Philippe Gélie

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Boris Johnson: "Scalp dance" 4mos
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This Russian missile that restarts the stars race Russia 6mos
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Periscope n ° 60: After Afghanistan, what Western interventions? Afghanistan 6mos
PERISCOP N ° 59: Chinese Fury China 7mos
PERISCOP N ° 58: The Bosnian trap Bosnia 7mos
Périscope n ° 57: Gare to China! China 7mos
Périscope n ° 56: What a Franco-American bluster? 7mos

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PERISCOP N ° 55: Which Germany for Europe? Germany 7mos
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"A challenge for Europe" 1yr
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"Joe Biden: The World in This Place" 1yr
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Covid-19: "China, a false model" China 1yr
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US Presidential: "Silence, we count!" US 1yr
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For Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, the challenge of power 1yr
"Help Lebanon" Lebanon 1yr