Tom Hanks

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The Simpsons 'predicted' Kamala Harris' vice-presidency after Tom Hanks theory 3d
Tom Hanks addresses ‘our American ideal’ while hosting Inauguration Day special US 3d
IN FULL: 'Celebrating America' - Tom Hanks hosts concert for Joe Biden's inauguration US 3d
The Simpsons fans claim Tom Hanks' inauguration special was predicted in 2007 3d
Celebrating America: Nine best bits from Joe Biden's star-studded inauguration special US 3d
Fans spot Simpsons ‘prediction’ as Tom Hanks hosts Inauguration event 3d
Tom Hanks reflects on the 'hopes and dreams' of a nation US 4d
Tom Hanks fans left horrified over health concern: 'Survived Covid to die of this' US 4d
Tom Hanks fans left horrified over health concern: 'Survived Covid to die of this' US 4d
Tom Hanks welcomes Biden era's 'dream of America' after turbulent four years US 4d
Celebrating America, review: cringe-fest averted as Tom Hanks hosts inspirational show for Joe... US 4d
Fans think The Simpsons predicted the Tom Hanks inauguration special back in 2007 4d
Tom Hanks hosts a star-studded special to celebrate Biden and Harris 4d
Lady Gaga, who performed the National Anthem, has longstanding ties to Biden. 4d
Biden inauguration: Your guide to what happens when - from the swearing-in to Lady Gaga's natio... 5d
Donald Trump 'furious' at Joe Biden's star-studded inauguration party line-up 5d
Donald Trump 'furious' at Joe Biden's star-studded inauguration lineup 6d
Lady Gaga and Tom Hanks to offer distraction from steel ring around Joe Biden's inauguration 1w
Tom Hanks Gives Bullied Boy Named Corona a Corona Typewriter, Gives Bullies Fresh Material 1w

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Tom Hanks to host star-studded TV special celebrating Joe Biden's inauguration the states 1w
Tom Hanks to present star-studded TV show celebrating Joe Biden’s inauguration US 1w
Tom Hanks hosting Joe Biden inauguration TV special US 1w
Tom Hanks reveals the Australian animal he's petrified of Australia 2w
Tom Hanks blindsides talk show audience with shaved head 3w
Tom Hanks reveals he shaved his head for a role, and he's not thrilled 3w
'News of the World' showcases Tom Hanks in an old-fashioned western 1mo
Tom Hanks will get vaccine 'long after everybody who truly needs' it 1mo
The 20 best body-swap films – ranked! 1mo
LeBron James, Taylor Swift Among Most Influential Celebrities In 2020 Election US 2mos
Saskatoon man gets vintage typewriter as gift from Tom Hanks 4mos
Forrest Gump author Winston Groom dies aged 77 4mos
Forrest Gump author Winston Groom dies aged 77 4mos
'Forrest Gump' author Winston Groom dies US 4mos
Groom, the author of Forrest Gump, has died 4mos
Forrest Gump author Winston Groom dies aged 77 4mos
See 4-year-old recreate iconic scene from 'The Shining' 4mos
Tourist stuck in airport for 100 days in echo of Hanks film The Terminal 6mos
Tourist stuck living in airport departures for 110 days in coronavirus lockdown Philippines Estonia 6mos
Tom Hanks has 'no respect' for people not wearing masks – video 6mos
Tom Hanks compares Covid-19 to WWII 6mos
Tom Hanks: 'If you can't wear a mask, I've got no respect for you' 6mos
Tom Hanks gives first TV interview since Covid-19 recovery 6mos
Monday briefing: Arts sector hails coronavirus rescue package 6mos
Tom Hanks on surviving coronavirus: 'I had crippling body aches, fatigue and couldn't concentra... 6mos
From Tom Hanks to Dr. Fauci, celebrities help 2020 grads celebrate 8mos
Tom Hanks' blood to be used for coronavirus research 8mos
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson hope their blood helps the coronavirus fight 8mos
'You got a friend in me!' -- Tom Hanks writes to bullied 8-year-old named Corona Australia 9mos
Tom Hanks writes to bullied boy called Corona Australia 9mos
The 25 best Tom Hanks films – ranked! 9mos
Tom Hanks 'feeling better' after Covid-19 diagnosis Australia 10mos
Tom Hanks released from hospital after virus quarantine 10mos
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson released from hospital 10mos
‘Leave me be’: Did the Simpsons REALLY predict Tom Hanks would get CORONAVIRUS? 10mos
Tom Hanks sends shockwaves on internet after catching coronavirus 10mos
Tom Hanks sends shockwaves on internet after catching coronavirus 10mos
Coronavirus: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson update fans after testing positive for COVID-19 10mos
Thursday briefing: Trump cuts US off from EU countries over virus US UK Australia 10mos
Greek citizenship offered to Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Greece 1yr
Your Thursday Briefing 1yr
Tom Hanks: Cynicism has become our default 1yr
Tom Hanks leads sing-along with fans 1yr
Cast Away-inspired basketball washes up in Denmark after 1,000-mile voyage from Scottish island Scotland Denmark 1yr
Baz Luhrmann brings movie about the King to Queensland 1yr
'Toy Story 4' Brings Playful Ad to Super Bowl 1yr
Washington Post to air Super Bowl ad showcasing reporters' plight 1yr
Tom Hanks to present lifetime award to Alan Alda US 2yrs
Actress and director Penny Marshall dies after 'complications from diabetes' US 2yrs
After months in the airport transit area: Visa for Canada | NZZ Canada Syria Malaysia 2yrs
After living in an airport for seven months, a Syrian man is granted asylum in Canada Canada Syria 2yrs
Stranded at the airport for seven months | NZZ Syria 2yrs
Sound mixer working on Tom Hanks film dies after fall from balcony 2yrs
No Hollywood ending: Police arrest Syrian stranded at KLIA2 since March Syria 2yrs
The first picture of Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers 2yrs
After the Thai Cave Rescue Comes the Hollywood Movie Scramble Thailand 2yrs