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Decades on, justice still eludes interned Japanese Canadians and their kin Japan 1w
Why Japan needs to build ties with Canada in the face of Trump's 'America First' agenda US Canada Japan 1w
Nine deer in Nara died after swallowing plastic bags, preservation foundation says 1w
Japan's ruling parties face challenge of breaking tax hike election curse Japan 1w
U.S. hopes to see 'freeze' of North Korea's nuke program as starting point — not endgame, State... US North Korea 1w
Crack hard nuts, handle hot potatoes: Xi tells officials not to be lazy and 'spend whole day ea... China 1w
Japan to provide U.S. with missile data from Aegis Ashore US Japan 1w
Nine deer in Nara died after swallowing plastic bags, preservation foundation says 1w
Vintage fashion: Senior runway models bridging South Korea's age divide South Korea 1w
Doctors and patients in parts of Japan with few pediatricians turn to mobile apps for advice Japan 1w
Princess Mako leaves for Peru and Bolivia to mark anniversary of Japanese emigration to South A... US Peru Japan Bolivia 1w
Chinese military signals it will keep Hong Kong-based troops in barracks amid protests China 1w
Japan's Consumer Affairs Agency cancels plan to fully relocate to Tokushima Japan 1w
$2.2 billion Taiwan-U.S. arms deal angers China, but sale more symbolic than signal of strength China Taiwan 1w
Japan's youngest pro go player, Sumire Nakamura, claims first win Japan 1w
Saitama student, 14, arrested over alleged murder had spoken to school about problems with vict... 1w
Japanese man wanted for running illegal manga site detained in Philippines Philippines Japan 1w
Nearly 70% of ill and disabled people have difficulties working in Japan, report finds Japan 1w
Team successfully replicates imagined ancient sea migration from Taiwan to Okinawa Japan Taiwan 1w

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Tokyo NPO tries new strategy to tackle youth suicide — supporting the supporter 1w
Japanese comedians turn to yakuza-linked 'underground performances' due to unstable income Japan 1w
Women boosting their presence at Tokyo's new Toyosu fish market 1w
Fire breaks out at restaurant in Kyoto's Gion geisha district 1w
Global unity necessary for tackling worldwide issues 1w
Hopes of sharing Shintoism as a basis for religious coexistence Japan 1w
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam says extradition bill Is 'dead' China 1w
Abe government will not appeal damages awarded to leprosy patients' kin 1w
Japan's youngest pro go player, Sumire Nakamura, claims first win Japan 1w
Japanese Consumer Agency won't be relocating to Tokushima Japan 1w
Canoeists begin another attempt to replicate ancient sea migration between Taiwan and Japan Japan Taiwan 1w
One year after floods, hard-hit area of Okayama Prefecture sees spike in thefts targeting victi... Japan 1w
Local governments in Japan expanding scope of disabled applicants eligible for public-sector jo... Japan 1w
At least 29 die after bus careens off India's 'highway to hell' India 1w
Japan urges Iran to keep to nuclear deal after Tehran admits to breaching enrichment limit Iran Japan 1w
During court hearing, journalist Shiori Ito says she was 'desperate to protect' herself during... 1w
Politics pays as average income of Japanese lawmakers hit 16-year high of ¥26.57 million in 201... Japan 1w
In jab at U.S., Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan says world cannot shut Beijing out China US 1w
Amnesty International seeks international probe to end Philippine anti-drug killings Philippines 1w
Japan's whale restaurants cheer resumption of commercial hunts Japan 1w
Facing shaky U.S. alliance and assertive China, Australia debates nuclear deterrent China US Australia 1w
Abe calls for constitutional amendments proposals to be debated in Diet 1w
Report documenting how Japan used chemical weapons during Second Sino-Japanese War found for fi... China Japan 1w
Museum chronicling novelist Natsume Soseki's life in U.K. begins new chapter England 1w
Japanese visitors to Russian Far East surge as electronic visa program eases entry Russia Japan 1w
Death toll rises to two in Osaka warehouse fire 1w
Hong Kong police arrest six at Kowloon protest 1w
Wife of China-jailed Meng Hongwei, former Interpol chief, sues agency China 1w
Indonesia issues tsunami warning after M6.9 offshore earthquake Indonesia 1w
One killed, thousands displaced in Rohingya camp landslides Bangladesh 1w
Detailed report documents Japan's use of nerve agents during Second Sino-Japanese War, China Japan 1w