Krisjanis Karins

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Latvian foreign minister, representatives of US Jewish organizations agree on continuing cooper... US Latvia 5d
FM Fidan meets Latvian counterpart, top EU diplomat in NYC Latvia 6d
Karins underlines long-term support for Ukraine at informal meeting of EU Foreign Ministers Ukraine Latvia 1w
Latvia has to continue supporting Ukraine in all possible ways - Karins Ukraine Latvia 1w
Baltic PMs join G7 declaration of support for Ukraine Ukraine Lithuania Latvia Estonia 1mo
The third shortest government under the second longest-serving prime minister falls Latvia 1mo
Government must work as a team - Sprindzuks 1mo
Latvia’s Prime Minister to Step Down Latvia 1mo
In Latvia, the Prime Minister resigns against the background of disagreements between members o... Latvia 1mo
Latvian PM announces resignation Latvia 1mo
Latvia leader to step down this week after coalition partners oppose government reshuffle Latvia 1mo
Latvian prime minister announces resignation – DW – 08/14/2023 Latvia 1mo
Prime Minister Karins to step down 1mo
United List and National Alliance will not respond to Karins' invitation to informal talks on n... 1mo
Karins plans to inform president about next government model on Thursday - Aseradens 1mo
Karins to start new coalition talks 1mo
PM has removed doubts about stability of the coalition, but there are more questions than answe... 1mo
Karins proposes to maintain current coalition by redistributing three ministerial portfolios 1mo
Krisjanis Karins governments: competitors to friends or friends to enemies? Latvia 2mos

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Karins has positive opinion of cooperation with United List 2mos
Karins and Meloni agree on need to strengthen EU's external borders Italy 2mos
PM Karins to take over duties of foreign minister 2mos
President has made great contribution to Latvia's internal stability - PM Karins Latvia 2mos
PM Karins calls on expats to return home Latvia 2mos
Progressives urge PM to provide clarification on support measures planned in response to ECB's... 3mos
If coalition is expanded, Karins would stay on as PM - Aseradens 3mos
Karins to attend Ukraine Recovery Conference on Wednesday Ukraine Latvia 3mos
PM Karins announces agreement on additional EUR 140 million for healthcare in 2023 3mos
Saeima rejects opposition's no-confidence motion against Karins Latvia 3mos
Baltic PMs to meet German Chancellor Scholz on Friday Germany Estonia 4mos
PM Karins to meet with top NATO and European Parliament officials in Brussels next week Belgium 4mos
Europe should develop production capacity in order to increase economic security - Karins Latvia 4mos
Government might discuss listing state-owned enterprises next week 4mos
Booed by protesters, PM Karins admits teachers' pay rise was delayed 5mos
Dialogue and joint work needed for future of Latvian children, not ultimatums - Karins Latvia 5mos
Health care system needs a lot of improvement - PM Karins Latvia 5mos
Riga has significant role in economic transformation - Karins 5mos
Eight European leaders urge big tech to fight disinformation more effectively Latvia 5mos
Karins will discuss further support for Ukraine with EU leaders Ukraine Latvia 6mos
Karins congratulates Kallas on victory at parliament elections Latvia Estonia 6mos
Latvian Leader In Favor Of Sending Fighter Jets To Support Ukraine Ukraine Latvia 6mos
EU must open doors more widely to Ukraine on its path to EU membership - PM Karins Ukraine 7mos
It is not enough to invest money in education, health care systems if they are not reformed - K... 7mos
We can live peacefully, our country is safe - Karins Latvia 7mos
Karins would support Levits for a second term as president 8mos
PM says new regulation might be needed in future to protect border with Belarus Belarus Latvia 8mos
It would be unfair to change taxes this year - Karins Latvia 8mos
PM Karins in New Year's speech urge people to build stronger Latvia Latvia 8mos
Karins thanks UK, Norway, Iceland for strong support to Ukraine UK Iceland Ukraine Norway Latvia 9mos
Saudi leaders congratulate PM Karins after new Latvian government approved Saudi Arabia Latvia 9mos
Saeima confirms the new Karins government 9mos
New government resolves to work on secondary health care and care of patients with chronic cond... 9mos
We must act together with Latvia, Lithuania in energy crisis - Estonian PM Lithuania Latvia Estonia 9mos
Baltic prime ministers to meet in Riga next week Latvia Estonia 9mos
SAB prevents plans by "pranksters" to contact Karins and pretend to be Levits Russia Latvia 10mos
Karins instructs Ministries of Economics and Finance to consider corrections to proposed power... 10mos
Levits officially nominates Karins for PM 10mos
President might nominate Karins for PM next week 10mos
Karins has other coalition models in mind if talks with United List fail 10mos
Karins waiting for United List to give "clear answer" on proposed distribution of responsibilit... 10mos
Karins proposes that New Unity get energy minister's portfolio, United List - regional developm... 10mos
EU must support Ukraine until its complete victory - PM Karins Ukraine 11mos
PM Karins to meet with European Parliament President Roberta Metsola 11mos
There is a common position with all the parties involved in government formation talks on the m... 11mos
Karins points to many unknowns in potential cooperation with the United List 11mos
Levits asks Karins to continue in-depth talks on forming Latvia's next government coalition Latvia 11mos
Latvian PM calls on EU to end all tourist visas for Russians Latvia 11mos
Greens/Farmers will not support Karins-led government - Lembergs 11mos
Karins voices readiness to take up position of PM also in new government 11mos
Centrists win Latvia general election, Russian-speaking parties suffer setbacks Latvia 11mos
Latvian premier’s party comes out on top in general election Latvia 11mos
Latvia to remain Russia's critic as prime minister wins election Russia Latvia 11mos
Latvia election: Karins wins reelection amid Russia-Ukraine war Russia Ukraine Latvia 11mos
Latvia’s centrists predicted to win national vote Latvia 11mos
Elections in Latvia: Party of Prime Minister Karins clearly in the lead Latvia 11mos
Russia's Ukraine invasion is backdrop to election in Latvia Russia Ukraine Latvia 11mos
Latvia election: Karins set for reelection amid Russia-Ukraine war Russia Ukraine Latvia 11mos
Latvia's leader warns U.S. and European leaders against "war weariness" as Russia's assault on... US Russia Ukraine Latvia 1yr
Latvian PM: ‘Russia has to lose’ Russia Latvia 1yr
Denmark to send about 800 troops to Latvia - Baltic News Network - News from Latvia, Lithuania,... Russia Lithuania Denmark Latvia Estonia 1yr
Putin regime is currently threatening whole democratic Europe - PM Karins Russia 1yr
EU leaders to decide on next steps for international isolation of Putin's regime Latvia 1yr
Karins to meet with British PM Johnson UK Latvia 1yr
NATO is strengthening its eastern flank in Latvia already now - PM Karins Canada Latvia 1yr
PM Karins urges people to revise their habits amid surging inflation 1yr
Canada plays a significant role in strengthening Latvia's defense capabilities - PM Karins Canada Latvia 1yr
PM Karins urges against closing doors to all Russian citizens Russia Latvia 1yr
Establishing a no-fly zone over Ukraine would lead to NATO forces in direct war with Russia in... Russia Ukraine 1yr
Karins sees other alternatives if Russia stops selling gas to Europe Russia 1yr
Ukraine has the right to determine its own fate - Karins Ukraine Lithuania Latvia Estonia 1yr
Karins emphasizes support for Ukraine and for strengthening NATO presence in Baltics during pho... France Ukraine 1yr
Latvia must lessen dependence on Russian oil and gas - PM Karins Russia Latvia 1yr
PM says society should not be ''rattled'' anymore in regards to Covid-19 restrictions 1yr
Russia's attempts to return to a sphere of influence in Europe are unacceptable - Karins Russia Latvia 1yr
Russian war with NATO is almost unthinkable - Karins Russia 1yr
This week's focus will be on international security situation - PM Karins 1yr
This week's focus will be on international security situation - PM Karins 1yr
Karins-led government becomes longest serving government in the history of democratic Latvia Latvia 1yr
PM urges residents to get booster shot and observe gathering restrictions 1yr
Karins underscores successful cooperation among Baltic countries 1yr