Theresa May

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EU chiefs say Theresa May didn’t threaten a No Deal Brexit ONCE in talks 4h
EU chiefs say Theresa May didn’t threaten a No Deal Brexit ONCE in talks 4h
Out goes May, Johnson and the kipper and Brexit and the new EU top team 4h
Brexit warning: Ireland lays down law with threat to new UK PM - 'May's deal is final' Ireland UK 8h
May did not flunk at Brexit because she failed to back 'no deal' - it was  political cowardice... 13h
Queen pays respect to May during last face-to-face meeting - ‘Sad to see her step down’ 14h
Donald Trump backs Boris Johnson to 'work out Brexit' if he becomes PM US 15h
Trump compares himself to Boris Johnson in fresh attack on Theresa May 16h
Brexit BETRAYAL: Farage blasts May for bottling no deal ultimatum - 'She lied to Britain' UK 16h
Outrage as EU chief insists: Theresa May never warned of no-deal 16h
Outrage as EU chief insists: Theresa May never warned of no-deal 16h
Farage delivers stinging reply to claims May didn't threaten EU with no deal – 'Betrayal' 19h
Theresa May condemns Trump tweets again 1d
UK leader May slams populist politics, Brexit 'absolutism' UK 1d
Theresa May carpeted over refusal to launch new torture inquiry UK 1d
Brexit reveal: David Davis claims Theresa May sold out UK to EU as she felt 'insecure' UK 1d
Brexit reveal: David Davis claims Theresa May sold out UK to EU as she felt 'insecure' UK 1d
Forgotten something, Michel? Barnier red-faced after awkward no deal footage emerges 1d
'Stupid boy!' Britain hits back at EU chief over 'Dad's Army' Brexit team attack UK 1d

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UK PM May disappointed by ministers' voting after Brexit loss UK 1d
Top EU chief made UK a secret offer to 'put Brexit on ice' for five years UK 1d
Conservative leadership race: Stay out of the gutter, May tells Johnson in final speech as PM 1d
Boris Johnson unveils instant No Deal Brexit drive as EU declares UK isn't ready UK 1d
Shock as Michel Barnier reveals Theresa May NEVER threatened Brussels with No Deal Brexit 1d
Theresa May takes aim at absolution and bemoans 'tribal bitterness' in final speech 1d
UK’s Dad’s Army idiots had no plan: EU’s DAMNING verdict on Brexit team who FAILED BRITAIN UK 1d
Theresa May packs her bags, her legacy dominated by failure 1d
Idle threat? Barnier reveals Theresa May ‘never’ used no-deal Brexit as bargaining chip UK 1d
Editorial: In her final speech, Theresa May inadvertently cemented her legacy by reminding us o... 2d
EU chief accused the PM's team of being 'Dad's Army idiots' in Brexit talks 2d
Theresa May lashes out at Donald Trump after Twitter rant - ‘Zero-sum absolutism’ 2d
Britain's new Prime Minister will have only 30 days to get Brexit done UK 2d
Theresa May's final speech as Prime Minister secured her legacy as patron saint of the the sogg... 2d
Abide by Joint Declaration, May tells Beijing - RTHK UK 2d
Theresa May, Bulgaria, Latvia: Your Thursday Briefing Bulgaria Latvia 2d
Theresa May makes compromise plea and says she is 'worried about state of politics' 2d
Theresa May swipes at Boris Johnson and Trump in thinly-veiled last speech as PM 2d
Theresa May speaks out against No Deal Brexit in jab at Boris Johnson as she blasts 'gutter' po... 2d
Theresa May signs off with the speech she should have made in 2017 2d
May in final speech as PM: 'I'm worried about the state of politics' 2d
Theresa May's last big speech as PM - BBC News 2d
What Theresa May said in her final big speech - and what she really meant 2d
I don’t say this lightly, but Theresa May just gave the worst speech of her career 2d
Criticising populism, May has Brexit advice for successor 2d
Theresa May hits out at populists in farewell speech 2d
Theresa May expresses Brexit regret in last major speech as British PM UK 2d
LIVE: Theresa May warns 'words have consequences' in final speech 2d
Tories stay ‘silent’ on Bojo’s racist columns & May’s ‘go home vans’ – SNP’s Ian Blackford 2d
UK PM May to discuss Grace 1 oil tanker with Gibraltar chief minister UK 2d
Theresa May faces MPs for her penultimate PMQs – live news 2d
Theresa May set to lament 'rise of populism' in valedictory speech 3d
Johnson, Hunt raise Brexit stakes with Irish border views Ireland UK 3d
UK PM May: Keep talking to businesses as Brexit nears UK 3d
Cricket fans rib PM Theresa May’s ‘flirting’ as she hosts England’s World Cup winners UK England 3d
Boris Johnson raises Brexit stakes with Irish border stance Ireland UK 4d US UK 4d
Johnson more radical on Irish Brexit backstop, MP says Ireland UK 4d
Jaguar wins £500m loan guarantee to build electric cars UK 4d
May brands Trump's 'go home' tweet 'completely unacceptable' US 4d
Theresa May criticises Donald Trump for telling Democrat women to ‘go back’ home 4d
Shock as Trump tells congresswomen to 'go back' to their 'catastrophic’ countries 4d
UK’s May finds Trump tweets about lawmakers ‘unacceptable’ UK 4d
Theresa May blasts Trump for telling AOC 'squad' to ;eave America US 4d
Theresa May condemns Donald Trump over racist tweet in unprecedented attack: 'Completely unacce... US 4d
Theresa May joins backlash against Donald Trump over 'racist' tweets UK 4d
Theresa May condemns Trump's remarks about four congresswomen 4d
‘Completely unacceptable’: Theresa May reprimands Donald Trump over US Democrat women rant US UK 4d
Theresa May condemns Trump's 'go home' remark UK 4d
Theresa May slaps down Donald Trump over 'completely unacceptable' race rant 4d
The Maybot cranks into gear one final time, before dancing off into the political sunset 4d
More than 40 Tory MPs vow to block Brexit deal in blow to BoJo hopes of tweaking it 4d
Theresa May condemns Donald Trump over racist tweet in unprecedented attack US 4d
Anti-abortion campaigners target Catholic services with petition for Theresa May after MPs vote... Ireland 4d
Dancing queen? Theresa May boogies to Abba in final days as British PM UK 5d
Johnson and Hunt cross-examined in interviews 6d
May says she will leave disappointed after Brexit failure UK 1w
UK PM May says she will leave disappointed after Brexit failure UK 1w
Theresa May will choose new US ambassador before stepping down, says Hunt US UK 1w
My daughter has returned to the US. Theresa May is off. I feel bereft US 1w
UK leader takes thinly disguised swipe at front-runner UK 1w
Boris Johnson vows to be 'robust' with Donald Trump as prime minister US 1w
Theresa May admits regret over skipping 2017 election TV debates as she swipes at Brexiteers 1w
Theresa May backs down on over Sir Kim Darroch's successor as source close to mole hints more l... US UK 1w
Boris, Hunt or May? Who should decide the next US ambassador? poll US UK 1w
Boris Johnson has failed his first big test as a potential prime minister US UK 1w
Boris Johnson finds it "hard to disagree" with Trump's attack on Theresa May, in which the pres... 1w
Theresa May could pick next ambassador after Sir Kim Darroch quits UK 1w
May told to keep out of talks on new US ambassador US 1w
Johnson allies trying to stop Theresa May appointing new ambassador to US so he can hire someon... US 1w
EU chief in waiting Ursula von der Leyen snubs Boris Johnson plan for backstop Ireland 1w
Reaction as UK ambassador quits UK 1w
UK falling far behind 2050 net zero target, claims CCC report UK 1w
‘Stop sucking up to racist EU govts’: Corbyn blasts May during feud on anti-Semitism & Islamoph... 1w
Theresa May speaks out after Darroch's resignation US UK 1w
UK PM May says she regrets resignation of ambassador to United States US UK 1w
Theresa May faces Jeremy Corbyn in PMQs after Kim Darroch resigns as UK ambassador – live news UK 1w
Donald Trump attacks ‘stupid’ envoy and ‘foolish’ Theresa May UK 1w
Theresa May has never got Donald Trump. For the sake of US-UK relations, the next PM must woo h... UK 1w
Opinions are made and the race is probably already decided | NZZ UK 1w
'Unintelligent, impetuous and prone to losing his temper': Can you guess who the UK's ambassado... UK 1w