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Russian spies likely intercepted ambassador's cell phone call with Trump 1h
State of emergency in Venice. More than 80% of city under water at highest tides. Mayor blamed... 1h
Erdoğan showed GOP senators 'surreal' propaganda video during WH meeting 1h
American F-35 fighter jets turned out to be 'invisible' for Russian S-400 missile systems 57m
Boris Johnson calls climate change protesters 'crusties' during election campaign 1h
MH17 disaster: Phone-taps 'show Russia directed Ukraine rebels'. An international inquiry into... 40m
Trump admin preparing to take over private land for border wall 49m
Inside the largest refugee camp in the world, with a population of 600,000 people 1h
Huawei is reportedly rewarding staff for counteracting trade sanctions 1h
Two killed as unrest continues in Bolivia - Morales supporters reject new government and demand... 1h
Keep porn away from kids, Pope Francis lectures Big Tech 26m
A Shadowy Indian Company Co-Opted Dead Newspapers to Spread Propaganda 58m
Hospital waiting times at worst-ever level 57m
US troops occupy several oil fields in Syria 58m
Ukraine invents supersonic missile that ‘cannot be shot down’ 59m
A family of 7 German Islamists expected to arrive in Berlin on Thursday after Turkish Interior... 49m
Rockets fired at south continues despite Gaza ceasefire. 3rd violation of the ceasefire 1h
Sweden arrests man suspected of ties to Iran executions 39m
Petrol prices in Iran tripled overnight. 32m

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Trump admin. wants to raise costs to become a U.S. citizen by 83 percent 16m