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Despite increasing number of conflicts in world, it is important to remember about war waged by... Russia Ukraine Latvia 8mos
Karins urges to use instruments of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region in Ukraine's recon... Ukraine 9mos
Karins underlines long-term support for Ukraine at informal meeting of EU Foreign Ministers Ukraine Latvia 9mos
Latvia has to continue supporting Ukraine in all possible ways - Karins Ukraine Latvia 9mos
Latvian prime minister announces resignation – DW – 08/14/2023 Latvia 10mos
Prime Minister Karins to step down 10mos
United List and National Alliance will not respond to Karins' invitation to informal talks on n... 11mos
Karins plans to inform president about next government model on Thursday - Aseradens 11mos
Karins proposes to maintain current coalition by redistributing three ministerial portfolios 11mos
Latin America and Caribbean countries play a key role in diversifying EU supply chains - Karins US 11mos
Karins has positive opinion of cooperation with United List 11mos
Karins and Meloni agree on need to strengthen EU's external borders Italy 1yr
PM Karins calls on expats to return home Latvia 1yr
If coalition is expanded, Karins would stay on as PM - Aseradens 1yr
Saeima rejects opposition's no-confidence motion against Karins Latvia 1yr
In order to maintain peace and security in Europe, Ukraine should become NATO member after war... Ukraine Latvia 1yr
Europe should develop production capacity in order to increase economic security - Karins Latvia 1yr
Booed by protesters, PM Karins admits teachers' pay rise was delayed 1yr
PM Karins wants clarity on financing for proposed merger of public service media Latvia 1yr

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Karins will discuss further support for Ukraine with EU leaders Ukraine Latvia 1yr
PM Karins calls for planning Ukraine's future in EU and NATO already now Ukraine 1yr
Karins congratulates Kallas on victory at parliament elections Latvia Estonia 1yr
Karins and Scholz emphasize the continuation of support to Ukraine Russia Ukraine 1yr
Karins calls to follow Estonia's example - a smaller number of schools, but higher teachers' sa... Latvia Estonia 1yr
Karins emphasizes straightening out of hospital network and introduction of health insurance 1yr
Karins would support Levits for a second term as president 1yr
A basic regulation on countering hybrid attack by Belarus should be adopted at regional EU leve... Belarus 1yr
The only threat in our region may come from Russia - Karins Russia Ukraine 1yr
Saudi leaders congratulate PM Karins after new Latvian government approved Saudi Arabia Latvia 1yr
SAB prevents plans by "pranksters" to contact Karins and pretend to be Levits Russia Latvia 1yr
President might nominate Karins for PM next week 1yr
Karins has other coalition models in mind if talks with United List fail 1yr
Karins waiting for United List to give "clear answer" on proposed distribution of responsibilit... 1yr
Karins proposes that New Unity get energy minister's portfolio, United List - regional developm... 1yr
Greens/Farmers asks KNAB to look into Karins' proposal on ministerial positions to Progressives 1yr
Karins hopes to sign cooperation memorandum with United List and National Alliance on Wednesday 1yr
Karins calls on EU to hold Russia accountable for its crimes in Ukraine Russia Ukraine 1yr
Karins points to many unknowns in potential cooperation with the United List 1yr
Levits asks Karins to continue in-depth talks on forming Latvia's next government coalition Latvia 1yr
Latvia supports Ukraine's accession to EU and NATO - Karins Ukraine Latvia 1yr
Party of Latvia PM Kariņš wins election, provisional results show Latvia 1yr
Prime Minister Karins wins parliamentary election in Latvia - opposition party of the Russian m... Russia Ukraine Latvia 1yr
Parliamentary election in Latvia: Clear victory for Prime Minister Kariņš Russia Latvia 1yr
Latvia election: Karins wins reelection amid Russia-Ukraine war Russia Ukraine Latvia 1yr
Elections in Latvia: Party of Prime Minister Karins clearly in the lead Latvia 1yr
Latvia election: Karins set for reelection amid Russia-Ukraine war Russia Ukraine Latvia 1yr
Energy support earmarked in Latvia is one of largest in EU - Levits and Karins Latvia 1yr
PM Karins promises tougher and clearer conditions for renewal of Latvian residence permits Latvia 1yr
PM Karins promises tougher and clearer conditions for renewal of Latvian residence permits Latvia 1yr
PM Karins urges against closing doors to all Russian citizens Russia Latvia 2yrs
Karins sees other alternatives if Russia stops selling gas to Europe Russia 2yrs
PM Karins underlines close Western communication on security situation in the region 2yrs
Karins underscores role of individual protection in fight against Covid-19 2yrs
Karins emphasizes support for Ukraine and for strengthening NATO presence in Baltics during pho... France Ukraine 2yrs
Karins emphasizes Latvia's support for Ukraine and quick response to activities of the Lukashen... Russia Ukraine Latvia 2yrs
Russia's attempts to return to a sphere of influence in Europe are unacceptable - Karins Russia Latvia 2yrs
This week's focus will be on international security situation - PM Karins 2yrs
This week's focus will be on international security situation - PM Karins 2yrs
Karins underscores successful cooperation among Baltic countries 2yrs
Karins calls on Macron to support enforcing NATO presence in Baltic region France Latvia 2yrs
Karins calls on US to strengthen presence in Baltic region US 2yrs
Karins not sure whether Covid-19 statistics are entirely accurate Latvia 2yrs
Karins wants medics who have recommended people not to get vaccinated to be held accountable 2yrs
Karins proposes mandatory vaccination against Covid-19 for all residents over 50 2yrs
Karins tends not to support the provision of services to non-vaccinated people who have taken o... 2yrs
Karins calls on international organizations to assess violations of Belarus' international obli... Belarus Latvia 2yrs
PM Karins backs proposal to declare state of emergency at Latvia's border with Belarus Belarus Latvia 2yrs
Levits and Karins confident about "compact coalition's" ability to work until next Saeima elect... 3yrs
Karins and Kazaks underscore role of vaccination in economic recovery 3yrs
Karins not happy with government's inconsistent decisions 3yrs
Karins believes that his coalition is stable and capable of work 3yrs
Karins and Girgens agree on necessity to reestablish Police Academy 3yrs
Gobzems and Greens/Farmers collect signatures to demand PM Karins' resignation 3yrs
Karins assumes that it might be possible to organize in-person queues for Covid-19 vaccination 3yrs
PM Karins confident that Pavluts and Health Ministry will do their job to ensure mass vaccinati... 3yrs
Karins and Kazaks discuss Latvia's plan under EU Recovery and Resilience Facility Latvia 3yrs
PM Karins proposes putting armed forces in charge of vaccine logistics 3yrs
On behalf of the government, Karins apologizes for shortcomings in vaccination process 3yrs
With Covid-19 unlikely to disappear soon, it is necessary to look for "safe mode of life" - Kar... 3yrs
Karins and Estonia's new PM assess progress of Rail Baltica project Latvia Estonia 3yrs
Karins and Ukrainian PM discuss closer economic cooperation between Latvia and Ukraine Ukraine Latvia 3yrs
Pabriks will not stand in for health minister, advises Karins to become acting health minister 3yrs
Karins, Baltic colleagues to discuss cooperation in curbing Covid-19 Lithuania Latvia Estonia 3yrs
Estonian PM asks Karins to represent Estonia at upcoming EU Summit as he is in self-quarantine Estonia 3yrs
Actions of Poland and Hungary will make adopting EU budget more difficult - Karins Hungary Poland 3yrs
Karins wishes the public to be responsible and far-sighted on Independence Day 3yrs
The government will hopefully not have to halt in-person school attendance for all children - K... 3yrs
I am ready to continue cooperation with all ministers - Karins about stability of government 3yrs
Karins skeptical about the idea of changing cumulative Covid-19 incidence threshold Latvia 3yrs
Karins skeptical about Economics Ministry's proposal to increase Covid-19 incidence threshold f... Latvia 3yrs
Levits and Karins discuss readiness for second Covid-19 wave nearing Latvia Latvia 3yrs
Bookmakers give Karins government a 60% chance of lasting until the end of the year 4yrs
PM Karins promises to find way to establish economic affairs court 5yrs
PM Karins promises to find way to establish economic affairs court 5yrs
After surviving no-confidence vote in Saeima, PM Karins points to work ahead 5yrs
Karins does not doubt stability of his government Latvia 5yrs
Karins hopes that clear signal from EU will encourage British parliamentarians to support Brexi... UK 5yrs
Latvia and Finland unanimous there is no place for protectionism in EU - Karins Finland Latvia 5yrs
Latvia’s Saeima approves Karins government Latvia 5yrs
Karins says coalition should agree on one presidential candidate 5yrs