Saddam Hussein

Iraqi politician and President more on Wikipedia

‘The Iraq liberation was an occupation’: A tale of regret from Baghdad Iraq 4d
Photos: Memorable quotes from the war in Iraq Iraq 4d
War-scarred Iraq faces instability, corruption 20 years after US-led invasion Iraq 5d
Video. Twenty years after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime, its atrocities still haunt the I... Iraq 5d
Comment - The invasion of Iraq still shapes the Middle East - and shows the fatal consequences... US Iraq 5d
A Middle East destabilized by the fall of Saddam Hussein Iraq 6d
Iraq, 20 years after the American invasion, is a dismembered state under Iranian influence US Iran Iraq 6d
At work and play: Snapshot of daily life in Iraq Iraq 6d
The US invaded Iraq 20 years ago. This is what life looks like there now US Iraq 6d
Decaying yacht of Saddam now leisure spot for fishermen Iraq 6d
As I learned to find the beauty in devastation - the correspondent Inga Rogg remembers her time... Iraq 6d
The US was prepared to bomb the Middle East into shape. In Ukraine, it seems no less self-servi... US Iraq Ukraine 1w
'Saddam was terrible but we had security': the Iraq war 20 years on - The Times US UK Iraq 1w
Iraq war: ‘The media ended up being lapdogs, not watchdogs’ - Al Jazeera English US UK Iraq 1w
Blood and Treasure: Documenting the Costs of Iraq War from Civilian Casualties to Trillions Spe... US Syria Iraq 1w
A bloody delusion: how Iraq war led to catastrophic aftermath in Middle East - The Guardian US UK Iraq 1w
Was toppling Saddam Hussein worth it? The answer isn't straightforward US Iraq 1w
Saddam Hussein's former yacht is now an unlikely attraction Iraq 1w
20 years after U.S. invasion, young Iraqis see signs of hope US Iraq 1w

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20 years after U.S. invasion, young Iraqis see signs of hope US Iraq 1w
20 years after U.S. invasion, young Iraqis see signs of hope US Iraq 1w
20 years after U.S. invasion, young Iraqis see signs of hope US Iraq 1w
US senators take first step in repealing Iraq War authorization Kuwait US Iraq 1w
US grapples with forces unleashed by Iraq invasion 20 years later US Iran Syria Iraq 1w
Saddam Hussein's rusting yacht now serving as picnic spot for Iraqi fishermen US Iraq 1w
Kurdish soprano pays poetry tribute to victims of Halabja Iraq 1w
Bin Laden? Never trust a man with a beard like that, Saddam Hussein told FBI - The Times 1w
"I helped to condemn him to death." The FBI agent revealed how he talked to Saddam Hussein for... Kuwait Iraq 1w
Opinion: The FBI agent whose mom baked birthday cookies for Saddam Hussein US Iraq 1w
Rifts remain in Saddam Hussein's Iraq home town 20 years after his fall - The Guardian UK Iraq 1w
Rifts remain in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq home town 20 years after his fall Iraq 1w
Two decades after Saddam's fall, Iraqis still haunted by disappearances US Iraq 1w
Saddam Hussein ‘disposed of’ near ex-PM’s home post-execution 1w
Iraqis haunted by disappearances after Saddam Hussein’s fall Iraq 1w
20 years on, memories of the Iraq war may have faded, but it shaped the diminished UK we know t... US UK 1w
20 years after US-led invasion toppled Saddam, Iraq far from ‘liberal democracy’ US Iraq 1w
Pain as Iraqis look back at US invasion US Iraq 2w
Iran is gearing up to attack Britain and the West - The Telegraph Iran UK Turkey Ukraine 2w
Iran and Turkey are dirty winners in Putin's war - The Times Iran Turkey Ukraine 2w
US defense secretary makes unannounced visit to Baghdad US Iraq 2w
US defense secretary makes unannounced visit to Baghdad US 2w
Vladimir Putin is making the same mistakes as Saddam Hussein - The Telegraph 1mo
The unprecedented history of the capture of Saddam Hussein by the Delta Force US 1mo
Iraq turns Saddam Hussein's yacht into marine research center Iraq 2mos
Confronting Saddam Hussein by Melvyn P Leffler — state of apprehension 2mos
Army special operations veteran describes moment elite team captured Saddam Hussein 2mos
Don’t Let Abiy Ahmed Become the Next Saddam Hussein Ethiopia Eritrea 4mos
Lawyer: Saddam's relative has no role in IS killings in Iraq Iraq 4mos
Lebanon extradites to Iraq ‘Saddam grandnephew’ accused of Daesh link Iraq Lebanon 4mos
He led Iraqi fighters against U.S. soldiers. Now he's at the center of Iraq's worst violence in... US Iraq 6mos
In a ‘dangerous’ land: Tourists trickle back to Iraq US Iraq 11mos
The price Vladimir Putin will pay Kuwait Iraq 1yr
Drugs, tribes, politics a deadly mix in Iraq border province Iran Iraq 1yr
Iraq supreme court rules Zebari out of presidential race Iraq 1yr
Iraq struggles to make use of Saddam Hussein’s crumbling palaces Iraq 1yr
What prevents Iraq from meeting the youth employment challenge Iraq 1yr
Iraq’s Shiite divide makes forging government tough task Iraq 1yr
"I'm not afraid of anyone," said Saddam Hussein a few moments before his hanging Iraq 1yr
Former US ambassador to Iraq says Saddam Hussein's trial was flawed US Iraq 1yr
Iraq pays final Kuwait war reparations Kuwait Iraq 1yr
Unearthed records expose Saddam’s war crimes against Brits in Gulf War Kuwait UK Iraq 1yr
"We will never know the truth": 31 years later, the mystery around "Human Shields" of Saddam Hu... UK 1yr
BA not told Iraq had invaded Kuwait as jet headed to gulf state in 1990, Foreign Office admits Kuwait Iraq 1yr
Raymond Odierno obituary Iraq 1yr
The death of Colin Powell, former Secretary in the United States Defense US Iraq 1yr
Officials: Iraq arrests mastermind of deadly 2016 bombing Iraq 1yr
‘Blot’ on Powell’s record: Lies to the UN about Iraq’s weapons US Iraq 1yr
Moqtada Al-Sadr wins Iraq vote, former PM Al-Maliki close behind -officials Iraq 1yr
Record low turnout in Iraq parliamentary election Iraq 1yr
Iraq to the vote, is challenge between the United States and Iran US Iran Iraq 1yr
Iraq’s young voters ponder how to effect meaningful change Iraq Colombia 1yr
StoryCast '21: 'Death was on everyone's mind' - The teenager who helped topple Saddam Hussein's... US 1yr
The world 9/11 created: What if the U.S. had not invaded Iraq? US Iraq Afghanistan 1yr
We risk replaying the Kabul calamity in Iraq Iraq 1yr
‘Saddam Hussein’s spies in London laid a trap – and sent my son Farzad to his death’ Iraq 1yr
Lawmakers debate repealing Saddam-era war measures on Iraq Iraq 1yr
Iraq says U.S. to return 17,000 ancient artifacts looted after invasion US Iraq 1yr
Biden declares an end to America’s ‘forever’ wars US 1yr
Iraqi war criminal who executed Saddam Hussein's prisoners free to stay in UK UK Iraq 1yr
Obituary: Donald Rumsfeld, US defence chief who persuaded America to go to war in Iraq after th... US Iraq 1yr
Donald Rumsfeld dies at 88. The former defense secretary oversaw Iraq, Afghanistan wars Iraq Afghanistan 1yr
Donald Rumsfeld, Defense Secretary Under 2 Presidents, Is Dead at 88 Iraq 1yr
Vet who fled Saddam Hussein draws up groundbreaking Kurdistan animals rights bill Iraq 1yr
Push of Covid-19 ‘lab leak’ theory ‘no different’ from Iraq WMD lies – Chinese Embassy China US Iraq 1yr
Iraq seeks Italian refund for military purchases Italy Iraq 1yr
Ramsey Clark, US Attorney General under LBJ who later took up the cause of Saddam Hussein – obi... US 1yr
Drought and Abundance in the Mesopotamian Marshes Iraq 1yr
Ramsey Clark, attorney general who represented Saddam Hussein, dies at 93 US 1yr
Kuwait receives tons of national archives from Iraq Kuwait Iraq 1yr
Iraq’s Jewish community dwindles to fewer than five Iraq 1yr
Indian man poisoned wife, in-laws, with chemical used on Saddam Hussein’s rivals India Iraq 1yr
Iraq chemical attack victims seek justice - Kuwait Times Kuwait Iraq 2yrs
How Abu Ghraib became a byword for the disastrous occupation of Iraq Kuwait US Iraq 2yrs
Margaret Thatcher warned about smearing Saddam Hussein after UK's arms deals with Iraq Kuwait UK Iraq 2yrs
Saddam Hussein ‘acted like Hitler’ during Kuwait invasion, former UK PM Thatcher said Kuwait UK Iraq 2yrs
Saddam Hussein ‘acted like Hitler’ when Iraq invaded Kuwait, Thatcher said Kuwait Iraq 2yrs
American university hopes to fill higher-ed gap in Iraq US Iraq 2yrs
Saddam Hussein’s daughter refuses to rule out role in Iraqi politics Iraq 2yrs
Iran pursues German companies that gave Saddam Hussein chemical weapons Iran Germany Iraq 2yrs
Thirty years ago, Operation Desert Storm began Kuwait US Iraq 2yrs