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‘Something fishy here’: Putin doesn’t believe UK poisoned Skripals Russia UK 13m
Russia unearths biggest diamond ever found in Europe Russia 3h
Seized UK-flagged tanker involved in ‘incident’ with Iranian fishing boat, probe launched – Teh... Iran 3h
Cuba, Russia, China, Iran – Pompeo lists every nation that 'must leave' Venezuela, except one China US Iran Russia Cuba Venezuela 4h
NYC subway meltdown wrecks rush-hour commute, inexplicable computer glitch to blame 5h
Cross-border drug traffic peaking thanks to focus on migrant crisis, US drug czar says US 6h
That funny smell: 4.5mn-gallon sewage spill shuts Washington beaches 7h
Reports of heavy explosions as Saudi-led coalition resumes assault on Yemeni capital Yemen Saudi Arabia 7h
US pressure & EU inaction left Iran with ‘very few options’ except to retaliate US Iran 7h
Saudi Arabia invites US to 'preserve its peace' against Iran by swamping Gulf with more troops US Iran Saudi Arabia 9h
Fool me twice? Elderly killer out on compassionate release convicted of another murder 10h
London police Twitter blares ‘F*CK THE POLICE’ in apparent hack 10h
McAfee claims CIA tried to ‘collect’ him, poses armed in boat with his wife 12h
Britain says seizures of UK vessels by Iran are ‘unacceptable’ Iran UK 13h
‘Escalatory violence’: Washington reacts to Tehran seizing British tanker Iran UK 14h
The Open 2019: Is a Shane Lowry championship victory a statistical inevitability? Ireland 14h
Reports of Iran seizing 2nd UK oil tanker in Strait of Hormuz Iran UK 14h
Polish newspaper compared to ‘German fascists’ over ‘LGBT-free zone’ stickers Germany Poland 15h
Lionel Messi relaxing on £5,000 PER NIGHT private island ahead of new season 15h

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Iran confiscates British tanker in Strait of Hormuz – IRGC Iran UK 15h
VIDEO shows fiery descent of Chinese space station from orbit China 15h
Scrabble or anti-Semitism? Norwegian ‘Jewish pig’ cartoon courts controversy Norway 15h
The Open 2019: Tiger Woods to take a break from golf after missing the cut at Portrush 15h
Is Nigel Farage inching his way into Bojo’s plans for post-Brexit Britain? UK 16h
‘Little miracle’: Futuristic Orthodox church to appear in Moscow 16h
Has London turned into the UK’s protest capital? Fencesitter finds out UK 16h
Vietnam accuses Chinese oil survey vessel of violating its sovereignty in S. China Sea China Vietnam 17h
NFL's Tyreek Hill avoids suspension after 'comprehensive investigation' into child abuse allega... 17h
‘Bring it’: Businesses rush to cash in on Storm Area 51 joke as founder feels ‘spooked’ 17h
Iran state TV claims VIDEO proves ‘no drone was downed’ by US in Strait of Hormuz US Iran 18h
Kosovo’s PM Haradinaj resigns after being called to Hague war crimes court Kosovo 18h
French authorities just shot a resting herd of runaway bison to protect hikers. Were they right... France 18h
2nd Chinese space station falls from sky in FIERY demolition (this time controlled) China 18h
How will the seemingly narcissistic, selfie-mad sports elite survive without Instagram 'likes'? 18h
WATCH: Terrifying footage from INSIDE Boeing 737 shows plane plow into ocean 18h
Keep art or fix street? Massive artwork damaged in Russia’s Urals days after completion Russia 18h
Hungary’s Orban takes low-cost flight home, but some cry foul Hungary 18h
Sanctions did not change Russian policy but hurt German businesses – Bundestag member Russia Germany 18h
'Brock, stop ducking me!' UFC star Jorge Masvidal fires tongue-in-cheek warning to WWE star Les... 19h
Captain of migrant rescue ship leaves Italy for Germany – charity group Germany Italy 17h
Ukrainian court denies bail to Russian journalist slated for prisoner exchange by President Zel... Russia Ukraine Ukrania 19h
Bulgarian MPs approve purchase of 8 new F-16s from US US Bulgaria 18h
Flood power? Russian accounts bombard DiCaprio’s Instagram with pleas to #SaveBaikal Russia 20h
ICYMI: Trump’s Twitter tactic: The race card gets played because it’s just so effective 20h
OUT! - Russia says cricket is 'not a sport', but that could soon change Russia 20h
Grounding of 737 MAX after two deadly crashes will cost Boeing $5 billion to date 20h
Meet the dead droppers – reckless pawns in Russia’s drug war who last just weeks on the streets Russia 21h
5.1-magnitude earthquake hits Athens, prompts panic & evacuations Greece 21h
Beijing calls on US to ‘correct’ Iran sanctions China US Iran 19h
UFC San Antonio: Leon Edwards stands on the verge of joining the welterweight elite England 21h