Elizabeth II

Queen of the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and head of the Commonwealth of Nations more on Wikipedia

FBI feared IRA threat to late Queen Elizabeth II during US visits, secret files reveal US 3d
FBI files reveal 1983 threat to kill Queen Elizabeth II during U.S. visit US 3d
Wyborcza.pl US 3d
Fbi: FBI files uncover plot to kill UK's Queen Elizabeth II UK 3d
FBI reveals 1980s plot to kill Queen Elizabeth II US 3d
FBI files reveal threat to kill the Queen during US visit in 1983 US 3d
From children’s entertainer to convicted criminal: the downfall of Rolf Harris 6d
Cost of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral revealed UK 1w
Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, related events cost £162 million: UK govt UK 1w
UK government reveals millions spent on Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral UK 1w
$200 million spent on Queen Elizabeth II's funeral in UK UK 1w
Video. Crown by Charles III: Back in pictures on the historical ceremony UK 3w
Splendor, crown and royalty ... The images of a historical coronation 3w
Rain on King Charles’s parade – just like his mother and grandfather UK 3w
Here’s the route that King Charles took from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. 3w
King Charles III, from the crown to the guests to all the secrets of the royal carriage: the 10... Australia 3w
Crown by Charles III, live: fewer coaches, vegan oil and recycled crown on the program of a mod... 3w
Locals, expats in Saudi Arabia and UAE tune in to a new era in UK history with coronation of Ki... UK Saudi Arabia UAE 3w
King Charles III could be Britain’s first post-colonial monarch UK 3w

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The coronation of Charles III, a ceremony that does not enthuse the British UK 3w
"The monarchy has lost its star player" - British Republicans smoke before the crowning glory o... UK 3w
Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation was televised and captivated the world 3w
From Elizabeth II to Charles III: how the UK economy has changed UK 3w
King Charles coronation guest list: Who is coming and who isn’t 4w
Nepal’s Gurkhas pay respects to their last Victoria Cross hero Nepal 4w
‘Mischievous’ Canadian recalls making King ‘giggle’ with moose-themed art Canada 4w
Enjoy the coronation of King Charles – it could be the last one UK 1mo
Buckingham Palace releases new quiche recipe to mark King Charles III's coronation 1mo
King Charles richer than his mother – Sunday Times 1mo
WA government scraps plans for maternity hospital at QEII, $1.8b facility announced at Fiona St... 1mo
WA government plans for maternity hospital at QEII scrapped, $1.8b facility announced at Fiona... 1mo
Harry's outburst: "Grandma Elizabeth II sent me to war against the Taliban to save the life of... Afghanistan 1mo
King Charles’s coronation: 2 carriages, 5 swords and a crown emoji 1mo
Procession route for King Charles III coronation to be far shorter than in 1953 1mo
King Carlo and the Royal Family, today a double party: Easter and the anniversary with Camilla 1mo
Regina Elisabetta, the latest revelations: from the fear of interceptions in the Sandingham Cas... 1mo
Camilla "bags" the jewels of Elizabeth II: "So much the next queen is me" 1mo
Charles wins hearts in Germany as soft power pays off Germany 1mo
Karol III in the Bundestag: War has returned to Europe. But we didn't remain idle Germany UK Ukraine 1mo
Elizabeth: Report: Queen Elizabeth II asked Germany for pricey horses Germany UK 2mos
Carlo III is held all the legacy of Elizabeth II, his brother Andrea: "To us only the crumbs" 2mos
Prince Edward new Duke of Edinburgh, as Archie and Lilibet also take royal titles 2mos
Prince Edward, Archie and Lilibet granted new royal titles 2mos
Harry and Meghan Told to Leave Their Royal Cottage in the U.K. UK 2mos
"The king will regret". Karol III in the fire of criticism after meeting Ursula von der Leyen Ireland UK 2mos
Chris Evans donates Queen’s Jaguar as Red Nose Day prize 3mos
UK's Royal Mail unveils new King Charles stamp UK 3mos
King Charles III will not appear on Australia's $5 note Australia 3mos
Australia's new $5 banknote won't feature King Charles – DW – 02/02/2023 Australia 3mos
British monarch's image to be removed from Australian banknotes UK Australia 3mos
King Charles, Prince William not expected to attend King Constantine funeral UK 4mos
Royal currency UK 4mos
Prince Harry’s ‘ambushes’ harmed queen’s health in her final year of frailty, say palace source... UK 4mos
Palaces, castles and cottages: A guide to the extensive real estate portfolio of the royal fami... 4mos
The world hitting 'peak baby' and other stories you might have missed this year Russia Ukraine 4mos
Unlikely Parallels in a Year of Momentous Deaths 4mos
From Queen Elizabeth to Coolio, the celebrities and public figures who left us in 2022 France UK 5mos
From the war in Ukraine to the death of Queen Elizabeth II: The top news stories of 2022 Russia Ukraine 5mos
The first holiday of the royal family without Elizabeth II. King Charles III devoted to the cri... UK 5mos
King Charles III pays homage to his mother in first Christmas message 5mos
Bank of England unveil first banknotes featuring King Charles III England 5mos
Queen Elizabeth II's old Land Rover goes up for auction 5mos
New $2 coin with black ring will honour late Queen Elizabeth II 5mos
Ukraine leads 2022 Google search trends in Germany – DW – 12/07/2022 Russia Germany Ukraine 5mos
Kate and William host diplomatic reception 5mos
Quebec’s government wants to make oath to King Charles III optional 5mos
Final goodbye: Recalling influential people who died in 2022 5mos
Royal aide quits amid racism row 5mos
'Where are you really from?': Ngozi Fulani says Buckingham Palace honorary aide questioned her... UK 5mos
Prince William’s godmother quits Palace role after asking black activist where she ‘really came... 5mos
UK royals traveling to Boston with eye on environment prize UK 5mos
UK royals traveling to Boston with eye on environment prize UK 5mos
Queen Elizabeth letter fetches $8,600 at auction in Germany Germany 6mos
Camilla gives Queen Elizabeth II's Paddington Bears to Barnardo's 6mos
Will the Commonwealth disintegrate under Charles III? 6mos
Taylor Swift's jewel-adorned MTV awards look was inspired by Queen Elizabeth II Germany 6mos
What really happened to Royal Yacht Britannia from ‘The Crown’ Season 5? 6mos
Strong field competes in honor of race namesake Japan 6mos
King Charles III unveils first posthumous statue of Queen Elizabeth II 6mos
The first King Charles III coins have started being produced UK 7mos
A familiar British ritual now features two new participants. UK 7mos
Liz Truss resigns after brief, disastrous spell as British PM UK 7mos
The Queen was a 'shining example' of female leadership, says Meghan UK 7mos
More than 1,000 teddy bears left in Queen Elizabeth tribute will be donated to children's chari... 7mos
More than 1,000 Paddingtons left for Queen Elizabeth II to be donated 7mos
Hundreds of Paddington bears left for queen to go to charity 7mos
Marmalade sales surged as mourners left sandwiches for Queen Elizabeth II UK 7mos
King Charles III to be crowned May 6 next year, palace says 7mos
Britain’s King Charles' coronation date announced with slimmed-down ceremony planned UK 7mos
King Charles III to be crowned May 6 next year, palace says 7mos
British cultural imperialism revives after queen’s death | Opinion UK 7mos
Pilot creates world’s largest portrait of Queen on two-hour flight for charity 7mos
First official photo (in black) by King Carlo, Camilla and the principles of Wales: towards the... 7mos
Emperor and empress make first trip to regional area of Japan in COVID-area Japan 7mos
Britain to face severe rail disruption as strikes resume UK 7mos
William, the new Prince of Wales, has taken on a crucial new role 7mos
King Charles III without a crown in first coins unveiled by Royal Mint 7mos
The portrait of King Charles III for future British pieces revealed UK 7mos
Queen Elizabeth II died of 'old age', death certificate shows UK Scotland 7mos
Queen Elizabeth II died of "old age", according to her death certificate Scotland 8mos