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Judge refuses to release Julian Assange from prison over coronavirus outbreak 3d
'Save his life from #Covid19': Assange's mother pleads for his release 1w
How Assange case highlights crime of psychological torture 1mo
UK inexplicably bars WikiLeaks editor from extradition hearing day after Assange handcuffed 11... UK 1mo
Acting DNI chief Grenell ‘was taking orders’ from Trump when he sought to secure Assange’s arre... US 1mo
Assange detention illegal under English, European and international law, defense argues UK 1mo
Press freedom will be ‘thing of the past’ if British help Americans get their way with Assange... US Ireland UK 1mo
‘Can’t participate, can’t communicate’: Day 3 of Assange’s US extradition hearing as it happene... US 1mo
Assange called White House to warn about Wikileaks and was told to try again later, court hears 1mo
Lawyers to seek asylum for Julian Assange in France France 1mo
Assange’s US extradition hearing begins: What’s it all about and how did we get here? US 1mo
‘Oppression, arbitrary detention & torture will happen to journalists if extradition is success... US 1mo
‘Every journalist should feel a cold, icy hand running down their spine’: Assange’s extradition... US 1mo
Palestinian flag, Yellow Vests, Anonymous masks: Wide range of protester groups join demonstrat... Palestine 1mo
Day 1 of Assange’s US extradition hearing: What you need to know US 1mo
US 'plotted to kill Julian Assange and make it look like an accident' US Ecuador 1mo
Assange was meeting his lawyer. He didn't know there were microphones in the room Australia 1mo
Rohrabacher confirms he offered Trump pardon to Assange for proof Russia didn't hack DNC email Russia 1mo
WATCH harrowing footage of 2007 Baghdad killings projected onto UK parliament wall in protest a... US UK Iraq 1mo

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Trump offered to pardon Assange if he denied Russia helped leak Democrats' emails: lawyer US Russia 1mo
Assange lawyer: Trump 'offered pardon' in exchange for denying Russia role in email leak US Russia 1mo
‘Journalism is not a crime’: Australian MP says charges against Assange must be dropped after v... US UK Australia 1mo
Trump 'offered to pardon Assange in exchange for Russia denial' US Russia 1mo
Lawyer for Assange says he was offered a US pardon for denying Russian hacking US Russia 1mo
Assange lawyer claims congressman offered pardon on behalf of Trump in exchange for absolving R... Russia UK 1mo
Lawyer: Assange was offered US pardon if he cleared Russia US Russia 1mo
Trump offered Assange pardon if he said Russia not involved in leaked emails, court hears Russia 1mo
Former congressman accused of offering Assange a pardon 'on instructions from Trump' 1mo
Assange's Lawyer Flip-Flops - Admits He Offered Russia Exoneration Quid Pro Quo, White House Ig... Russia 1mo
Trump offered Assange a pardon if he denied Russia gave him emails, lawyer says Russia 1mo
US ‘breached due process’ in spying operation against Julian Assange’s lawyers US 1mo
Trump offered to pardon Assange if he covered up Russian interference in US election, court tol... US Russia Ecuador 1mo
Doctors call for end to ‘torture and medical neglect of Julian Assange’ Ecuador 1mo
Julian Assange says he was promised a Trump pardon if he would lie about Russia’s DNC hacking Russia UK 1mo
Julian Assange 'in dire state of health due to psychological torture', doctors claim 1mo
‘Doctors for Assange’ worry he may die in UK prison having ‘effectively been tortured to death’ UK 1mo
While demanding Assange, US refuses to extradite CIA agent who killed British teen US UK 1mo
Wikileaks founder Assange's health improving in prison: spokesman 1mo
Queen Elizabeth won’t get involved in Julian Assange case because it’s a POLITICAL matter – Buc... 1mo
‘Conscience-free journalism is great career choice’: Guardian mocked over failure to mention As... 1mo
Assange's father fears Wikileaks founder's extradition 1mo
Australian senator calls on govt to bring Assange home as journalist faces ‘death’ if extradite... US Australia 1mo
Australian senator calls on govt to bring Assange home as journalist faces ‘death’ if extradite... US Australia 1mo
Assange moved out of solitary in UK prison UK 2mos
As extradition hearing dates are set, US Department of Justice argues Assange has no First Amen... US 2mos
Two months before Assange’s extradition hearing, RSF calls for his release on humanitarian grou... US Spain UK Ecuador 2mos
Two months before Assange’s extradition hearing, RSF calls for his release on humanitarian grou... US Spain UK Ecuador 2mos
Julian Assange “slowly dying” and “often sedated” in Belmarsh prison US UK Australia 3mos
WikiLeaks' Assange testifies in embassy spying case Spain UK 3mos
UK-US treaty bans extradition of Assange, lawyer says 3mos
Assange treated as terrorist by UK, it's ‘almost murder by state’, doctors warn WikiLeaks found... UK 4mos
More than 60 doctors sign letter warning Assange 'could die in prison' without medical attentio... UK 4mos
Rudd says Assange faces 'unacceptable' and 'disproportionate' punishment US 4mos
‘Mr Assange could die in prison. There is no time to lose’ – over 60 medics in open letter to U... UK 4mos
Doctors say Assange could die in prison if not treated UK 4mos
WikiLeaks' Julian Assange "could die in prison" without medical care, doctors say US UK 4mos
'Nine years of ceaseless psychological torture': Rape investigation against Assange dropped Australia Sweden 4mos
Sweden drops Assange rape investigation - BBC News Sweden 4mos
Sweden drops rape investigation involving WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange US UK Sweden 4mos
JOHN PILGER: Assange's case will define the future of free journalism 4mos
A massive scandal: how Assange, his doctors, lawyers and visitors were all spied on for the U.S... US Spain 4mos
WikiLeaks founder Assange has unsuitable computer in jail, court told 4mos
Assange in Court - Craig Murray 5mos
Julian Assange Breaks Into Tears as He Is Denied Delay in Extradition Trial - News From Antiwar... US 5mos
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange denied extradition hearing delay US 5mos
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appears confused at extradition hearing US 5mos
WikiLeaks founder Assange struggles to recall his name and age at London court hearing US 5mos
Assange denied delay to extradition hearing 5mos
Julian Assange lawyer claims there were plans to 'kidnap and harm' Wikileaks founder as he figh... US Ecuador 5mos
WikiLeaks founder Assange denied delay to extradition hearing by London judge 5mos
The Latest: WikiLeaks founder Assange appears in UK court UK 5mos
WikiLeaks founder Assange due in court to face extradition US 5mos
Denied tools for his defense, Assange remains resilient ahead of ‘epic’ extradition battle – Pi... 5mos
Spain: Court probes spying of Assange at Ecuadorean embassy Spain Ecuador 5mos
Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood visits Assange: “He’s a freedom fighter!” 6mos
Swedish prosecutor reviewing witness accounts in Assange case Sweden 6mos
'Baywatch' actress clashes with 'The View' host over her relationship with Assange 6mos
Imprisoned Stratfor hacker & WikiLeaks source moved to Virginia to ‘testify against Assange’ 6mos
WATCH Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters jam ‘Wish You Were Here’ LIVE at Assange demo outside UK Home O... UK 6mos
‘Slow, cruel assassination’: Assange’s mother blasts US & UK for treatment of whistleblower US UK 7mos
Assange being ‘treated worse than a murderer’ in prison – John Pilger 7mos
Chelsea Manning jailed for a YEAR for refusing to testify against Assange 7mos
US federal court exposes Democratic Party conspiracy against Assange and WikiLeaks US 7mos
Julian Assange faces ‘TORTURE’ if extradited to US – UN rapporteur warns US 7mos
Ecuador KNEW Assange was interfering in 2016 US presidential election US Ecuador 8mos
‘Rubbish!’: Correa blasts CNN for claim that Assange made embassy into ‘command post for meddli... Ecuador 8mos
Former Ecuadorian President Correa Claims Assange Meddled in US Elections From London Embassy US Ecuador 8mos
Documents reveal Julian Assange received deliveries and maintained control over guest list whil... Ecuador 8mos
Ex-Ecuadorian president confirms Assange meddled in US election from London embassy US 8mos
Ex-Ecuadorian president confirms Assange meddled in US election from London embassy US Ecuador 8mos
Security reports reveal how Assange turned an embassy into a command post for election meddling 8mos
Reports detail how Assange rocked the 2016 US election from inside Ecuador's Embassy US Ecuador 8mos
‘Deeply hypocritical’ UK govt vows to protect media freedom as Assange sits in British jail UK 8mos
Jeremy Hunt stays mum when asked about Assange on way to press freedom conference UK 8mos
Amal Clooney advised Julian Assange on how to flee Britain UK Ecuador 8mos
‘What about Assange?’: UK Foreign Office video calling for greater press freedom slammed online 8mos
Journalists like Assange should ‘not pay such a price for exposing war crimes and torture’ – Ma... 8mos
Swedish privacy activist linked to Assange describes Ecuador prison conditions as ‘inhuman’ Sweden Ecuador 8mos
‘Not high on news agenda?’ UN torture expert talks to RT about op-ed on Assange rejected by MSM 9mos
Ecuador judge frees Swedish programer close to Assange Sweden Ecuador 9mos