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Turkey calls on Minsk Group to hold talks on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict Armenia Turkey 13m
New green space trend in city centers: Vertical gardens 43m
COVID-19 pandemic: What lessons have we learned so far? 43m
Karabakh war: Frivolous accusations against Turkey Russia Armenia Turkey 43m
US sanctions Iran's Petroleum Ministry, its entities NIOC, NITC US Iran 2h
PKK suicide bomber targets Turkey’s Hatay in terror attack, no casualties Turkey 2h
PKK suicide bomber targets Turkey’s Hatay in terror attack, no casualties reported Turkey 48m
French opposition rejects supporting Macron’s anti-Islam row with Turkey France Turkey 4h
Germany tried to send Daesh terrorist to Turkey without informing authorities, dpa says in repo... Germany Turkey 3h
Armenia broke cease-fire just after it started, Azerbaijan's Aliyev says Armenia Azerbaijan 3h
Israeli museum plans to sell off rare Islamic antiquities Israel 3h
Water found on Moon's sunlit surface, NASA confirms US 5h
Turkish Cypriots demand fair and sustainable solutions to Cyprus crisis, Erdoğan says Turkey Cyprus 5h
Turkish public lenders extend new financing package for businesses Turkey 5h
Minister calls on public to help decrease crowding in Istanbul amid pandemic  6h
EU seeks probe from Greece, Frontex over reports of border agency's support for migrant pushbac... Greece 5h
Belgian hospitals could run out of intensive care beds in 15 days Belgium 6h
Pogba denies France retirement rumors, vows legal action France 6h
TMSF puts 5 trustee-run firms in Gaziantep OIZ on sale  Turkey 5h

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Turkey, Greece cancel Navtex notices in goodwill gesture amid East Med dispute Greece Turkey 7h
Armenia sacks commander of border forces amid heavy losses against Azerbaijan Armenia Azerbaijan 7h
'Corpses everywhere': New video reveals pile of dead bodies in Russian hospital amid coronaviru... Russia 5h
Turkey’s YTB trains Turkish university alumni in the Balkans Turkey 7h
Florida man stole bulldozer, ran down Biden signs, police say 8h
Democrats ask to skip vote on Trump's nominee to Supreme Court Barret citing COVID-19 risk 7h
China’s Ant Group to raise nearly $35B in world's biggest public offering China 8h
Exporting pollution: Used cars from Europe, US, Japan pollute air in developing nations US Japan 8h
Turkish organized industrial sites’ performance rebounds amid recovery Turkey 7h
Merkel's party postpones Dec. 4 congress to choose new leader Germany 8h
Italian Fiat, France's PSA to win EU approval for $38B merger: sources France Italy 8h
Istanbul's motorcycle couriers risk life for fast service 7h
First stage of Egypt parliamentary vote wraps up amid ineffective political climate Egypt 8h
Turkish online services marketplace Armut enters 3 new markets Turkey Hungary Poland Czech Republic 7h
World's largest human chain passes through Istanbul  France 8h
AC Milan's Donnarumma, Hague test positive for COVID-19 8h
Thousands march on German embassy demanding investigation into Thai king's activities Thailand Germany 8h
Erdoğan calls on Turkish people to boycott French brands France Turkey 9h
Erdoğan calls on Turkish people to boycott French brands amid rising anti-Islam policies France Turkey 9h
Bootleg alcohol remains a risk in Turkey as death toll reaches 80  Turkey 8h
Turkey's domestic car’s battery to be charged up to 80% in less than 30 minutes Turkey 9h
Possible PKK attack on diplomats in Iraq's KRG thwarted  Iraq 8h
Fenerbahçe regains confidence under helm of Erol Bulut 8h
Man files complaint against officers at Egypt's consulate in Istanbul Egypt 8h
Pandemic plunges Lagarde into 'very intense' 1st year at ECB 10h
US carries out airstrikes against Taliban in central Afghanistan US Afghanistan 8h
Watch your mouth: Expert says chit-chat a public health risk amid pandemic 9h
Guardiola seeks redemption with Olympique Marseille test in Champions League France 9h
Turkey allocates TL 6.2B to fight grey economy in next 3 years Turkey 10h
Turkey to allocate $769 million to fight grey economy in next 3 years Turkey 7h
Turkish economy gaining ground in October, latest data suggests Turkey 10h