Mao Zedong

Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China more on Wikipedia

Who really benefits from China's crackdown on multiple industries? China 1w
What is China’s common-prosperity strategy that dates back to the 1950s? China 3w
What is China’s common-prosperity strategy that dates back to the 1950s? China 3w
How the Taliban is following in China's footsteps China Afghanistan 1mo
IOC asks Chinese team for report on cyclists' Mao Zedong badges China 1mo
Olympics committee probing Mao Zedong pins worn on podium China 1mo
China gold medalists under investigation for wearing Mao Zedong pins China Russia Germany 1mo
Mao pins worn by Chinese athletes may test Olympic rules China Communist China 1mo
Xi Jinping’s Capitalist Smackdown Sparks a $1 Trillion Reckoning 1mo
Xi vows to speed up army modernization as U.S.-China tensions mount China 1mo
Xi tries to build symbolic bridge between Communist Party’s past and future China 2mos
Centenary of the Chinese Communist Party. Xi Jinping Warning West: "China will not be intimidat... China 2mos
Xi set to issue rallying cry for China’s future on party’s centenary China 2mos
Xi Jinping’s message to China: I am heir to Mao Zedong China 2mos
Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Xi Jinping - 100 years of Chinese Communist Party China 2mos
Between omissions and mystification, the Chinese Communist Party rewrites the history of the co... China 2mos
US military chief links Capitol riot to ‘white rage’ and defends study of critical race theory US 2mos
Xi Jinping targets Maoists before Communist Party centenary 3mos
In China's 'Red Holy Land,' tourists mark Communist Party centenary China 4mos

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Xi claims ultimate authority, adopts Mao’s title ‘helmsman’ China US 4mos
From Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping China 4mos
Mao Zedong orders communist armies to prepare to cross Yangtze – archive, 22 April 1949 China 5mos
Indian police and soldiers killed in Maoist rebel attack China India 5mos
Canberra gallery takes down three artworks on China after ‘bullying, targeted attack’ on artist China Communist China 5mos
Beijing prepared to accept the pain to ‘fix’ Hong Kong, observers say China 6mos
Public funds prop up book of Nicola Sturgeon speeches by Sandstone Press China Scotland 7mos
Mao Zedong’s carmaker gets an all-electric makeover with Audi 8mos
To be like Mao Zedong in the 21st century. Why the party needs a cult of personality China 10mos
250 million euro Mao Zedong scroll was stolen and cut in half 11mos
£230m stolen Mao Zedong scroll cut in half 'because new owner thought it was too long' China 11mos
£230m stolen scroll written by Mao Zedong is found cut in half in Hong Kong China 11mos
Three men arrested in connection with $645 million art heist 11mos
Man tears up stolen € 250 million calligraphy roll Mao China 11mos
Stolen 250 million euro calligraphy roll Mao torn China 11mos
Stolen Mao calligraphy worth millions found cut in half China 11mos
Xi Jinping seeks revival of rural distribution system to boost the economy 11mos
$500 million worth of Chinese communist memorabilia reportedly stolen from collector's apartmen... China 1yr
Stamp collector loses HK$4 billion in valuables during Hong Kong flat raid 1yr
Xi Jinping could revive Mao Zedong's long-dormant title of 'Chairman' to help him maintain tota... 1yr
China’s ownership of UK assets exposes Britain’s broken model China Germany Netherlands France UK Italy England 1yr
Li Zhensheng, photographer of China's Cultural Revolution, dies at 79 China 1yr
Li Zhensheng, photographer who captured trauma of Cultural Revolution, dies at 80 China 1yr
Mao Zedong’s favourite spirits brand eclipses western icons 1yr
For virus-tamer Merkel, global alliances trumped nationalism China Germany 1yr
China: celebrity blogger gets 4 years in jail for criticizing Communist Party | Reporters witho... China 1yr
China Jails Guangxi Publisher For Corruption After Books Banned China 1yr
Communism the Chinese way China US North Korea Russia South Korea Germany France UK Australia Greece Japan Turkey England Taiwan Cambodia Poland Vietnam PRC Republic of China Philippine islands Red China Kampuchea 1yr
China unveils nuclear missile that can possibly strike US in 30 minutes with 10 warheads during... China US Republic of China 1yr
China celebrates 70 years of communist party rule - BBC News China PRC Republic of China 1yr
China anniversary celebrations: Xi salutes Mao before military display China 1yr
Face of China: the retro appeal of Chairman Mao – in pictures China 1yr
Xi bows to Mao Zedong ahead of Communist China's 70th anniversary China Communist China 1yr
The day China became communist China Republic of China 1yr
Xi scores coup and grabs party backing to be 'people's leader' 2yrs
Sidney Rittenberg obituary US 2yrs
Can Xi charm Trump out of escalating the US-China trade war? China 2yrs
‘Mao Zedong class’ in Pyongyang carries on China-NK friendship South Korea 2yrs
Mao Zedong Worshipped as Buddha 2yrs
Drugs in Mao Zedong bust: Three arrested in two separate cases 2yrs
How China is replacing America as Asia's military titan China US 2yrs
Chinese TV producer fired for supporting Mao critic China 2yrs
Young 'volunteers' to rural China China 2yrs
Bus Fire in China Kills Dozens of People China 2yrs
‘Di Jihong’, ‘Gao Jihei’: signs China’s flattery of Xi has gone too far China 2yrs
Chinese KFC restaurant dedicated to Communist hero Lei Feng China 2yrs
'No room for mercy in this system': The astonishing rise of Xi Jinping from cave dweller to pos... China 2yrs
KFC honours Chinese communist hero Lei Feng in new restaurant China 2yrs
Daughter of Mao’s personal secretary Li Rui boycotts father’s funeral China 2yrs
Farewell to Li Rui, the former secretary of Mao who fought the cult of personality China 2yrs
New Libretto Rosso 3.0, the most downloaded app in China helps to remember the thought of Xi Ji... China 2yrs
"One Second", by Zhang Yimou, withdrawn from the Berlinale China 2yrs
Xi issues China's first-ever decree on training of PLA to improve combat readiness China 2yrs
Mao's Great Leap Forward 'killed 45 million in four years' Republic of China 2yrs
True gender equality still a challenge China 2yrs
The Chinese President begins his most important year at his weakest point China 2yrs
Beijing’s ever-changing approach to ‘renegade province’ Taiwan Taiwan 2yrs
Outspoken poet fears for his people as China 'Sinicizes' religion China 2yrs
Marxist student snatched on way to Mao Zedong celebration in China China 2yrs
Police nab Marxist leader on way to Mao Zedong anniversary bash 2yrs
Mao more than ever: Filipino communists still fighting after 50 years Philippines 2yrs
China’s hottest new read: ‘On Protracted War’ by Mao — with a Trump-era twist China US 2yrs
China's economic rise is unparalleled. But now the country is facing painful reforms | NZZ China 2yrs
Deep in the red: Chinese county pays price for vanity-project binge China 2yrs
Mao Zedong's Red Flag car gets driverless makeover China 2yrs
China’s Government Has Ordered a Million Citizens to Occupy Uighur Homes. Here’s What They Thin... China 2yrs
China RIPS out CROSSES from churches to replace Jesus with Jinping in major crackdown China 2yrs
'Great founder': Venezuela's Maduro praises Mao during China trip China Venezuela 3yrs
China reportedly detains man for setting his watch 2 hours behind Beijing time China 3yrs
Xi Jinping insists on PLA's absolute loyalty to Communist Party China 3yrs
SHAMELESS! Chinese Mao impersonator SLAMMED for mimicking leader at Blockchain conference China 3yrs
Signs of blockchain mania: “Mao Zedong” touting the technology in China China 3yrs
China’s Bingtuan paramilitary force tightens grip on Xinjiang China 3yrs