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Belarusian protest is growing. Lukashenka has no prescription for this Belarus 1h
After the failure of the agreement with the king, the demonstrators in Bangkok went to the Germ... Thailand Germany 2h
UK Coronavirus Vaccine: Hopefully it will work for older adults UK 4h
Lithuania has elected a new parliament. Liberal coalition seizes power Lithuania 5h
The "party conclave" began behind closed doors in Beijing China 6h
Venezuela: Leopoldo Lopez, one of the opposition leaders, fled to Spain Spain Venezuela 7h
Czechs on the brink of disaster in health care. Occupied 80 percent. beds for coronavirus patie... Czech Republic 7h
"We don't want benefits, we want to work!" Italians depressed and furious, the new decree binds... 7h
The creeping lockdown in Italy. The silence in Rome is frightening Italy 8h
Qatar: Australians pulled from a plane, subjected to invasive testing. Because a newborn was fo... Qatar 9h
The ultimatum for Lukashenka has expired. A general strike begins in Belarus Belarus 10h
Chileans bury the Pinochet era. In a referendum they decided to replace the dictatorship with a... 10h
"NYT" in Wyborcza. Trump's economic impact isn't in numbers, it's in a mindset US 11h
"NYT" in "Wyborcza". American railways are cutting connections and jobs. Does Biden have an ide... US 11h
"NYT" in "Wyborcza". New York is already voting. There have never been such queues 11h
Conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh. Sirens howl, missiles fly, life descends into the basements 12h
A wave of coronavirus infections around US Vice President Mike Pence. His people don't want to... US 14h
Spain introduces a country-wide emergency on Monday. Curfew, meeting limitations Spain 1d
Finland: A hacker seized the data of thousands of psychotherapy patients. Claims 450,000 euro Finland 1d

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Over one hundred thousand Belarusians took to the streets in Minsk. The last day before the Cic... 1d
7,000 dead seals on the beaches of Namibia Namibia 1d
"Disgusting attack on women, the EU must hit the PiS government." World press about the situati... Poland 1d
Italy: New Restrictions Due to Coronavirus. Riots in Rome and Naples Italy 1d
Samsung CEO Lee Kun-hee has passed away. China will take over part of the Korean company? China South Korea 1d
Pope Francis announced new cardinals. There is no Pole among them Poland 1d
Trump has a problem: how to win back white voters in key states in the north [CORRESPONDENCE] 1d
24 students were killed in a suicide bombing in Kabul Afghanistan 1d
The US Secretary of State called Lukashenka. The Belarusian talked about the threat of Polish a... US Poland Belarus 1d
Jamaica and Nauru have ratified the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty. One country is missing for it t... Jamaica Nauru 2d
Washington Post defends free media: Kaczyński is a "nationalist populist" US Poland 2d
Advisor to Swiatłana Cichanouska: We will overthrow Lukashenka peacefully Belarus 2d
Japan: The Nara pee deer poisoned themselves with plastic. Will "paper deer" save them? Japan 2d
Macron: We will fight this virus by the end of summer. At least France 2d
Dr. Fauci, White House Advisor: "Let's be under no illusions: the pandemic will go on for anoth... 2d
"NYT" in "Wyborcza". Biden suggests expanding the composition of the Supreme Court 2d
There is an agreement between Sudan and Israel. There will be a normalization of relations US Israel Sudan 2d
WHO chief: We are at a critical point in the pandemic. It's a dangerous path 2d
Niall Ferguson: Biden won't heal the frustration of Americans China Taiwan 2d
Correspondent of "Die Welt" in Warsaw: Polish voice is losing strength Poland 2d
Why China has beaten the virus and we are losing China 2d
How Trump can steal an election, the most interesting night in American history US 2d
The Vatican prosecutor's office accused Cardinal Becciu of embezzling public money 2d
"The Chinese people will not bow their necks to anyone." Xi Jinping plays the anti-American not... China US South Korea 3d
The government of Spain withdraws from the jump to the judicial council. All strength to fight... Spain 3d
North Korea: Television warns of mysterious yellow dust clouds from China China North Korea 3d
Abortion possible in Iran and Saudi Arabia. Ultraconservative dictatorships more liberal than P... Iran Saudi Arabia Poland kingdom of Saudi Arabia 3d
The inhabitants of Stepanakert have been living in cellars for a month [CORRESPONDENCE FROM THE... Armenia Azerbaijan 3d
"NYT" in "Wyborcza". After Trump, Europe will never trust America again US 3d
A Dutchman guessed the password for Trump's Twitter account Netherlands 3d
Navalny: I'm going back to Russia. The Kremlin is changing, so will we Russia 3d