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148 attacks and arrests against journalists by US law enforcement in the last 10 days 48m
Clashes broke out as Mexicans protested police brutality in Guadalajara, calling for authoritie... 1h
Canada police under scrutiny after two women die after encounters with officers 54m
Russian coronavirus website lists 'country of Taiwan' 1h
China warns the UK of 'substantial damage' to its economy if refuses to back down on Hong Kong 1h
EU Commission discovers 265 fake news outles coordinated by India spread over 65 countries to p... 59m
Billionaires are giving a tenth of a percent of their wealth to coronavirus pandemic relief 1h
More than 20 nature reserves have been trashed as anti-social behaviour hit "unprecedented" lev... 55m
Officers suspended over video showing 75yo protester bleeding from the ears after being shoved... 23m
Court bans Australian Black Lives Matter rally over coronavirus 1h
Why are some US police forces equipped like military units? 50m
Indian defense minister says there have been 'significant' Chinese troop movements amid border... 1h
Germany hinges EU recovery funding on democratic values 1h
South Africa registers first Official Satanic Church - Newsday Ghana 30m
Brazil overtakes Italy as country with third-highest Covid-19 death toll 1h
China warns the UK of 'substantial damage' to its economy if refuses to back down on Hong Kong 1h
Protesters To Hit Streets Of Ottawa, Toronto To Honour Black Lives 29m
No D-day veterans on Normandy beaches as anniversary events cancelled 53m
Philippines war on drugs may have killed tens of thousands, says UN | Philippines 33m

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Man accused of killing pregnant elephant with explosive-stuffed pineapple 48m