Susan Collins

United States Senator from Maine more on Wikipedia

Opinion | Susan Collins and Majorities 2mos
Despite resistance to Trump: Republican Susan Collins remains in the US Senate 2mos
Republican Susan Collins wins re-election to US Senate in Maine 2mos
Sen. Collins: I do not believe systemic racism is a problem in Maine 2mos
Trump ignores Republican Party's sinking Senate fortunes to focus on himself 2mos
Susan Collins: 'I do not believe systemic racism is a problem in the state of Maine' 2mos
Trump tells donors it will be 'very tough' for GOP to keep Senate 2mos
Second Republican senator says there should be no supreme court vote before election 3mos
How Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death could affect Senate races – and Trump v Biden 3mos
Susan Collins has cause for concern on Trump in Maine race key to US Senate 4mos
Dems scramble to cancel Al Gore’s running mate & ‘fake Democrat’ Joe Lieberman after he endorse... 4mos
Susan Collins to Skip Trump's Maine Visit as More Republican Senators Speak Out - Newsweek 7mos
Trump targets Republican senator in latest Twitter tantrum 7mos
Susan Collins flees from reporter when asked if she still believes Trump learned "a very big le... 11mos
Barr to testify to House panel over accusations of Trump's 'improper influence' 11mos
A group of Republican senators including Susan Collins tried and failed to stop Trump from firi... 11mos
Susan Collins says she's opposed to any retribution against impeachment witnesses 11mos
Susan Collins Cops to Magical Thinking About Trump 11mos
Susan Collins will vote to acquit Trump, saying he's "learned" from impeachment 11mos

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Susan Collins will run for reelection in Maine 1yr
Sen. Susan Collins condemns Trump's call for China to investigate Bidens China 1yr
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Republicans could vote down Trump's emergency declaration in Senate 1yr
'Are you ruining my life?': Republican senators in disbelief 2yrs
GOP senators open door to tougher response on Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 2yrs
New York man arrested for threatening to kill two US senators over backing Brett Kavanaugh US 2yrs
Suspicious letter sent to Susan Collins' home 2yrs
Susan Collins condemned 'dark money' groups before Kavanaugh vote. One just bought a $100k adve... 2yrs
Obama security adviser Susan Rice may try to unseat Senator Susan Collins after she backed Bret... 2yrs
GOP's Susan Collins downplays talk her vote for Brett Kavanaugh will backfire at polls as Susan... 2yrs
Susan Collins thinks Ford was ‘mistaken’ in accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault 2yrs
Susan Collins says she thinks Christine Blasey Ford was ‘mistaken’ about identity of perpetrato... 2yrs
Senator Susan Collins slams Trump: He ‘was not respectful’ to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford 2yrs
Why Sen. Susan Collins voted "yes" on Brett Kavanaugh 2yrs
The Fraudulence Of Susan Collins 2yrs
Opinion | The Fraudulence Of Susan Collins 2yrs
Key Republican Susan Collins defends decision to approve Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick 2yrs
Opinion | Susan Collins Is the Worst Kind of Maverick 2yrs
Susan Collins defends Kavanaugh vote and against charges that she betrayed women 2yrs
Collins: 'I do not believe Kavanaugh was' Ford's assailant 2yrs
Kavanaugh vote likely to be the closest for a SCOTUS judge since 1881 2yrs
Palin, Rice mull challenging Alaska & Maine senators whose Kavanaugh votes rocked their parties US 2yrs
Brett Kavanaugh set to be confirmed to supreme court in major win for Trump 2yrs
Susan Collins is being destroyed on Twitter after announcing her support for Brett Kavanaugh 2yrs
When Kavanaugh is confirmed, impeachment could follow. Here's how. 2yrs
Brett Kavanaugh a step closer to Supreme Court post 2yrs
Brett Kavanaugh a step closer to Supreme Court post 2yrs
Brett Kavanaugh poised to take supreme court seat after latest US senate vote US 2yrs
The Latest: Murkowski calls Kavanaugh decision 'agonizing' 2yrs
Brett Kavanaugh poised for confirmation to Supreme Court US 2yrs
Maine Sen. Susan Collins backs Kavanaugh, paving way for confirmation 2yrs
Senator Susan Collins cast the key vote 2yrs
George W. Bush made several calls reassuring Collins about Kavanaugh US 2yrs
$3 million raised for Sen. Susan Collins' opponent amid outcry on Kavanaugh vote US 2yrs
Read Susan Collins’s Speech Declaring Support for Brett Kavanaugh 2yrs
Read Sen. Susan Collins' full speech in support of Kavanaugh 2yrs
Brett Kavanaugh closing in on confirmation as Susan Collins and other swing senators pledge sup... 2yrs
Controversial Judge Kavanaugh already has one foot in the Supreme Court of the United States US 2yrs
'Kavanaugh gets crucial support from two senators' US 2yrs
Two crucial swing Senators 'will vote in favour' of Kavanaugh paving way for him to be next Sup... 2yrs
Four Senators are still undecided about Brett Kavanaugh - here's what you need to know about th... 2yrs
Key senators Jeff Flake and Susan Collins suggest there is no evidence against Brett Kavanaugh... 2yrs
Voters plead with Susan Collins to oppose Kavanaugh – but which way will she swing? 2yrs
Key Republicans condemn Trump's mockery of Christine Blasey Ford 2yrs
GOP senator 'appalled' by Trump tweet 2yrs
Senator Gives Federal Investigators Information on Kavanaugh Japan 2yrs
Why Susan Collins claims she’s being bribed over her Kavanaugh vote 2yrs
Opinion | You Can’t Bribe Susan Collins 2yrs