Chris Murphy

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US to withhold $85m military aid to Egypt over political prisoners, rights US Egypt 1w
Republican senator will ‘burn the military down’ over abortion policy, says Democrat 1mo
Alito ‘stunningly wrong’ that Senate can’t impose supreme court ethics rules 1mo
Biden causes confusion after signing off speech 'God Save the Queen' - The Independent US 3mos
Biden says 'God save the Queen' as he wraps up his gun safety speech - The Independent US 3mos
In Belgrade, U.S. Senator Urges Quick Implementation Of Serbia-Kosovo Agreement US Kosovo Serbia 4mos
Iran Agrees to Stop Arming Yemen’s Houthis in Pact with Saudi Arabia US Iran Yemen Saudi Arabia 6mos
Republicans ‘don’t give a crap’ about children or gun violence, senator claims US 6mos
US senator defends Qatar visit despite human rights concerns US Qatar 9mos
Senator says Biden needs to reevaluate relations with Saudi Arabia US Russia Saudi Arabia 11mos
Time for U.S. to reevaluate Saudi relationship, Sen. Chris Murphy says ahead of OPEC output cut US Saudi Arabia 11mos
Democrats’ losses in Congress may affect Ukraine – US senator US Ukraine 1yr
Republican senator blocks gun control law in wake of Michigan shooting 1yr
Texas official suggests schools to have books with ‘opposing’ views on the Holocaust 1yr
Amanpour presses Murphy on withdrawal: 'What is America's role in the world?' US Afghanistan 2yrs
U.S. Senators In Kyiv Pledge Support For Ukraine, Warn 'Aggressive' Russia US Russia Ukraine 2yrs
Lawyer Chris Murphy awarded $110,000 after being defamed in ‘intrusive’ News Corp story 2yrs
Sydney lawyer wins defamation case against Daily Telegraph for suggesting he was 'over the hill... 2yrs
US gun-safety groups call for urgent action after Colorado shooting US 2yrs

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CBP Asks to Fly Migrants to Canadian Border for Processing amid Surge: Report US Canada Mexico Honduras 2yrs
Lawyer Chris Murphy portrayed as 'past it' by News Corp columnist, defamation hearing told 2yrs
US senator urges UK to follow Biden in curbing arms sales to Saudi Arabia US UK Yemen Saudi Arabia 2yrs
Death of INXS 'ideas man' casts doubt over future of ambitious museum project 2yrs
How did the US become a world leader in gun violence? US 3yrs
Critics blame Trump administration for 'embarrassing' Iran embargo defeat US Iran Germany France UK Dominican Republic 3yrs
Iran FM confirms 'secret meeting' with US Democratic senator in Munich US Iran 3yrs
US Senate Democrat admits secretly meeting with Iran’s FM, after criticizing Republicans for do... Iran 3yrs
Trump Told Bolton Ukraine Aid Contingent on Probe Into Democratic Rivals: NYT 3yrs
Skeptics Blast Trump's New Claim That Soleimani Targeted 4 US Embassies: "Either Fox News gets... US 3yrs
US reacts after Iraq parliament vote to expel American troops US Iraq 3yrs
Trump lifted a mysterious hold on military aid to Lebanon amid mounting criticism and compariso... Ukraine Lebanon 3yrs
Russia Bars Sens. Johnson And Murphy From Entering The Country Russia 4yrs
Russia denies visa to U.S. senator amid G7 tensions US Russia 4yrs
Bipartisan US senators aim to force votes on present & future Saudi arms deals US Saudi Arabia 4yrs
Sen. Udall asks Pompeo about Saudi and Chinese missiles China Saudi Arabia 4yrs
Senator claims Trump may use Iran threat to sell bombs to Saudis without Congress' approval US Iran Saudi Arabia 4yrs
Sen. Chris Murphy calls for probe into Giuliani's efforts in Ukraine on behalf of Trump Ukraine 4yrs
Senator says Congress will not ratify US-UK trade agreement that threatens Good Friday Agreemen... US UK 4yrs
Senator: UN pick is clearly not qualified 4yrs
Mattis and Pompeo ‘misleading’ in Khashoggi briefing, senator says Saudi Arabia 4yrs
Murphy, Connolly: Where is Jamal Khashoggi? Saudi Arabia 4yrs
'We just bombed a school bus': Top Democratic senator slams the US for its involvement in blood... US Yemen 5yrs
Who’s the threat to US democracy? Sen. Murphy, Trump Jr. spar after Alex Jones ban US 5yrs