Joseph Stalin

General secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union more on Wikipedia

New Russian High School Textbooks Seek to Justify War in Ukraine Russia Ukraine 3mos
Church distances itself from priest who consecrated Stalin monument Russia 3mos
Italy's Senate Votes To Recognize Holodomor Famine In Ukraine As Genocide Italy Ukraine 4mos
Croatian Parliament Recognizes Holodomor As Genocide Ukraine Croatia 5mos
Ex-Russian counterspy chief reveals how Hitler tried to assassinate Stalin Russia Germany 7mos
Opinion: The history lesson Putin forgot Germany 9mos
Video: 102-year-old suffered under Stalin. Now she's making sniper suits for Ukraine's fight ag... Russia Ukraine 10mos
Stalin Monument Unveiled to Mark 80th Anniversary of Stalingrad Victory - The Moscow Times Russia 10mos
Bulgarian Parliament Passes Resolution Declaring Soviet-Era Famine Genocide Bulgaria 10mos
European Parliament recognizes Ukraine Holodomor as genocide – DW – 12/15/2022 Ukraine 11mos
Germany declares Ukraine's Holodomor famine a genocide – DW – 11/30/2022 Russia Germany Ukraine 1yr
Zelenskiy Says Ukraine ‘Cannot Be Broken,’ Citing Russian Invasion, 1932-33 Famine Russia Ukraine 1yr
German MPs To Recognize Stalin Famine In Ukraine As 'Genocide' Germany Ukraine 1yr
Sri Lankan Human rights defender Joseph Stalin arrested Sri Lanka 1yr
Sri Lanka arrests protest leader Joseph Stalin Sri Lanka 1yr
Sri Lanka arrests protest leader Joseph Stalin Sri Lanka 1yr
Stalin took their grandparents' home away. Now Korean Ukrainians are standing up against Putin Russia South Korea 1yr
Stalin took their grandparents' home away. Now Korean Ukrainians are standing up against Putin Russia South Korea 1yr
Ukrainian archbishop says Putin conducting a ‘war of total destruction’ Russia Ukraine 1yr

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Cops called to Stalin’s nephew over fraud – media Russia 1yr
Russia orders closure of human rights group Memorial Russia 1yr
Russians hate Gorbachev even more than Stalin, poll reveals Russia 2yrs
Musk takes dig at new Twitter CEO with Stalin comparison 2yrs
Lumping together all of Stalin’s legacy to discredit his WWII leadership is an attempt to weake... Russia 2yrs
8,000 more victims of Stalin purges unearthed in 29 graves in Odessa, southern Ukraine Ukraine 2yrs
Every second Russian supports a monument to Soviet dictator Stalin Russia 2yrs
Support for Stalin statues almost doubles in a decade as 48% of Russians now back erection of m... 2yrs
Stalin monument taken down FOUR DAYS after being erected in southern Russia, following backlash... Russia 2yrs
Stalin fulfills political destiny, comes to power in Indian state assembly elections India 2yrs
Joseph Stalin set to win election in India India 2yrs
India's Stalin poised to win Tamil Nadu state election India 2yrs
How a Moscow kebab shop has reignited debate over Stalin's legacy 2yrs
How a Moscow kebab shop has reignited debate over Stalin's legacy 2yrs
Battle of Stalin-grub? Cops visit Moscow kebab shop named for Soviet dictator – but defiant own... Russia Georgia 2yrs
#Resistance Twitter claims Republicans are like STALIN after completely misreading pollster quo... 2yrs
Ahıska Turks mark 76th anniversary of exile 3yrs
Stalin statues in Georgia insult his victims   3yrs
Why did Lukashenko see Polish flags in Grodno? Poland Belarus 3yrs
Whitewashing crimes of STALIN 'unacceptable' – Gorbachev on 30th anniversary of decree rehabili... 3yrs
Russian businessman locks horns with local authorities over ‘illegal’ Stalin statue Russia 3yrs
Russia inaugurates cathedral without mosaics of Putin, Stalin Russia 3yrs
Giant Russian church to feature Putin and Stalin mosaics Russia 3yrs
‘Can’t erase history’: Putin & Stalin TEMPLE MOSAIC is ‘appropriate,’ church says amid furor ov... Russia 3yrs
The Latest: UK minister resigns amid probe over aide UK 4yrs
UK leader compares rival to Stalin at start of election UK 4yrs
Stalin’s shadow won’t disappear until criminal case launched against him – investigator Russia 4yrs
Australian lawmaker likens China threat to Nazi Germany China Germany Australia 4yrs
Communists not aroused by upcoming “Sex with Stalin” video game 4yrs
Four people stabbed in attack on Russian communist newspaper over refused Stalin article Russia 4yrs
With all due respect: Stalin-approving Russians don’t want to live in his time – poll 4yrs
Joseph Stalin’s approval rating hits historic high – poll 4yrs
‘Burning with shame’: Russian FM slams NATO SG for likening Stalin to Hitler, ISIS Russia 4yrs
Winston Churchill's 'naughty document' carving up Europe with Stalin to go on display  4yrs
‘Burn in hell’: Anti-communists detained after outburst during Stalin’s commemoration 4yrs
Did Joseph Stalin really want to steal America's hamburgers? US 4yrs
Services mark Stalin-era Ukraine famine Ukraine 5yrs
The new disappeared Chile Argentina 5yrs
The New Disappeared Chile Argentina 5yrs
The Case of the Disappearing Stalin Statue Roils a Russian City Russia 5yrs
Stalin’s death mask unexpectedly fetches thousands at British auction UK 5yrs
Lenin, Stalin and last emperor Nicholas II top popularity rating of Russian historical figures Russia 5yrs
Trump congratulates Putin on his inauguration, hopes for good relations with Russia Russia 5yrs