Vladimir V. Putin

2nd and 4th President of Russia more on Wikipedia

Britain defends supplying Ukraine with weapons containing depleted uranium. Russia UK Ukraine 3d
Xi and Putin Bind China and Russia’s Economies Further, Despite War in Ukraine China Russia Ukraine 3d
Video: Putin Lauds China’s Plan for Ending War in Ukraine China Russia Ukraine 4d
Video: Xi and Putin Display Their Friendship China Russia 4d
Putin and Xi Celebrate Ties Unbroken by Russia’s War in Ukraine China Russia Ukraine 4d
Some Details on the Agenda for Xi Jinping’s Visit to Russia China Russia Ukraine 5d
Xi Heads to Russia, Praising Putin and Saying Little About Ukraine China Russia Ukraine 5d
China as Peacemaker in the Ukraine War? The U.S. and Europe Are Skeptical. China US Ukraine 6d
Russia Signals It Will Take More Ukrainian Children, a Crime in Progress Russia 1w
China’s Leader Will Visit Putin Under Shadow of War-Crimes Warrant China Russia Ukraine 1w
Arrest Warrant From Criminal Court Pierces Putin’s Aura of Impunity 1w
Here’s what to know about the I.C.C.’s arrest warrant for Putin. Russia 1w
Video: International Criminal Court Calls for Putin’s Arrest Russia 1w
Xi, Cast as Peacemaker, Wades Into Russia’s War in Ukraine China Russia Ukraine 1w
Russia’s Mercenary Chief Prepares Ground for a Political Advance Russia 1w
‘Navalny’ wins Oscar for best documentary as dissident’s wife issues message of defiance. Russia 1w
Moldova’s Pro-Europe Leader Tries to Thwart Russia’s Influence Russia Moldova 2w
Russian partisans with ties to Ukraine say they briefly took control of a village in Russia. Russia Ukraine 3w
Deadly Russian Artillery Strikes Reported in Ukraine’s East and South Russia Ukraine 3w

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Biden Reaffirms Support for Ukraine Amid Concerns About Russia-Iran Ties Ukraine 1mo
In a Celebration of War, Moscow Displays, and Demands, Unity Russia Ukraine 1mo
Biden and Putin Give Clashing Claims of Who Is to Blame on Ukraine Russia Ukraine 1mo
Video: Russia Will Suspend Participation in Nuclear Arms Treaty, Putin Says US Russia 1mo
In Biden’s Unannounced Visit to Kyiv, a Preview of an Increasingly Direct Contest With Putin Russia 1mo
One Year Into War, Putin Is Crafting the Russia He Craves Russia Ukraine 1mo
Fears of Russian Nuclear Weapons Use Have Diminished, but Could Re-emerge US Russia Ukraine 1mo
Iran and Russia move toward linking their banking systems, helping both withstand Western sanct... Iran Russia 1mo
To Fix Its Problems in Ukraine, Russia Turns to the Architect of the War Russia Ukraine 1mo
Dozens of Russian officials publicly denounce Navalny’s treatment in prison. Russia 2mos
Russia Replaces Commander for Ukraine War, as Signs of Dissension Grow Russia Ukraine 2mos
Putin Has a New Year’s Message. So Do His Critics, From Jail. Russia 2mos
Deadly Russian Strikes Hammer Ukraine on New Year’s Eve Russia Ukraine 2mos
Putin and Zelensky will give dueling addresses today with no end to fighting in sight. Russia Ukraine 2mos
100 Years Since the Birth of the Soviet Union, in Pictures Russia Ukraine 2mos
How citizen spies foiled Putin’s grand plan for one Ukrainian city. Russia 2mos
Belarus says it is checking its army’s combat readiness. Analysts see little chance it will joi... Russia Belarus 3mos
As Ukraine Marks Anniversary of Famine, Officials Draw Parallels to Russia’s Strikes Russia Ukraine 3mos
Merkel says she lacked the power to influence Putin ahead of his invasion of Ukraine. Ukraine 4mos
The parent of a tech giant known as ‘Russia’s Google’ wants to cut ties with the country. Russia 4mos
Ukraine Remembers a Milestone on the Long Path to Putin’s War Russia Ukraine 4mos
Russia’s Foreign Ministry denies a report that Lavrov was hospitalized in Bali. Russia 4mos
Russian state media confirms that a top general is no longer in his post. Russia Ukraine 4mos
‘I’m Afraid for My Future’: Proposed Laws Threaten Gay Life in Russia Russia 4mos
Anatoly Karpov, the Russian lawmaker and former chess champion, is injured in an apparent fall. Russia Ukraine 4mos
Kyiv says it is preparing 425 shelters in case of a Russian nuclear attack. Russia 4mos
Video: Biden to Russia: Using Nuclear Weapon Would Be ‘Serious Mistake’ Russia Ukraine 4mos
Berlusconi, Caught on Tape Gushing Over Putin, Heightens Anxiety About Italy Italy Ukraine 5mos
The mayor of Moscow says the capital has reached its draft quota. Russia 5mos
Hong Kong declines to seize a superyacht linked to a sanctioned Russian oligarch under sanctins... Russia 5mos
Here’s what Russia’s attacks may indicate about its weapons stockpile. Russia Ukraine 5mos
Crimea’s Kerch Strait Bridge holds deep strategic, and symbolic, value. Russia Ukraine 5mos
Its Army in Retreat, Russia Strikes Multiple Ukrainian Cities Russia 5mos
Russia’s Small Nuclear Arms: A Risky Option for Putin and Ukraine Alike Russia Ukraine 5mos
I Lived in Russia? Annexation Is News to Key City Reclaimed by Ukraine Russia Ukraine 5mos
Video: Putin Signs Decrees Declaring Four Regions of Ukraine Part of Russia Russia Ukraine 5mos
Victorious Meloni Faces Early Test of Italy’s Resolve on Russia Russia Italy Ukraine 5mos
Putin Ally Acknowledges Founding Wagner Mercenary Group Russia 5mos
Video: Hundreds Are Detained in Russia Amid Protests Russia 6mos
At least 745 people are detained in protests across Russia. Russia 6mos
Video: Putin Shows ‘Utter Contempt’ for United Nations, Blinken Says Russia Ukraine 6mos
Video: Russian Men Flee the Country to Avoid Fighting in Ukraine Russia Ukraine 6mos
‘A Lot of Panic’: Russian Men, Fearing Ukraine Draft, Seek Refuge Abroad Russia Ukraine 6mos
‘They Are Watching’: Inside Russia’s Vast Surveillance State Russia 6mos
Video: Hundreds of Protesters Are Detained in Russia Russia 6mos
One-way flights from Russia are selling out or skyrocketing in price. Russia Ukraine 6mos
Video: Putin Announces an Expansion of the War Effort Russia 6mos
In One Corner of Kosovo, Cheers Still Ring Out for Putin Russia Kosovo Serbia 6mos
Putin Nods to Xi’s ‘Concerns,’ and the Limits of Their Cooperation China Russia 6mos
Biden to Meet With Families of Griner and Whelan, Who Are Imprisoned in Russia US Russia Ukraine 6mos
Video: Putin Admits China May Have ‘Concerns’ About Ukraine Invasion China Russia Ukraine Uzbekistan 6mos
A new draft in Russia ‘is not being discussed,’ the Kremlin says. Russia 6mos
‘Nothing Has Really Changed’: In Moscow, the Fighting Is a World Away Russia Ukraine 6mos
Russia’s Retreat in Ukraine Pokes Holes in Putin’s Projection of Force Russia Ukraine 6mos
Video: Blinken Emphasizes NATO Unity During Trip to Brussels US Russia 6mos
Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Looks Like a ‘Failure,’ C.I.A. Director Says Russia Ukraine 6mos
Dismissing Losses in Ukraine, Putin Says Russia Is Gaining From War Russia Ukraine 6mos
Russian Military Is Repeating Mistakes in Eastern Ukraine, U.S. Says US Russia Ukraine 9mos
Russia and China Held Military Exercise in East Asia as Biden Visited China Russia Ukraine 10mos
Gerhard Schröder, a former German chancellor, loses perks over his ties to Russia. Russia Germany 10mos
Bleak assessments of the Russian economy clash with Putin’s rosy claims. Russia 11mos
Bleak assessments of the Russian economy clash with Putin’s rosy claims. Russia 11mos
Bleak assessments of the Russian economy clash with Putin’s rosy claims. Russia 11mos
Bleak assessments of the Russian economy clash with Putin’s rosy claims. Russia 11mos
Video: Pope Francis Inches Closer to Blaming Putin for War in Ukraine Russia Ukraine 11mos
Video: ‘Putin Is Not the Force He Used to Be,’ U.K. Defense Minister Says Russia UK 11mos
Moscow calls U.S. intelligence on Putin’s military advice a ‘complete misunderstanding.’ US 11mos
A Russian negotiator’s positive language clashes with the hard-line rhetoric from Moscow. Russia 11mos
After Biden’s Fiery Speech, Nine Unscripted Words Reverberate Russia 11mos
Video: Biden Visits Ukrainian Refugees in Warsaw, and Calls Putin ‘a Butcher’ Russia Ukraine Poland 11mos
Biden denounces Russian invasion, casting it as part of a decades-long attempt to crush democra... Russia 11mos
Biden meets with U.S. troops stationed in Poland. US Russia Poland 1yr
Biden meets with U.S. troops stationed in Poland. US Russia Poland 1yr
U.S. Makes Contingency Plans in Case Russia Uses Its Most Powerful Weapons US Russia 1yr
Could a Crackdown on Kleptocrats Help Ukraine? Russia Ukraine 1yr
Aleksei Navalny Convicted of Fraud by Russian Court Ukraine 1yr
Pope Deplores the War in Ukraine but Not the Aggressor Russia Ukraine 1yr
Video: U.K. Imposes New Sanctions Targeting Hundreds of Russians Russia UK 1yr
How Does It End? A Way Out of the Ukraine War Proves Elusive. Russia Ukraine 1yr
‘Things Will Only Get Worse.’ Putin’s War Sends Russians Into Exile. 1yr
‘Things Will Only Get Worse.’ Putin’s War Sends Russians Into Exile. 1yr