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Republicans block second attempt by Flake, Coons to protect Robert Mueller 2yrs
Flake vows to oppose judges unless Mueller bill gets a vote 2yrs
Flake vows to oppose judges unless Mueller bill gets a vote US 2yrs
Flake vows to oppose judges unless Mueller bill gets a vote 2yrs
'I retired him,' Trump boasts as Flake flakes 2yrs
Senator Flake’s office surrounded by protesters after Kavanaugh vote 2yrs
Flake is still making calls and weighing what to do 2yrs
She confronted Flake. Now, she's calling out others 2yrs
Flake: FBI report Kavanaugh does not add anything 2yrs
'Just plain wrong': Flake, Collins criticize Trump for mocking Kavanaugh accuser at political r... US 2yrs
'Tribalism is ruining us:' Flake uses Kavanaugh fight to plead for civility and cooperation 2yrs
Flake urges 'real investigation' by FBI of Scotus nominee - Naples Herald England 2yrs

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