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Trump announces wave of pardons, including Papadopoulos and former lawmakers Hunter and Collins 3w
How The Sun came up with one of words of year as Megxit enters Collins dictionary 2mos
'Lockdown' 2020's word of the year, Collins dictionary says 2mos
Lockdown named word of the year by Collins Dictionary 2mos
GOP reps Doug Collins and Matt Gaetz both sound off against election 2mos
Despite resistance to Trump: Republican Susan Collins remains in the US Senate 2mos
Sen. Collins: I do not believe systemic racism is a problem in Maine 2mos
Ardern’s Labour Party wins New Zealand election New Zealand 3mos
New Zealand election: voters head to the polls as Ardern, Collins call halt to campaign New Zealand 3mos
NZ election 2020: Jacinda Ardern and Judith Collins make final push to persuade voters 3mos
Ardern vs Collins: New Zealand is at a crossroads New Zealand 3mos
Ardern v Collins: New Zealand party leaders clash in lively but muddled debate New Zealand 3mos
Police arrest 27 Extinction Rebellion protesters in Hobart 3mos
Last of the moderates: Collins faces uphill battle in Maine 3mos
New Zealand election debate: Collins edges it against 'passionless' Ardern New Zealand 3mos
First TV debate between Ardern and Collins avoids being a horror show 3mos
‘Camera off, mask off?’ CNN reporter blasted for removing mask seconds after end of WH press br... 8mos
Key senators show some cards in Trump impeachment questioning 11mos
'Climate strike' named Collins' word of the year for 2019 1yr

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Collins resigns from US Congress ahead of expected guilty plea 1yr
Hatton Garden raider jailed again for failing to hand back money 1yr
'Genderqueer' 'fleek' and 'manspreading' among 2,000 new words added to the Scrabble dictionary 1yr
Petra Kvitova v Danielle Collins: Australian Open women's semi-finals – live! Australia 1yr
Petra Kvitova v Danielle Collins: Australian Open women's semi-finals – live! Australia 1yr
'Me too' beats 'deepfake', 'big dick energy' to win word of the year Australia 2yrs
Zuckerberg rebuffs request to appear before UK parliament Ireland Canada UK Australia Argentina 2yrs
New York man arrested for threatening to kill two US senators over backing Brett Kavanaugh US 2yrs
Susan Rice Considering a 2020 Challenge to Senator Collins in Maine 2yrs
Senator Susan Collins slams Trump: He ‘was not respectful’ to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford 2yrs
Susan Rice considering 2020 challenge to Collins in Maine 2yrs
Susan Rice considering 2020 challenge to Collins in Maine 2yrs
Collins: 'I do not believe Kavanaugh was' Ford's assailant 2yrs
Susan Collins is being destroyed on Twitter after announcing her support for Brett Kavanaugh 2yrs
George W. Bush made several calls reassuring Collins about Kavanaugh US 2yrs
'Just plain wrong': Flake, Collins criticize Trump for mocking Kavanaugh accuser at political r... US 2yrs
Grassley, Collins urge Kavanaugh accuser Christine Ford to reconsider apparent refusal to testi... 2yrs
Watchdog groups asks DOJ to investigate 'bribery' for Sen. Collins' Kavanaugh vote US 2yrs
Why Susan Collins claims she’s being bribed over her Kavanaugh vote 2yrs
Fake accounts removed by Facebook ‘the tip of the iceberg’ US Iran France UK 2yrs
Congressman Collins’s Deep Financial Ties to Biotech Firms Posed Other Conflicts 2yrs
US Attorney: Rep. Collins cheated our markets US 2yrs
Rep. Chris Collins, RN.Y., indicted on insider trading charges 2yrs
Insider Trading Charges Against Rep. Collins Reminiscent Of Martha Stewart Conviction US Australia 2yrs
New York Congressman Chris Collins Is Charged With Insider Trading 2yrs
CNN reporter banned from event after Cohen, Putin questions 2yrs