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How Soleimani assassination was reported in Germany US Iran Germany 2w
US, Iran on precipice of unpredictable Middle East war US Iran 2w
US to send more troops to Middle East as Iran vows 'retaliation' after killing of top general —... US Iran 2w
The US and Iran: Decades of enmity US Iran 2w
Australian fires: Authorities urge mass evacuation Australia 2w
Can PM Abiy Ahmed breach Ethiopia’s ethnic divide? Ethiopia 2w
Shanghai pre-taped New Year's drone spectacle China 2w
Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev resigns Macedonia 2w
US ambassador to Zambia recalled over gay rights row US Zambia 2w
Who was Qassem Soleimani, Iran's Quds Force leader? Iran Syria Iraq 2w
US kills top Iranian General Soleimani in Baghdad airstrike US Iran 2w
Catalonia separatists set to end Spain's political deadlock Spain Catalonia 2w
US sanctions Cuba defense chief for supporting Venezuela's Maduro US Cuba Venezuela 2w
'This is not a concentration camp': Analyst Victor Gao on China's Uighur prisons China 1mo
Kremlin: US sanctions won't stop Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany US Russia Germany 1mo
'It wasn't me' private parking fine loophole closed by German court Germany 1mo
Live updates: US House votes on impeaching Trump US 1mo
Huawei boss Liang Hua: 'Our top priority is to ensure survival' US 1mo
Africans want open borders, but can they overcome stumbling blocks? 1mo

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India rejects last appeal of death sentence for 2012 rape India 1mo
Italy: Serie A chief apologizes for anti-racism campaign featuring monkeys Italy 1mo
UK election: EU leaders focus on Brexit after Johnson win UK 1mo
EU leaders agree to 2050 carbon neutrality deal without Poland Poland 1mo
EU extends sanctions on Russia over Ukraine conflict Russia Ukraine 1mo
UK election: Boris Johnson's Conservatives win majority +++ live updates UK 1mo
Deadly blaze hits Admiral Kuznetsov, Russia's only aircraft carrier Russia 1mo
New Zealand recovers bodies from volcanic White Island New Zealand 1mo
'The events of December 1989 did not lead to a fresh start' 1mo
Russian TV abruptly pulls Zelenskiy's sitcom after cutting Putin joke Russia Ukraine 1mo
Anti-French sentiment on the rise in West Africa as security situation deteriorates France 1mo
Algerians protest, boycott presidential vote 1mo
EU to give themselves new powers after WTO deadlock 1mo
How the Druzhba pipeline brought East Germans and Ukrainians together Germany Ukraine 1mo
Indonesia: World's oldest known artwork found Indonesia 1mo
Opinion: India's new citizenship act is unconstitutional India 1mo
UK general election: Voters head to the polls — live updates UK 1mo
German arms companies accused of aiding war crimes in Yemen Germany Yemen 1mo
New Zealand volcano toll climbs, recovery efforts delayed New Zealand 1mo
UK election: What are the big issues? UK 1mo
NATO thwarted the Soviets with its Cold War Double-Track 1mo
Niger: Attack on military camp kills dozens of soldiers Niger 1mo
Israel barrels towards third election in 12 months Israel 1mo
Search for Chile military plane finds debris in ocean US Chile 1mo
YouTube moves against 'implied threats' with new anti-harassment policy 1mo
Vladimir Putin condemns EU stance on Nazi-Soviet WWII pact Russia 1mo
Harvey Weinstein bail increased over ankle bracelet issues 1mo
Kosovo declares Peter Handke 'persona non grata' Kosovo 1mo
Brexit looming, UK decides between Tories and Labour UK 1mo
Indian parliament approves citizenship bill, sparking protests India 1mo
Iran to continue ballistic missile program despite EU warning Iran Russia 1mo