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Pope Francis urges Europe to shed its 'walls of fear' on visit to divided Cyprus Cyprus 8h
Pope deplores 'terrible laceration' of divided Cyprus, urges dialogue Cyprus 9h
Visit to Cyprus: Pope wants to take 50 migrants back to Italy Italy Cyprus 10h
Paris Archbishop allegedly involved in 'intimate relationship' with woman resigns 12h
Turkish Cypriot President Tatar invites Pope Francis to TRNC Greece Turkey Cyprus 13h
Pope Francis accepts Paris archbishop’s resignation over ‘ambiguous’ relationship with woman 14h
Archbishop of Paris resigns over 'ambiguous' relationship with a woman 15h
Pope Francis Heads to Cyprus Aiming to Highlight Plight of Migrants Cyprus 15h
In Cyprus and Greece, the plea of ​​Pope Francis for a more fraternal Mediterranean Greece Cyprus 1d
Greece: the gross reception of Greek orthodox priests for Pope Francis Greece Cyprus 1d
Greece: the gross reception of Greek orthodox priests for Pope Francis Greece Cyprus 1d
Pope Francis in the Mediterranean to awaken consciences Greece Cyprus 1d
Don't use migrants as pawns in political strategies, Pope tells governments Belarus 2d
Pope Francis pained by English Channel migrant deaths UK 4d
Pope Francis pained at migrant deaths in English Channel UK Poland Belarus 4d
How Zayed Award for Human Fraternity amplifies open-minded voices of all faiths and cultures 5d
Crucial for Lebanese to interact with Arab neighbors, says Pope Francis Lebanon 1w
Bahrain’s King Hamad invites Pope Francis to visit Manama Bahrain 1w
Pope declares French priest-victims of Paris Commune martyrs France 1w

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'We need your criticism', Pope tells young people – video 1w
Pope to young people: We need you to protect environment 1w
Pope Francis meets 'Team Pope' ahead of charity football match 1w
Pope honors Catholic priests, nuns who cared for HIV victims 2w
Pope urges world leaders to act with courage following Cop26 deal 2w
Pope: Don't judge the poor, often victims of injustice 2w
Pope Francis addresses church sex scandals 2w
Pope thanks journalists for helping to uncover scandals of clerical sex abuse that Church had t... 2w
Intervention by Pope Francis: The final in the fight for the Malteseorder Germany Malta 2w
Pope offers hope to poor on visit to namesake’s home of Assisi Italy 2w
Pope meets with poor in visit to namesake's hometown Assisi 2w
Can the Vatican reform its finances? 3w
Vatican confirms papal trip to Greece, Cyprus in December Greece Cyprus 3w
Pope's N. Korea visit possible in accordance with Pyongyang's determination: Seoul minister North Korea South Korea 3w
Pope: Church, shamed by sex abuse, must better protect kids 4w
Italian nun becomes highest ranking woman in Vatican Italy 4w
Pope: "Concrete Priority" for child protection 4w
Pope appeal in Rome: "Listen to, weapons manufacturers!" 1mo
Biden gets emotional talking about Pope Francis 1mo
Pope calls for prayers so ‘cry of the Earth’ is heard at Cop26 summit 1mo
Pope: May 'cry of the Earth' be heard at UN climate summit 1mo
Pope Francis agrees to make first papal visit to India since 1999 India 1mo
Smiles and gifts as Pope Francis meets President Joe US 1mo
Biden Eases Fray With France and Savors Meeting With Pope as Europe Trip Begins France 1mo
COP26 must offer ‘concrete hope’ to youth, says Francis 1mo
‘Momentum for peace’: Pope Francis urged to visit North Korea by Moon Jae-in North Korea South Korea 1mo
Biden Eases Fray with France and Savors Meeting with Pope as Europe Trip Begins France 1mo
Biden gives Pope Francis sentimental coin and calls him 'warrior for peace' – video 1mo
Pope Francis judges the American President "Good Catholic" US 1mo
US president with long private audience at the Pope US 1mo
Critics tried to pressure Francis in the dispute over Biden and communion. US 1mo
Pandemic and climate crisis: For the first time, Biden meets the Pope as President 1mo
Pope Francis tells S. Korean president he’ll travel to N. Korea for ‘cause of peace’ if invited North Korea South Korea 1mo
Biden: Francis said he should keep receiving communion, despite rift among U.S. bishops on abor... US 1mo
Pope Francis urges radical response to climate crisis at Cop26 – video 1mo
As Biden and Francis meet, the U.S. Catholic Church remains divided. 1mo
Pope calls on world leaders to provide 'effective responses' to climate change - BBC News 1mo
Francis will meet with Narendra Modi of India for the first time. India 1mo
With world leaders set to gather for the COP26 climate summit, Francis calls for ‘radical’ acti... 1mo
Moon tells pope a visit to North would help peace in Koreas South Korea 1mo
Joe Biden meets Pope Francis behind closed doors amid tensions over issue of abortion 1mo
Pope tells world leaders 'radical' action on climate change needed 1mo
Pope to UN conference: Don't waste chance to save the planet 1mo
Pope Francis urges leaders to take ‘radical’ climate action at Cop26 1mo
President Biden to meet Pope Francis at the Vatican, bringing together the world’s two most pow... 1mo
Pope urges 'radical' climate response in exclusive BBC message 1mo
Meeting Between Francis and Biden Will Highlight Their Rift With American Bishops US 1mo
Pope Francis agrees to visit Canada amid calls for a residential schools apology Canada 1mo
Pope to visit Canada amid outrage about abuse of Indigenous kids Canada 1mo
Pope Francis to visit Canada for indigenous reconciliation Canada 1mo
Pope Francis agrees to visit Canada as Indigenous leaders seek apology Canada 1mo
Vatican says Pope Francis has agreed to visit Canada, meet with Indigenous leaders Canada 1mo
Pope Francis to visit Canada for Indigenous reconciliation, Vatican says - National | Globalnew... Canada 1mo
pope: Pope to visit Canada after indigenous school scandal Canada 1mo
Pope Francis received third corona vaccine dose 1mo
Pope: Be courageous and turn to God with all your heart - Vatican News 1mo
Pope Francis: Listen to the melody of God in your lives - Vatican News Germany 1mo
Stop sending migrants back to ‘inhumane’ camps – Pope 1mo
Pope: Don’t send migrants back to Libya and ‘inhumane’ camps 1mo
Pope Francis: Stop ‘inhumane’ practice of sending migrants back to Libya 1mo
Pope Francis urges EU not to send back rescued migrants 1mo
Pope Francis calls for solutions in EU to ensure migrants' safety 1mo
Pope Francis compares Libyan centers to 'concentration camps' Libya 1mo
Pope Francis: Stop ‘unhumane’ practice of sending migrants back to Libya 1mo
Pope: don't send migrants back to Libya and "inhumane" camps 1mo
Schedule of the Pope’s liturgical celebrations for November - Vatican News 1mo
Moment a boy with learning difficulties climbs on stage to meet Pope 1mo
Pope praises freedom of children after boy gets a skullcap 1mo
Pope calls for universal basic income, shorter working day | ICN 1mo
Pope: The dignity of the patient comes before sickness and profit - Vatican News 1mo
Pope Calls On Powerful Institutions To Change Status Quo To Better Serve The Poor 1mo
Pope Francis: A Bishop is called to a life of service - Vatican News 1mo
Pope John Paul I will be blessed 1mo
Pope John Paul I on the road to sainthood - Vatican News 1mo
John Paul I, Pope for 33 Days in 1978, Will Be Beatified Italy 1mo
Pope OKs crediting miracle to John Paul I on sainthood path 1mo
Pope Francis launches mass consultation on Church reform 1mo
Pope opens two-year consultation on church's future 1mo
Pope opens two-year consultation on Catholic Church future 1mo
Pope Francis: "Everyone has a role to play" in climate change fight 1mo
Pope Francis: "Everyone has a role to play" in climate change fight 1mo