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The threat of Rohani: Iran will enrich uranium on a military level if necessary Iran 2w
Today the President of the European Parliament is elected. Sassoli (Pd) is the favorite Germany Spain Czech Republic 2w
Moscow's USSR weak arsenal US Russia 2w
Russian nuclear submarine on fire, 14 sailors dead: "Suffocated by smoke" Russia 2w
The turning point in Brussels: a woman for the first time at the head of the Commission 2w
Libya, bombed detention center: massacre of migrants 2w
Lagarde, "the American" to defend the euro US 2w
Ursula von der Leyen, Merkel's loyal iron lady 2w
Von der Leyen new president at the EU Commission Spain Belgium 2w
Fire on a Russian nuclear submarine, fourteen dead sailors Russia 2w
The slave flag on shoes, Nike must pick up the model designed for July 4th US 2w
"Carola libera": Mattarella and the Austrian president welcomed by the pro-captain banners in S... Germany Austria 2w
"Carola libera": Mattarella and the Austrian president welcomed by the pro-captain banners in S... Germany Austria 2w
Brexit Party MEPs turn their backs during the European anthem UK 2w
EU nominations, Conte plays the Georgieva card Netherlands Italy 2w
Sea Watch, France attacks Salvini on migrants: "His behavior is unacceptable" France Italy 2w
Iran replies to Trump: "We are not violating the agreements" US Iran 2w
Alarm for the presence of sarin gas, some offices are evacuated at the Facebook headquarters 2w
In Madrid the right cancels the Ztl: "One thing left" Spain 2w

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Hong Kong, battle in the streets: Parliament assaulted 2w
Sudan at risk of civil war. The diehards against the military: "Ready for blood for blood" Sudan 2w
The premier-painter challenges the president: "Now I will bring Albania to Europe" Albania 2w
Count with the rebels on Visegrad's cart: "No to Timmermans" Netherlands Italy 2w
Tehran: we have exceeded uranium limits Israel Syria 2w
Battle in the skies of Syria, hit the suburbs of Damascus and Homs Iran Israel Syria 2w
Black smoke on EU appointments: leaders will meet again tomorrow Belgium 2w
Usa, twin-engine crashes into a hangar: 10 dead US 2w
Hong Kong, protesters attempt to break into Parliament China UK 2w
Corvette captain tortured and killed by Venezuelan counterintelligence, two arrests Venezuela 2w
Who is Stephanie Grisham, the White House spokesperson jerked by the security idi Kim 2w
Trump's twenty steps in history: the handshake with Kim across the border US North Korea 2w
Albania, the unrivaled victory of Rama Albania 2w
The Sudanese challenge the military and the bullets: "We will show until they go away" Sudan 2w
Beijing, the stone guest behind the scenes of the agreement China US North Korea 2w
Tehran's threat: Iran exceeds the 300 kg of enriched uranium set as a limit US Iran 2w
Haya, the wife of the Emir of Dubai, flees to Europe with her children and 35 million euros United Arab Emirates 2w
Sudan, thousands of people in the streets. Procession to the Presidential Palace Sudan 2w
London, a pregnant girl stabbed to death. The sanitary ware save the child 2w
North Korea, Kim accepted the meeting with Trump US North Korea South Korea 2w
Sali Berisha: "Albania of socialists has become a narco-state. The elections are not free " US Albania 2w
Dazi, Trump opens to Xi then goes to South Korea: I wait for Kim at the border China North Korea Russia South Korea Saudi Arabia Turkey 2w
Kamala, the champion of the radical left who is attacking democratic leaders 2w
Usa 2020: a Trump consultant behind the site that ridicules Biden US Russia 2w
Nanga Parbat, is the day of the attack on the summit. Cimenti: "Finally we are" 2w
Casaleggio in the USA in search of technology for business and politics US 3w
In the duel TV Sanders puts Biden on the corner, but the base wants a generational change 3w
In Albania split between vote and violence: "We want to escape, but Italy is like us" Italy Albania 3w
Trump-Putin smiles and ironies at the G20: "Do not interfere in my elections" 3w
Draghi on the EU Commission: "While honored, I am not available" 3w
Pregnant woman loses the child in a shootout, arrested on charges of manslaughter 3w