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Congressman resigns amid insider trading probe 1yr
US congressman resigns amid insider trading scandal involving Australian biotech company US Australia 1yr
Chris Collins: Indicted Republican resigns day before pleading guilty to felony insider trading 1yr
Two Republicans facing indictment win re-election 2yrs
The politics minute: Trump fan Chris Collins running in New York 2yrs
Representative Chris Collins Suspends Bid for Re-election After Insider Trading Charges 2yrs
Congressman Charged With Insider Trading Changes His Mind: He Won't Run Again 2yrs
Facing indictment for insider trading, GOP Rep. Chris Collins ends re-election bid 2yrs
Chris Collins: Republican charged with insider trading ends re-election bid 2yrs
Facing indictment, Rep. Chris Collins ends re-election bid US 2yrs
Facing Indictment, Rep. Chris Collins Ends Re-Election Bid US 2yrs
GOP Rep. Chris Collins Suspends Re-Election Campaign 2yrs
Chris Collins suspends re-election campaign following insider trading charges US 2yrs
Rep. Chris Collins suspends re-election campaign days after arrest on insider trading charges US 2yrs
Days after indictment, Chris Collins suspends re-election campaign 2yrs
Rep. Chris Collins, fighting prosecution, seeks to end reelection bid 2yrs
Rep. Chris Collins announces he is suspending his re-election campaign 2yrs
Subscribe to read | Financial Times 2yrs
Republicans in court: "The swamp lives" 2yrs

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5 things for August 9: Chris Collins, Canada & Saudi Arabia, primaries, Argentina Canada Saudi Arabia Argentina 2yrs
GOP Congressman From New York Charged With Insider Trading US Australia 2yrs
Congressman Chris Collins says insider trading charges are 'meritless,' refuses to give up elec... US Australia 2yrs
US Attorney: Rep. Collins cheated our markets US 2yrs
Rep. Chris Collins, accused of insider trading, says he'll stay on ballot for re-election 2yrs
GOP congressman from New York charged with insider trading US 2yrs
Rep. Chris Collins, RN.Y., indicted on insider trading charges 2yrs
Insider Trading Charges Against Rep. Collins Reminiscent Of Martha Stewart Conviction US Australia 2yrs
Chris Collins Was Just Indicted. Can Democrats Flip His New York Seat? 2yrs
GOP Rep. Chris Collins' insider trading arrest puts a deep-red seat on the House battlefield 2yrs
The Trump 2016 campaign police blotter 2yrs
Chris Collins: Republican Congressman charged with insider trading vows to clear his name 2yrs
Chris Collins: early Trump ally charged with insider trading Australia 2yrs
New York Republican congressman indicted on insider trading charges US 2yrs
Rep. Chris Collins (RN.Y.) charged with insider trading, federal prosecutors announce US 2yrs
New York Congressman Chris Collins Is Charged With Insider Trading 2yrs
Chris Collins: First congressman to back Trump for president indicted for insider trading 2yrs