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Emmanuel Macron to visit Beirut following massive port blast France 7h
Pompeo expected to tour EU to discuss troop moves Germany 10h
EU countries offer support after Beirut blast Lebanon 1d
France halts approval of extradition treaty with Hong Kong France 2d
Trump floats delaying 2020 election US 5d
UK has ‘poisoned’ relations with China, says ambassador China UK 5d
China suspends Hong Kong extradition treaties with UK, Canada, Australia China Canada UK Australia 5d
Don’t bet on better relations with US if Trump loses, German foreign minister warns US Germany 5d
Ukrainian and Russian leaders confirm cease-fire in Donbass Russia Ukraine Ukrania 5d
Poland to withdraw from treaty on violence against women Poland 5d
Russia’s far east sees mass anti-government protests Russia 5d
EU must sanction Chinese leaders involved in Uighur oppression, say legislators China 5d
US State Department insiders ask: What is Susan Pompeo really up to? 5d
Gibraltar to release Iranian tanker despite US intervention US Iran 11mos
Trump says he hopes ‘nobody gets killed’ in Hong Kong protests US 11mos
Wall Street sees risk of recession rising 11mos
France doesn’t need US approval to act on Iran, says foreign minister US Iran France 11mos
Trump says he received another ‘beautiful letter’ from Kim Jong Un US 11mos
Syrians report deportations as Turkey takes harder line on refugees Turkey 11mos

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Trump swats at Macron for Iran diplomacy US Iran 11mos
Trump is harsh on China, except when it comes to democracy China US 11mos
Trump’s vision meets growing global chaos 11mos
Jon Huntsman to step down as US ambassador to Russia US Russia 11mos
Cyprus asks Brussels to relocate 5,000 asylum seekers Turkey Cyprus 11mos
Democrats become the Hannibal Lecter party 11mos
Britain joins ‘international’ maritime coalition UK 11mos
Iran captures another foreign oil tanker on Persian Gulf: report Iran 11mos
Texas governor: 20 dead in El Paso shopping-complex shooting 11mos
Canadian resident freed from Iranian prison Iran Canada 11mos
Cyprus’ refugee crisis risks boiling over Cyprus 1yr
UK’s Hunt hits back at Trump in ambassador row US UK 1yr
Trump wants to talk. Iran isn’t interested. Iran North Korea 1yr
No breakthrough on missile treaty in NATO-Russia talks 1yr
China’s ambassador to UK summoned over Hong Kong row China UK 1yr
Iran breaches nuclear deal’s uranium stockpile limits US Iran 1yr
Pentagon study: Russia outgunning US in race for global influence US Russia 1yr
Trump takes historic step into North Korea with Kim Jong Un North Korea 1yr
Trump offers to meet Kim Jong Un at Korean border South Korea 1yr
Trump praises Saudi crown prince, ignores questions on Khashoggi killing Saudi Arabia 1yr
Trump can’t help himself when it comes to Putin US Russia 1yr
Macron urges Trump to be ‘coherent’ on Iran Iran France Japan 1yr
Theresa May to meet Vladimir Putin at G20 Russia UK 1yr
North Korea, US to hold behind-the-scenes talks on third summit US North Korea 1yr
Mike Pompeo’s dilemma: Stick with Trump or bet on his own future 1yr
Trump levels new sanctions against Iran US Iran 1yr
What if Trump won’t accept 2020 defeat? 1yr
Trump dismisses new sexual assault allegation 1yr
Trump says impeachment would help him win re-election US 1yr
Trump taps Army Secretary Mark Esper to lead Pentagon US 1yr
Trump says he pulled back Iran strike because of potential death toll US Iran 1yr