Priti Patel

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British home secretary Priti Patel vows crackdown after eco protesters shut down M25 motorway f... UK 5h
Boris Johnson Says Priti Patel Making UK 'Saudi Arabia of Penal Policy' UK Saudi Arabia 1w
Shameful treatment of asylum seekers | Letters 1w
Shameful treatment of asylum seekers | Letters 1w
Cressida Dick to remain Met chief until 2024, ministers announce 1w
Steve Bell on Priti Patel sending vulnerable boats back to France – cartoon France 1w
‘Tensions rising’: How French media reported on Priti Patel’s migrant boat plan France 1w
France won’t accept ‘financial blackmail’ & anything that breaks the law, minister says amid mi... France UK 1w
UK politics: France accuses Priti Patel of ‘financial blackmail’ and posturing over migrant boa... France UK 1w
Priti Patel sanctions 'pushback' tactics to turn migrant boats around France 1w
Priti Patel’s plans to send migrant boats back to France ‘dead in water’, union says France 1w
Channel crossings: Priti Patel authorises turning back of migrant boats France 1w
Priti Patel set to deepen rift with France by sanctioning migrant boat ‘pushbacks’ France UK 1w
Priti Patel to send boats carrying migrants to UK back across Channel France UK 1w
Priti Patel to meet French minister over migrant crossings France 2w
Tory MPs urge Priti Patel to return illegal migrants to France France 2w
Martin Rowson on the possibility of nitrous oxide being criminalised – cartoon Afghanistan 2w
Bins left uncollected after HGV driver shortage hits councils 2w
Priti Patel orders review into effects of nitrous oxide 2w

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PRITI PATEL: We have a proud history of helping those in need UK Afghanistan 3w
‘Imminent’ decision on future of Cressida Dick as Met commissioner 3w
Priti Patel meets Afghan evacuees who fled the Taliban at Heathrow UK Afghanistan 3w
Kabul airport explosion: 13 US troops among dead after terror attack US Afghanistan 3w
Wrong to label Extinction Rebellion as extremists, says Home Office adviser 1mo
Afghan refugees arriving illegally won’t get special treatment, warns Patel Afghanistan 1mo
Priti Patel’s interview on BBC slammed as viewers ‘switch off’ over Afghanistan comments Afghanistan 1mo
Afghanistan: Home Secretary Priti Patel says 'we can't accommodate 20,000 at once' Afghanistan 1mo
Priti Patel claims UK cannot accommodate 20,000 refugees ‘all in one go’ amid criticism of sche... UK 1mo
'Woeful' Priti Patel claims UK can't handle 20,000 Afghan refugees 'in one go' UK Afghanistan 1mo
Afghanistan live updates: Priti Patel says 'we can't accommodate 20,000 at once' as Johnson and... UK Afghanistan 1mo
Senior Tories tell Boris Johnson he has ‘a duty’ to let in ‘tens of thousands’ of fleeing Afgha... Canada UK 1mo
Priti Patel calls on Europe to help take in Afghan refugees UK Afghanistan 1mo
Britain ready to take in Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban UK Afghanistan 1mo
Priti Patel to take over security minister brief on permanent basis 1mo
Patel touring Greece to try to find solution to foreign migrant-smuggling gangs Greece Turkey 1mo
Priti Patel visits Greece for discussions with counterparts about tackling illegal migration France UK Greece 1mo
Priti Patel visits ‘inhumane’ Greek asylum reception centre UK Greece 1mo
Home Office held 56 migrants in 'cramped' room in Dover, MPs say 1mo
MPs decry ‘shocking conditions’ at facilities for asylum seekers 1mo
Home Office failing Windrush generation again, spending watchdog finds 1mo
We have no confidence in Priti Patel, says Police Federation England 1mo
Police federation says it has ‘no confidence’ in Home Secretary Patel, after ‘insult’ pay freez... England 1mo
British businessman Mike Lynch faces extradition to US US UK 1mo
Priti Patel accused of throwing good money after bad over Channel migrants France 2mos
UK to pay £55m to French border patrols in migrant clampdown France UK 2mos
Law change could see journalists jailed for embarrassing Government 2mos
Home Office accused of being ‘flimsy’ after announcing resettlement scheme only for ‘skilled’ r... UK 2mos
Labour leader accuses Priti Patel of stoking fire of racism but refuses to retract 'anti Indian... India UK 2mos
Tyrone Mings calls out UK Home Secretary Priti Patel over 'gesture politics' comment on taking... UK England 2mos
British Home Secretary Priti Patel comes under fire over ‘gesture politics’ claim by England st... UK England 2mos
England’s Tyrone Mings criticises Priti Patel over racism remarks England 2mos
Priti Patel comes under fire over ‘gesture politics’ claim by England star Tyrone Mings England 2mos
UK to ban US-based white supremacist group as terrorist organisation UK 2mos
UK to ban US-based white supremacist group as terrorist organisation UK 2mos
Channel patrol: Priti Patel’s harsh regime is ‘answer to a crisis that doesn’t exist’ 2mos
A civilised country is one that treats refugees with compassion | Letters UK Australia 2mos
War on people smugglers is doomed to fail 2mos
Asylum seeker removed by Priti Patel must be brought back to UK UK Sudan 2mos
Priti Patel rattles the handcuffs – but the Tories have lost control of law and order | Polly T... England 2mos
Priti Patel to reveal proposals for offshore centres for asylum seekers UK 2mos
Priti Patel’s plan to ‘offshore’ asylum seekers is callous | Letter 2mos
Two men admit criminal offence over racist Snapchat video targeting Priti Patel 2mos
U.K. wants to send asylum seekers to offshore centers after Denmark passes similar law Denmark 2mos
Emails reveal Scottish ministers snubbed by Priti Patel Scotland 3mos
Priti Patel seeks ban on social media posts that ‘glamourise’ migrant crossings 3mos
Priti Patel fails to spell out cost to travellers for new digital visas 3mos
UK minister Priti Patel to unveil US-style digital visas to count migrants UK 3mos
Daniel Morgan’s son says Priti Patel has added to family’s agony 4mos
Priti Patel visits north London to reassure Jewish community 4mos
Getaway warning: Holiday 'police' to knock on up to 10,000 doors a day in isolation checks 4mos
COVID-19 travel: Expect 'knock on the door' when you return from amber countries, Priti Patel w... 4mos
Holiday 'police' to knock on door with 10,000 checks a day to make Brits isolate 4mos
Families returning from overseas hols to expect 'knock on the door' from cops 4mos
Daniel Morgan murder: panel refuses to hand over report 4mos
Who was Daniel Morgan and what is the new row over his murder case? 4mos
EU countries snub Priti Patel’s plans to return asylum seekers UK 4mos
Judge criticises Priti Patel over policy for asylum seekers in pandemic 4mos
Covid: Indian delegates in UK for G7 talks to self-isolate India UK 4mos
New extremism chief appointed by Priti Patel dismissed ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘violent extremism’ 4mos
UK PM’s decision to back Home Secretary over ‘bullying’ inquiry findings can be challenged in c... UK 4mos
Priti Patel: Facebook encryption plan ‘must not hamper child protection’ 5mos
MPs and peers urge Priti Patel to shut Napier barracks asylum site 5mos
UK home secretary Priti Patel orders extradition of Nirav Modi to India India UK 5mos
Priti Patel’s detention policies found to breach human rights rules 5mos
Police watchdog accused of skewing report to back protests clampdown 5mos
Police handling of Sarah Everard vigil appropriate, says watchdog 5mos
Home Office revives plan to deport non-UK rough sleepers 5mos
How is Priti Patel planning to change the UK's asylum system? UK 5mos
Britain toughens its post-Brexit asylum system UK 5mos
Labour urged to suspend councillor who posted that Priti Patel was ‘hatched’ in Israel - The Ne... Israel 5mos
Priti Patel fails to explain what is ‘a noisy protest’ to be banned under tough new laws 5mos
Priti Patel defends 'inhumane' overhaul of UK asylum system UK 5mos
Migrants entering UK illegally to be liable for removal at any time UK 5mos
Unacceptable to let police criminalise protesters, say MPs and peers 6mos
Pressure on Priti Patel to explain her advice to police on Sarah Everard vigil 6mos
Priti Patel wanted police to stop people gathering at Sarah Everard vigil 6mos
Gibraltar and Isle of Man rule out housing asylum seekers for UK UK 6mos
Priti Patel eyes plan to send future Channel migrants overseas UK Australia Turkey 6mos
House of Commons passes ‘draconian’ policing bill that vastly expands protest crackdown & boost... UK 6mos
Protest is a fundamental right, as long as it doesn't annoy Priti Patel 6mos