by US denying visas to Russian journalists: "We will not forget, we will not fo... US Russia 5mos
Russian foreign minister visits Cuba, condemns US sanctions US Russia Nicaragua Brazil Cuba Venezuela 5mos
Russian foreign minister Lavrov visits Nicaragua's Ortega US Russia Nicaragua 5mos
Russian Foreign Minister arrives in Brazil to meet president, who made loud statements about Uk... Russia Ukraine Brazil 5mos
Russia's UN council presidency is most contentious in memory Russia Ukraine 5mos
Russia's Lavrov thanks 'Brazilian friends' on Ukraine stance Russia Ukraine Brazil 5mos
Russian Foreign Minister speaks of "ending war as fast as possible" Russia Ukraine 5mos
Russia's Lavrov thanks 'Brazilian friends' on Ukraine stance Russia Ukraine Brazil 5mos
Russia's Lavrov travels to Brazil, as Lula pushes for peace Russia Ukraine Brazil 5mos
Russia's Lavrov travels to Brazil, as Lula pushes for peace Russia Ukraine Brazil 5mos
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov to visit Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba from April 17-21 US Russia Nicaragua Brazil Cuba Venezuela 5mos
US has not granted visas to Russian delegation chairing UN Security Council US Russia 5mos
Russia: West must remove obstacles to its grain exports Russia Turkey Ukraine 5mos
Erdoğan receives Russian FM Lavrov for talks Russia 5mos