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As Henry Kissinger turns 100, DOMINIC SANDBROOK examines his extraordinary life - Daily Mail US 1d
Former US diplomat Henry Kissinger celebrates 100th birthday, still active in global affairs -... US Ireland 2d
At 100, Kissinger still seen as influential ‘old friend’ in China China 2d
Kissinger at 100: Statesman or war criminal? His troubled legacy – in pictures - The Guardian 2d
NATO’s ‘grave mistake’ led to Ukraine conflict – Kissinger US Ukraine 2d
Kissinger at 100: his legacy might be mixed but his importance has been enormous - The Conversa... Angola 3d
Henry Kissinger is 100 and still free, somehow | The Mehdi Hasan Show - MSNBC Angola 3d
The cigar-chomping 'Kissinger' behind Africa's mission to end Ukraine war - Financial Times Ukraine 3d
The cigar-chomping ‘Kissinger’ behind Africa’s mission to end Ukraine war Ukraine 3d
Kissinger at 100: how his 'sordid' diplomacy in Africa fuelled war in Angola and prolonged apar... Angola 4d
Kissinger at 100: the ‘bloody, dreadful, filthy’ Angolan civil war – in pictures Angola 4d
Kissinger behind 3 million civilian deaths – report US 4d
Kissinger's final warning - UnHerd 5d
China responds to Kissinger’s Ukraine proposal China Ukraine 1w
Kissinger Tells NATO to Ignore Putin's Threats - Newsweek China US 1w
Kissinger changes his mind on Ukraine joining NATO US Ukraine 1w
Kissinger makes Ukraine peace prediction Ukraine 3w
Kissinger assesses China-brokered deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran China US Iran Saudi Arabia 2mos
Americans threatened by dissent – Kissinger China US Ukraine 3mos

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Kissinger’s outdated remedy for the Ukraine war | Opinion US Russia Ukraine 4mos
Path to military conflict diverted by Xi-Biden summit: Kissinger China US 4mos
World Economic Forum in Davos: Kissinger recommends NATO membership of Ukraine Russia Ukraine 4mos
World Economic Forum in Davos: Kissinger recommends NATO membership of Ukraine Russia Ukraine 4mos
Kissinger offers ‘updated’ Ukraine plan US Ukraine 4mos
Russia needs the opportunity to rejoin an international system after any peace deal, Kissinger... US Russia 4mos
Nobel panel knew Kissinger Vietnam deal unlikely to bring peace, files show US Vietnam South Vietnam 4mos
Opinion | Kissinger Sees a Global Leadership Vacuum 5mos
Kyiv slams Kissinger over call to negotiate with Russia for peace Russia 5mos
Kissinger Calls for Negotiated Peace in Ukraine, Kyiv Dismisses Proposal US Ukraine 5mos
Kissinger outlines Ukraine peace proposal US Russia Ukraine 5mos
Why does the Nobel Peace Prize often stir controversy? 7mos
Kissinger: Xi may ‘recalibrate’ after miscalculation of siding with Russia China US Russia 7mos
‘Not wise’ to include Ukraine into NATO – Kissinger US Ukraine 7mos
Kissinger on Gorbachev's 'great service to humanity' US 8mos
Zelenskyy to Kissinger: The world didn’t adapt to the Nazis, we’re not adapting to Putin Russia Ukraine 1yr
Zelensky rips Kissinger over suggestion Ukraine cede territory to Russia US Russia Ukraine 1yr
Zelensky says Ukraine will fight until it regains all its territories after Kissinger remark Russia Ukraine 1yr
Zelensky says Ukraine will fight until it regains all its territories after Kissinger remark Ukraine 1yr
Kissinger says Ukraine must give up land to Russia, warns West not to seek to humiliate Putin w... Russia Ukraine 1yr
Leading experts warned NATO expansion would lead to conflict. Why did no one listen? 1yr
Kissinger doesn’t see China as an immediate military threat to Taiwan China Taiwan 1yr
Kissinger doesn’t see China invasion of Taiwan in next decade China US Taiwan 1yr
US and China must heed Kissinger's stark warnings - Financial Times China US 1yr
US and China must heed Kissinger’s stark warnings China US 1yr
Kissinger’s 1971 trip recalled as Wall Street boss gets rare access to China China 1yr
China’s US envoy Qin Gang strikes conciliatory note on arrival China US 1yr
US-China talks come at time of heightened tension China US 1yr
Fifty years since Kissinger's secret visit, Sino-U.S. ties now fraying fast 1yr
Kissinger marks 50 years since first China visit, urges US-China talks China US 1yr
A closer US and Russia makes India hopeful. China, not so much China India US Russia 1yr
US-China doomsday threat ramped up by hi-tech advances, says Kissinger US 2yrs
Kissinger warns China and US against escalating to all-out AI conflict China US 2yrs
Russia, lights and economic sanctions: Kennan and Kissinger in front of Putin Russia 2yrs
U.S. needs new understanding with China or it risks conflict, Kissinger says China US 2yrs
Kissinger to get a mixed reception from America's allies – archive, 8 December 1973 US 2yrs
Kissinger warns Biden of US-China catastrophe on scale of World War I China US 2yrs
Newly revealed documents show Nixon, Kissinger plotted Allende overthrow from day one US Chile 2yrs
Kissinger says U.S., China must cease escalating threats, or ‘we will slide into a situation si... China US 2yrs
US-China standoff creating conditions similar to pre-WWI Europe, Kissinger warns China US 2yrs
Former US Secretary of State Kissinger points to danger of “catastrophic” conflict between US a... China US 3yrs
Kissinger warns of ‘catastrophic’ conflicts between China and US China US 3yrs
Kissinger says failure to mend U.S.-China trade relations would be ‘worse than the world wars t... US 3yrs
‘The Kissinger model’: Trump set to expand Pompeo’s powers to fill Bolton’s shoes, say reports 3yrs
At the table between Kissinger and Heidi Klum it closes the Four Seasons, realm of the powerful 3yrs
Mr and Mrs Hunt present a formidable team - and she could be his ‘secret weapon’ 4yrs
‘Mutual respect’ key to ending trade war, Liu tells Kissinger China 4yrs
This film is to China-US ties what Inconvenient Truth is to global warming China 4yrs
China, US need to ‘accurately assess’ strategic aims, Xi tells Kissinger China US 4yrs
Kissinger: China, US must reveal red lines to avoid conflict China US 4yrs
How Kissinger drew up the future of Jordan, Israel and Palestine Israel Palestine 4yrs