Yannick Jadot

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French presidential candidates blunder on cheese, race and basic geography in TV classroom exch... Bulgaria France Romania 1mo
War in Ukraine: could total energy be condemned for "complicity of war crimes"? Russia France Ukraine 2mos
TotalEnergies announces a defamation action against Yannick Jadot, for having accused it of bei... Russia Ukraine 2mos
Yannick Jadot: "We can and must decide an embargo on Russian gas and oil" Russia 2mos
War in Ukraine: Yannick Jadot criticizes the "capitulation" of Jean-Luc Mélenchon vis-à-vis Rus... Russia Ukraine 2mos
Reactions of Candidates for War in Ukraine, Mélenchon obtains its 500 sponsorships ... the day'... Russia Ukraine 3mos
Presidential 2022: on Ukrainian crisis background, Hidalgo and Jadot aim for the "danger" Mélen... Ukrania 3mos
Yannick Jadot denounces "a complacency" of certain candidates vis-à-vis Russia Russia 3mos
Presidential 2022: Candidates criticize Emmanuel Macron's diplomatic policy visiting Russia and... Russia Ukraine 3mos
In Strasbourg, Macron brings together the French presidential campaign to the European Parliame... France 4mos
French Presidency of the European Union: Yannick Jadot claims more commitments and resources in... France 5mos
French Greens choose Yannick Jadot as their candidate for 2022 presidential election France 8mos
Presidential election in France: Two green dreams of the Elysée Palace France 8mos
Europe: "It is no longer possible to consider migrants as sub-humans that can be allowed to die... 10mos
Yannick Jadot: "To bring back the influence of authoritarian regimes should not signify engagin... China Russia Turkey 1yr
Brexit row breaks out in France over delay – Macron faces rebellion for firm stance France UK 2yrs
European elections: EELV comes third, up sharply compared to 2014 3yrs
For Yannick Jadot the stake of the Europeans is "ecology or barbarism" 3yrs
China plotting to DESTROY the EU warns French MEP - 'I'm terribly worried' China US France 3yrs

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‘Incredibly dangerous’ Macron accused of ‘abandoning’ EU to solve yellow vest crisis France 3yrs