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DOJ hasn’t seen evidence of ‘systemic fraud’ says AG Barr – because it hasn’t been looking, Tru... US 16m
Scientists identify gene responsible for aging in potential leap forward for regenerative medic... 16m
LGBT activists demand boycott of cosmetics chain Lush over donation to ‘anti-trans’ group Woman... UK 20m
Dirty Dogg: Rapper Snoop Dogg offered $1 MILLION to 'commentate' on live porno site for blind a... 1h
Trier car-ramming apparently was ‘on purpose,’ officials say, as 4, including child, confirmed... Germany 2h
'I love smashing Cansecos': Logan Paul reminds Jose Canseco that he used to date his daughter a... 2h
‘Mall ninja stuff’: Denver police armed with NUNCHUCKS face off against protesters during homel... 2h
South Korea passes ‘BTS law,’ allowing K-pop megastars to postpone military service South Korea 2h
Russian diplomatic staff injured in IED bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan Russia Afghanistan 2h
Genetic manipulation: HIV-like virus edited out of primate GENOME in major advance towards winn... 2h
‘Not useful’: Iranian govt speaks out against its parliament backing an end to international in... Iran 3h
‘I’d make him eat the canvas’: UFC’s Covington vows to knock out Trump critic LeBron in a fight... 3h
Brussels lockdown orgy: Hungarian EU lawmaker and diplomats among 25 men busted by police durin... Hungary 3h
India’s consumer spending to return to growth in 2021 – Fitch India 3h
After years of research, top Moscow health official reveals Russia may be close to unveiling pr... Russia 3h
Nasdaq threatens 75% of listed companies with order to appoint women & LGBT or other 'diverse'... US 3h
Cheating just because she’s winning? Russian ski official reacts furiously to ‘idiot’ journalis... Russia Sweden 3h
US offers $5mn reward for evidence of NK sanctions evasion, accuses China of failing to meet en... China US North Korea 4h
World’s most powerful radio telescope COLLAPSES in Puerto Rico, after decades of hunting alien... 4h

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Portuguese restaurant owners hold HUNGER STRIKE in front of parliament, as Covid lockdown cripp... Portugal 4h
Johnson urges MPs to back UK’s regional tiered system amid criticism within his own party UK 4h
Geriatric fight club: Is boxing selling its soul by pandering to ageing prizefighters and dispo... 4h
WATCH: Footballer launches kung-fu kick on referee as crunch game ends in mass brawl in Uzbekis... Uzbekistan 4h
'Turning death into PR move': Barcelona forced to delete Tweet featuring Lionel Messi tribute t... 5h
China lands spacecraft on the moon in mission to retrieve lunar rocks – state media China 5h
Heavily-armed bank robbers launch ‘MAJOR ASSAULT’ on city in Brazil, before locals swoop in to... Brazil 5h
British retail giant Debenhams likely to collapse, putting 12,000 jobs at risk UK 5h
European Union needs perpetual debt to survive – George Soros 5h
UCL PREVIEW: Liverpool, Atletico and Real Madrid can QUALIFY for Champions League knockout stag... 5h
Trump lawyer says former security official should be ‘drawn and quartered,’ while pastor calls... 5h
France threatens to seek EU-level response if hit by US sanctions over its digital tax on tech... US France 5h
Iran ‘aggressively’ challenging regional security, Bahrain claims, calls for ‘unrelenting press... Iran Bahrain 5h
Berlin warns against ‘rash actions’ in Afghanistan, says further troop withdrawal must be linke... Germany Afghanistan 6h
€100 million Covid hospital opened in Madrid amid union protests over lack of staff Spain 6h
WATCH police arrest driver who plowed through pedestrians in central Trier, Germany Germany 6h
Opposition figure Navalny could face investigation for calling for ‘violent overthrow’ of Putin... Russia 6h
The more the merrier? Philippines orders Covid-19 vaccines from FOUR different countries Philippines 6h
UCL PREVIEW: Winless Russian clubs face ideal chance to end WOEFUL record in Europe this season Russia 6h
Russia makes defensive missiles combat ready in Far East as recent border incursion by US force... US Russia Japan 6h
Phallic statue in Bavarian mountains vanishes… just like mysterious Utah monolith Germany 7h
At least two killed, 10 injured by speeding car in pedestrian zone of Trier, Germany Germany 7h
Russia’s Gazprom books massive losses for 2020 on falling energy prices & ruble depreciation Russia 7h
Saudi Arabia 'financed itself into oblivion' & now entire country is at risk of going under – M... Saudi Arabia 7h
‘Rank hypocrisy‘: LA County supervisor caught dining outside HOURS after voting to ban the prac... 7h
Pfizer and BioNTech apply to European regulator to allow emergency use of their vaccine 7h
‘He was quite close’: Fears for rival drivers as F1 champ Hamilton’s tilt at extending records... Bahrain 7h
Mars colony game changer: New technology can extract water and fuel from salty water 7h
‘Watch out! There’s a journo about’: GCHQ blacklisted reporter shining light on UK spy agency’s... UK 7h
Police raid homes in three states as Germany bans far-right group that wanted to re-establish N... Germany 8h
Dutch turnabout: Face masks become mandatory in Netherlands as new restrictions go into effect Netherlands 8h