Andrej Plenkovic

Prime Minister of Croatia more on Wikipedia

Another EU nation snubs cheap Ukrainian grain Croatia 5mos
Prime Ministers of Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia arrive in Ukraine for summit on anniversary o... Ukraine Slovakia Croatia Slovenia 10mos
Estonian parlt speaker confirms support to establishment of intl special tribunal Croatia Estonia 1yr
Estonian president discusses support for Ukraine with Croatian PM Ukraine Croatia Estonia 1yr
"For Croatia, joining the Euro and Schengen, it's like going home" Croatia 1yr
PM Plenkovic on whether Russia has any leverage over Croatia Russia Ukraine Croatia 1yr
Drone crash in Zagreb: Video shows crater Austria Croatia 1yr
Military Drone from Ukraine becomes entirely off course and landed in capital Croatia Ukraine Croatia 1yr
PM Plenkovic: The object which crashed in Zagreb is indeed a Soviet-made drone - N1 Russia 1yr
Croatia to support Ukraine with 124 mln kuna (16 mln euro) in defence aid - PM Ukraine Croatia 1yr
Croatian government calls on Russia to end "this insane war campaign" - N1 Russia Ukraine Croatia 1yr
Croatia nearing adoption of Euro - In a year the only means of payment in Croatia will be the E... Croatia 2yrs
Defense: "Strategic Partnership" between France and Croatia France Croatia 2yrs
Croatia to buy 12 used Rafale fighter jets from France for €1 billion France Croatia 2yrs
Croatia to buy 12 French Dassault Rafale fighter jets US Israel France Sweden Croatia 2yrs
Croatian PM Andrej Plenkovic tests positive for COVID-19 Croatia 3yrs
Croatian PM in self-isolation after wife tests positive for COVID-19 Croatia 3yrs
Croatia's Prime Minister in home quarantine Croatia 3yrs
Croatia's premier: holiday regions under control Croatia 3yrs

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Ursula von der Leyen 'crosses red line' as EU President 'meddles in national election' Croatia 3yrs
Croatian Prime Minister’s Gamble on Early Elections Pays Off. Croatia 3yrs
Croatia’s ruling conservatives win parliament vote Croatia 3yrs
Croatia's ruling conservatives win parliamentary vote Croatia 3yrs
Croatia plans to dissolve parliament on May 18 ahead of election: PM Croatia 3yrs
Croatian President Milanovic protests WWII Ustasha slogan Croatia 3yrs
Croatian Government Pays Tribute to Fascist Ustasha Regime - Antifašistički VJESNIK Croatia 4yrs
Croatia PM reshuffles cabinet, proposes six new ministers Croatia 4yrs
Croatian PM Plenkovic says 'everything is open' in EU top jobs fight Croatia 4yrs
Croatia expects to join the eurozone in 2023 - Emerging Europe | News, Intelligence, Community Croatia 4yrs
EU could hold Brexit summit next month if UK needs clear UK Croatia 5yrs
Azerbaijani president, Croatian PM have working dinner (UPDATE) Azerbaijan Croatia 5yrs
Azerbaijani president, Croatian PM have working dinner Azerbaijan Croatia 5yrs
Ireland presses Brexit border issue on EU tour Ireland UK Croatia 5yrs