Jared Kushner

American investor, real-estate developer, newspaper publisher, and senior advisor to President Donald Trump more on Wikipedia

Jared Kushner blames Palestinians for violence since release of US peace plan US Palestine 1w
Jared Kushner presents Israel-backed Middle East plan to United Nations US Palestine Israel-backed 1w
Jared Kushner presents Israel-backed Middle East plan to United Nations US Palestine Israel-backed 1w
Scoop: Israel and UAE discuss anti-Iran cooperation at secret White House meeting Israel UAE 2w
Palestinians should ‘tell us where they want to draw the lines’ but Israeli settlements will st... US Israel 2w
Reports: Jared Kushner angers Netanyahu camp by slowing annexation moves Israel 2w
Kushner ‘hopes Israel waits’ on annexation steps in West Bank after Trump’s Mideast plan announ... US Israel 2w
Jared Kushner defends Trump's controversial Middle East plan by saying 'I've read 25 books' 2w
Jared Kushner: Trump 'built the trust of the Israeli people' and Israel took 'a giant step towa... Israel 2w
Jared Kushner Says He's 'Read 25 Books' On The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The architect of T... 3w
Saudi Arabia shares common goals with Israel and its leadership will approve of much of Donald... Israel Saudi Arabia 3w
Trump signs executive order targeting college anti-Semitism, Israel boycotts Israel 2mos
White House to use webcams to create live feed of border wall construction 3mos
Jared Kushner 'greenlit' arrest of Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi Saudi Arabia Turkey 3mos
Jared Kushner attending Saudi conference raises "red flag" with Saudi Arabia in his financial d... Saudi Arabia 3mos
Kushner claims much of his work has been 'cleaning up' Biden 'messes' 3mos
World leaders return to 'Davos in desert' a year after Khashoggi boycott Saudi Arabia 3mos
Palestinian negotiator hits Trump team's 'empty words' in peace talks Palestine 3mos
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner to host 10th anniversary party at Camp David. But who's paying? 3mos

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Ivanka Trump backlash: First Daughter mocked for wedding anniversary photo US 3mos
Jared Kushner gets a sweet send-off from his daughter Arabella 3mos
Maryland sues Jared Kushner’s property management company 3mos
Top US delegation to attend Saudi summit next week: reports US Saudi Arabia 3mos
Impeachment ‘inevitable’ as officials line up to reveal Donald Trump’s shadow Ukraine policy US Ukraine 4mos
Donald Trump tours new Louis Vuitton workshop with Ivanka 4mos
Trump envoy Jared Kushner to lead U.S. delegation to Israel US Israel 4mos
Mexican judge defends highest honor for Jared Kushner Mexico 4mos
Mexican judge defends highest honor for Jared Kushner Mexico 4mos
Mexican judge defends highest honor for Jared Kushner Mexico 4mos
Joaquin Castro calls for investigation into whether Jared Kushner shared intelligence that led... Saudi Arabia 4mos
Jared Kushner pictured with Volodymyr Zelensky at diplomat dinner 7 weeks before Trump call Ukraine 4mos
Ivanka Trump shares a glimpse into her designer wardrobe Italy 4mos
Who is Avi Berkowitz, Trump's millennial Middle East envoy? 5mos
Michael D'Antonio: A Trump dynasty? Harder than it looks 5mos
White House announces Jared Kushner's former 'coffee boy' as new Middle East envoy 5mos
Ivanka whispering about dumping Mike Pence claims VP's biographer 5mos
White House announces Jared Kushner's former 'coffee boy' as new Middle East envoy 5mos
Dick Cheney to appear at Trump 2020 fundraiser as Republican establishment bows to president 6mos
Dominic Raab invited for 'warm' meeting with Donald Trump after impromptu introduction by Jared... UK 6mos
Jared Kushner saw Donald Trump becoming president as a chance to "dig himself out of" debt and... 6mos
Nancy Pelosi calls Jared Kushner a 'slumlord' after Trump's racist attacks 6mos
Egypt’s Sisi, Kushner in talks on how ‘to consolidate peace in Mideast in light of instability’ US Egypt 6mos
Egypt calls for Palestinian state during Kushner visit Palestine Egypt 6mos
Israel and Middle East Peace Plan: Housing as a symbolic gesture US Israel 6mos
Kushner discusses Mideast peace plan with King Abdullah in Jordan US 6mos
Israel approves 6,000 new homes for Israeli settlers in West Bank US Israel 6mos
Israeli settlers outraged as permits for 715 Palestinian homes approved before Kushner visit US Israel Palestine 6mos
Jared Kushner owns Baltimore apartments ‘infested’ with rodents, mould and maggots US 6mos
White House's Kushner to finalize Palestinian economic plan on... US Palestine 6mos
Meghan McCain slams Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner over racist remarks 7mos
‘Hysterical and Stupid’: Kushner Reveals His Attitude Towards the Palestinians 7mos
Arab Diplomat Close To White House Insulted Trump Long Before UK Ambassador United Arab Emirates 7mos
Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions and 10 other key Mueller witnesses set to be subpoenaed 7mos
Subpoenas for Kushner, Sessions to be voted on by U.S. congressional committee US 7mos
The troubling overlap between Jared Kushner's business interests and US foreign policy | Mohama... US 7mos
Kushner slams Palestinians for acting 'hysterical and stupid' after snubbing his Bahrain confer... Palestine Bahrain 7mos
Jared Kushner calls Palestinian leadership "stupid," suggests refugees should stay where they a... Palestine 7mos
Trump ‘fond’ of Abbas, Kushner insists while raging over Palestinian rejection Palestine 7mos
Palestinians ‘let down by their leaders,’ Kushner says Bahrain 7mos
Full transcript of Arab News interview with Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono Japan Bahrain 7mos
Kushner: Trump 'very fond' of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Palestine Bahrain 7mos
USA: Ivanka Trump, the ubiquitous "first daughter" US 7mos
https://time.com US Israel UK Palestine 7mos
Michael D'Antonio: Ivanka and Don Jr. put on a ludicrous show 7mos
Erdogan criticizes Kushner plan for Middle East Turkey 7mos
Bel Trew: Jared Kushner’s ‘plan’ for peace in the Middle East is all show, no substance Israel Bahrain 7mos
Iraqi protesters storm Bahraini embassy after Jared Kushner summit US Iraq Bahrain 7mos
Ivanka joins father as he meets world leaders including Putin at G20 Japan 7mos
Trump's aide and son-in-law Jared Kushner ‘held meetings with foreign nations without telling S... 7mos
Jared Kushner won't bring peace with Palestinians, but may bring Israel and Gulf Arabs together Israel Bahrain 7mos
https://time.com US UK 7mos
Rex Tillerson says Jared Kushner conducted diplomacy behind his back US 7mos
Hope Hicks implicates Jared Kushner in lying about Trump-Russia contacts 7mos
Tillerson paints picture of undisciplined Trump, secretive Kushner in testimony 7mos
Tillerson frustrated over Kushner Mexico 7mos
Tillerson: Jared Kushner left him in the dark on conversations with foreign nations 7mos
Kushner: That's not a fair question, Wolf 7mos
Gulf states fall into line with Jared Kushner’s peace plan for Israel Israel 7mos
Jared Kushner at odds with Saudis as Bahrain summit opens Saudi Arabia Bahrain 7mos
Palestinians reject Kushner's $50bn proposal US 7mos
Kushner: Door still open to Palestinians despite Bahrain boycott Israel Palestine Bahrain 7mos
Empowering Palestinians means delivering on promises Bahrain 7mos
Treasury Secretary: US ‘could not be happier’ with Bahrain outcome US Israel Bahrain 7mos
Kushner refuses to say if US backs two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict US Israel 7mos
Jared Kushner's 'deal of the century' fails to materialise in Bahrain Bahrain 7mos
Donald Trump wants to solve the Middle East conflict with money 7mos
Money instead of state? How Trump wants to solve the most hopeless of all conflicts | NZZ 7mos
Kushner will put out political plan for Mideast conflict at 'right... 7mos
Kushner Plan: The Gaza Strip is to become a second Dubai US 7mos
Saudi minister says Kushner's plan could succeed if there is 'hope of peace' Saudi Arabia Palestine 7mos
Jared Kushner’s peace workshop robs Palestinians of their dream Palestine 7mos
Why Palestine needs help US Palestine Bahrain 7mos
Kushner’s Peace to Prosperity plan met with guarded enthusiasm US Bahrain 7mos
Jared Kushner: Two-state solution for Israel and Palestinians is dead US Israel 7mos
Jared Kushner’s $50bn Palestinian revival plan met with scepticism Palestine 7mos
Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Jared Kushner bets on the "deal of the century" 7mos
Jared Kushner Reveals Economic Portion Of Middle East Peace Plan; $50 Billion Marshall Plan For... Palestine Egypt Lebanon Bahrain 7mos
Kushner opens ‘Peace to Prosperity’ conference, says US has not ‘given up’ on Palestine US Israel Palestine Bahrain 7mos
Kushner: Agreement on economic pathway precondition for Mideast peace 7mos
PLO official Hanan Ashrawi explains why Palestinians oppose US Middle East plan US France 7mos