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By sea and land, Turkey raises tensions with EU France Turkey 2h
Students lead Belarus protest after Lukashenko refuses to quit Belarus 3h
Erdoğan calls on Turks to boycott French goods France Turkey 5h
EU officials hit out at Ankara after Erdoğan attacks Macron France Turkey 1d
Erdoğan attacks Macron over Islam France Turkey 2d
Vatican rebuts US protests over China deal China US 3d
US and Russia poised to extend New START arms treaty US Russia 5d
Armenian president to talk with EU and NATO about Nagorno-Karabakh Armenia Turkey 5d
Normalcy slowly returns to Turkish-controlled town in northern Syria Syria 5d
NATO plans space center to counter Russia, China satellite threats China Russia 6d
EU rethink in Sahel after deaths keep rising 6d
Armenia-Azerbaijan ceasefire proves short-lived again 1w
Where will Trump go if he quits the US? US 1w
Armenian president wants NATO to explain Turkish involvement in Nagorno-Karabakh Armenia Turkey 1w
How Turkey militarized its foreign policy Turkey 1w
EU agrees sanctions on Russia over Navalny poisoning and Lukashenko Russia 2w
Turkish ship resumes energy search in waters claimed by Greece Greece Turkey 2w
Ghost town reopening in Northern Cyprus sparks fears of Turkish election interference Turkey Cyprus 2w
Biden’s first foreign policy challenge would be domestic US 2w

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For Russia, journalist’s self-immolation is a wake-up call Russia 2w
Russia issues arrest warrant for Belarus opposition leader Russia Lithuania Belarus Latvia 2w
France and Germany accuse Russia in Navalny poisoning Russia Germany France 2w
Negative views of China soared during pandemic, survey finds China 2w
Navalny poisoned by nerve agent, chemical weapons watchdog confirms Germany France Sweden 2w
In Kosovo, ‘Lake Trump’ lands with a bump Kosovo 2w
Ukraine’s Zelenskiy to Russia and Belarus: ‘Listen to the people’ Russia Ukraine Belarus 2w
Trump could be discharged as early as Monday, doctors say 3w
Trump could be discharged as early as Monday, doctors say 3w
Trump ‘doing very well,’ White House doctor says 3w
‘There’s no joy in being right’: Biden makes cautious return to the campaign trail 3w
Shell-shocked Trump campaign seeks a way forward 3w
White House says Trump will be at Walter Reed for ‘the next few days’ 3w
At summit, EU leaders talk tough on Turkey Turkey Belarus 3w
John Bolton: Trump could pull US out of NATO US UK 3w
EU draws up options for boots on the ground in Libya 3w
Angela Merkel to meet Belarusian opposition leader Tikhanovskaya Germany Belarus 3w
Mike Pompeo to warn Vatican devil’s in the detail of its China deal China US 3w
The 10 biggest whoppers you can expect to hear at the first debate 3w
Macron meets Belarusian opposition leader Tikhanovskaya in Vilnius France Belarus 3w
The New York Times Confirms Trump Is a Genius 3w
The Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict explained 4w
Macron to meet Belarusian opposition leader Tikhanovskaya France Lithuania Belarus 4w
US, Greece call for peaceful solution in East Med during Pompeo visit US Greece 4w
Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny confirms Angela Merkel visited him in hospital 4w
German chancellor hopeful says Trump win risks transatlantic collapse Germany 4w
Macron’s Russia dialogue to be tested on Baltic trip Russia France Lithuania Belarus Latvia 4w
Saudi Arabia takes G20 leaders’ summit online Saudi Arabia 4w
Macron reckons with limits of French power as Lebanon initiative hits a wall France Lebanon 4w
Armenia declares martial law after clashes with Azerbaijan Armenia Azerbaijan 4w
‘He’s sort of like Goebbles’: Biden compares Trump to Nazi propagandist 1mo