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Ex-Ecuador president detained during COVID-19 graft probe 1h
UK could offer millions in Hong Kong a path to citizenship China UK 1h
George Floyd killing: Prosecutors charge 3 more police officers 3h
Full speed ahead: Italy reopens borders Italy 3h
DR Congo's relentless fight against Ebola Congo 4h
Opinion: Tiananmen has always served as a moral to learn from 5h
Why are India and Nepal clashing over disputed Himalayan territory? China India Nepal 7h
#BLM: US cycle of racist violence resonates in Africa US South Africa 7h
Trump's 'antifa' accusations spark debate in Germany, the movement's birthplace US Germany 7h
Hong Kong bans Tiananmen massacre vigil citing coronavirus crisis China 8h
Russia carries out first Syria airstrikes in three months Russia Syria 9h
Pakistan risking disaster with its contentious coronavirus strategy Pakistan 10h
India: Cyclone Nisarga nears Mumbai amid rising coronavirus cases India 13h
France's COVID-19 brigades — fighting the virus at what cost? France 16h
Iran debates 'honor killings' after girl's murder shocks country Iran 18h
US protests latest: Demonstrators defy curfews across the country US 21h
US protests as they happened: Demonstrators defied curfews across the country US 13h
US protests latest: Demonstrators defy curfew outside White House US 23h
Ukraine will 'never surrender sovereign control over Donbass or Crimea' Ukraine 23h

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Black Lives Matter Paris protest marred by tension and tear gas US 1d
Opinion: US racism part of everyday life US 1d
US protests latest: EU condemns George Floyd killing as 'abuse of power' US 1d
India-China border standoff raises military tensions 1d
EU seeks pharma loopholes to make vaccines more accessible 1d
Coronavirus: Latin America's corruption fighters gain new ground US 1d
Coronavirus: Tokyo raises level of ‘alert’ amid new spike Japan 1d
Coronavirus in Sweden: Anguished foreigners call it quits Sweden 1d
Austria unveils new design for Hitler's birthplace Austria 1d
Taliban maintains close ties with al-Qaeda, despite peace deal – UN 1d
Germany makes €125 million Yemen humanitarian aid pledge Germany Yemen 1d
US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell resigns US Germany 1d
Opinion: Minneapolis is not Hong Kong China US 1d
Rainforest losses 'stubbornly' unabated Brazil Congo Indonesia 1d
Why is the US in a rush to pull out troops from Afghanistan? US Afghanistan 1d
COVID-19 aggravates Cameroon's Anglophone crisis Cameroon 1d
Twitter suspends fake antifa account run by white supremacists 1d
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam slams US ‘double standards’ with protests US 1d
Journalists under threat: June's 10 most urgent cases 1d
George Floyd latest: Trump threatens to deploy troops as police tear gas protesters US 1d
Trump threatens to deploy troops as police tear gas protesters US 1d
George Floyd death was homicide — official autopsy 1d
George Floyd latest: Trump threatens to deploy troops US 1d
US attack on press freedom gains supporters US 2d
George Floyd latest: Official autopsy declares death 'homicide' 2d
George Floyd protests latest: Autopsy shows suffocation as cause of death US 2d
George Floyd protests latest: Private autopsy shows suffocation as cause of death US 2d
Belarus' Lukashenko outlaws protests, arrests opponents Belarus 2d
Coronavirus in Yemen: A country on the brink Yemen 2d
US heads into a new week shaken by police brutality protests US 2d
Ebola: Congo declares new epidemic Congo 2d