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Germany has issued international arrest warrants for the two founders of the firm at the centre... 6h
Dalit girl found dead in employer’s home, Delhi police cremate her at night 5h
The state of Victoria, Australia went from over 700 new COVID cases per day to recording zero n... 12h
Millennials less satisfied with democracy than at any other time in the past century, Cambridge... 14h
Taiwan says won't be intimidated by China's 'hooligan' diplomats 7h
NATO would seek early summit with Biden, if elected, envoys say 4h
Rush Limbaugh says his lung cancer is terminal 1h
Young Australians are being 'aggressively radicalised' through right-wing extremism, federal po... 4h
Sweden bans Huawei and ZTE equipment from use in future 5G network 5h
US removes Sudan from terrorism blacklist in return for $335m 17h
‘Catastrophic floods’: 105 killed, 5 million affected in Vietnam 3h
Germany grants asylum to Hong Kong student arrested for 'rioting,' activist group says 11h
Mysterious 'Robin Hood' hackers donating stolen money 13h
China's super rich got $1.5 trillion richer during pandemic 4h
France teacher attack: Mosque ordered to close over Facebook videos 2h
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says he could be held responsible for the thousands of kil... 9h
Sweden bans Huawei, ZTE from upcoming 5G networks 5h
Finland suspends extraditions to Hong Kong, prompting response from Beijing 4h
Ireland to go into Level 5 lockdown (highest level of restrictions) for six weeks 22h

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30% of politicians running in the Indian state of Bihar for elections have murder, rape and ext... 4h
Iran clears path for women to run for president 1d
US election 2020: Microphones to be muted in last debate 2h
Russia'a Aeroflot Airlines employees involved in a $50 million smuggling scheme 5h
Taiwanese and Chinese Staffers Injured After Fight Between Chinese Diplomats and Taiwanese gove... 10h
'Democracy Has Won': Year After Right-Wing Coup Against Evo Morales, Socialist Luis Arce Declar... 1d
South Carolina authorities break up huge party amid pandemic 3h
61% don't trust UK PM on pandemic, new poll suggests 13h
Peter Madsen prison escape: Inventor who killed journalist on submarine flees 'with bomb' 3h
These Hackers are Real-Life 'Robin Hood'; They Are Donating Stolen Money to Charities 2h
Ireland may return to full national lockdown for six weeks in 'surprise move' 21h