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The extreme right becomes strong in Ripoll two years after the 17A attack 5mos
Jordi Cuixart leaves prison to be operated on the ear in Manresa 5mos
The foundation that disseminates that Colón and Cervantes were Catalan receives 7,000 euros a y... Catalonia 5mos
PSC and Citizens ask to quote the Catalan Ombudsman for alleged gifts from those involved in th... Catalonia 5mos
The PP registers the 'Catalonia Sum' brand for the Catalan coalition with Citizens that Rivera... Catalonia 5mos
The 'comuns' and the CUP request that Aragonès explain to the Parliament the 6% cut to public c... 5mos
Hard against pragmatic: Catalan constitutionalism breaks before a new warm autumn independence Catalonia 5mos
The judge seeks in Andorra new hidden funds of Jordi Pujol Ferrusola Andorra Panama 5mos
The Generalitat orders a 6% cut in the expenditure of all departments to balance the accounts 5mos
The judge rejects the prosecutor's second attempt to prosecute by criminal organization in the... 5mos
A Catalan citizen? Sectors of CiU and the PP are grouped in a new liberal non-independence part... Catalonia 5mos
The ANC replies to Tardà that its function is to "bother" the parties to achieve independence 5mos
The 3% judge charges the former manager of TV3 for the irregular financing of Convergència 5mos
Joan Tardà accuses the ANC of "perverting" independence and not facilitating the accumulation o... 5mos
The opposition accuses the Government of wanting to make "blacklists" of officials who do not w... Catalonia 5mos
Jordi Cuixart asks Pedro Sánchez for a meeting in his round of consultations with entities for... 5mos
Cs gives a "no resounding" to the proposal of the Catalan PP to imitate the coalition of Navarr... 5mos
The Barcelona City Council asks Congress for an investigation commission on the Ripoll magnet 5mos
The CDR leave trash and excrement in front of PDeCAT and ERC headquarters in several Catalan mu... Catalonia 5mos

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La Caixa de Solidaritat pays 2 million outstanding from 9-N and prevents the execution of the e... 5mos
Cuixart asks sovereignty for great consensus and warns: "Repression seeks to divide" 5mos
The Mossos detain nine independentistas for criminal organization for causing riots 5mos
Endesa proposes to the Catalan municipalities to pay half the debt of vulnerable families Catalonia 5mos
"Alejandro, tu Nueva Voz": the particular talent show of the Catalan PP leader Catalonia 5mos
European justice sets for October 14 the view on the immunity of Junqueras 5mos
Two independentistas sentenced to one year in jail for riots after Puigdemont's arrest 5mos
The ANC and Òmnium call for "unity" after the rejection of two former ERC advisors to go to the... 5mos
Puigdemont asks the Supreme to annul the agreements of the Electoral Board that left him withou... 5mos
Torra and Colau agree to negotiate the budgets of the Generalitat and the City Council 5mos
A businessman accuses Convergència of forcing him to collect work with false invoices 5mos
Torra says he will not pay the fine of 5,500 euros imposed by the Electoral Board 5mos
The TSJC rejects the request of Foreign Affairs to suspend the reopening of delegations of the... US France UK Catalonia 5mos
August Gil Matamala: "The Transition Pact involved amnesia and oblivion" Spain 5mos
Oriol Junqueras rules out favoring a PSOE government and the right "blessed by the Ibex" 5mos
The brilliant rise of Lorena Roldán, the substitute of Inés Arrimadas 5mos
The Audiencia of Barcelona rules out that the Mossos will spy on constitutionalist leaders and... 5mos
Roldán prevails in the primary of Citizens and will replace Arrimadas as a candidate for the Ge... 5mos
ERC would win the Catalan elections and JxCat and the PSC would take second place, according to... Catalonia 5mos
The judge files the case against the Minister of Interior for assigning public premises for 1-O 5mos
The Parliament reaffirms its rejection of the king despite the suspension of the Constitutional... Catalonia 5mos
Jordi Pujol: five years of the confession that dynamited his biography 5mos
Interrogations of the Mercury case suspended because the Government does not fix the air condit... 5mos
The former delegate of the Generalitat in Switzerland refuses to testify before the judge by th... Switzerland 5mos
The Barcelona Court rules out to charge 1-O voters because the police "did not exhaust the non-... 5mos
The Prosecutor's Office sees no incitement to hate burning a Puigdemont doll 5mos
Torra requires Rivera to apologize for spreading photos of the teachers excused from humiliatin... Catalonia 5mos
JxCat promotes a motion to re-hang the yellow ribbon in the Diputación de Barcelona 5mos
The judge investigates the alleged assault of a Terrassa teacher on a student for painting a Sp... Spain 5mos
Núria Marín (PSC) will remove the yellow tie from the Diputación de Barcelona after the pact wi... 5mos
ERC separates itself from JxCat and extends its hand to Sánchez: "We are condemned to understan... 5mos