Dmitry Medvedev

Russian Prime Minister and former president more on Wikipedia Russia Poland 7mos
'Hyena of Europe': Putin aide predicts how World War III might start Russia Ukraine Poland 7mos
EU is Russia’s enemy – Medvedev   Russia 7mos
US ultimately to blame for Gaza hospital strike – Medvedev US 7mos
Hamas is using weapons given to Ukraine – ex-Russian president Ukraine 8mos
Russia’s ex-president blames US for Israel-Hamas fighting US Russia Ukraine 8mos
UK troops who undertake training in Ukraine will be targets, Russia says Russia Germany UK Ukraine 8mos
Western ‘idiots’ want World War III — ex-Russian president Russia 8mos
May annex more Ukrainian regions: Medvedev Russia Ukraine 8mos
Russia will gain more new regions – ex-president Russia Ukraine 8mos
Putin, Medvedev Combine Spin With Threats On Anniversary Of Unilateral Annexations In Ukraine Ukraine 8mos
NATO will cause a conflict worse than WWII – ex-Russian president Russia 8mos
Moscow should suspend diplomatic relations with EU – Medvedev 9mos
Japan's 'Militarization' Complicates Situation In Asia-Pacific, Russia's Medvedev Says Russia Japan 9mos
Russia's Medvedev: Japan's 'militarisation' complicates Asia-Pacific Russia Japan 9mos
Ukraine’s Western backers are ‘pro-Nazi coalition’ – Medvedev US Ukraine 9mos
Zelensky aide’s claim raises ‘apocalyptic’ risks – ex-Russian president Russia 9mos
Ex-Russian president hopes Georgia will recognize South Ossetia and Abkhazia 9mos
Georgian ex-leader Saakashvili fully responsible for 2008 war – Medvedev Russia Georgia 9mos

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Vladimir Putin's puppet is 'downing vodkas at the keyboard' - Russia UK Georgia 9mos
We don't want to join Russia, breakaway Georgian region warns - POLITICO Europe Russia UK Hindustan Georgia 9mos
Georgia Condemns Medvedev's Comments On Annexing Breakaway Regions Russia Georgia 9mos
Russia threatens to annex Georgia's breakaway regions - POLITICO Europe Russia UK Hindustan Georgia 9mos
Russia could annex breakaway regions of Georgia, suggests former president Dmitry Medvedev - Sk... Russia 9mos
Russia could annex breakaway regions of Georgia, suggests former president Dmitry Medvedev Russia 9mos
Russia’s Medvedev warns Georgian breakaway regions could be annexed Russia Georgia 9mos
Moscow will achieve peace in Ukraine on its own terms – Medvedev Ukraine 10mos
Medvedev hints at more attacks on Ukrainian ports Russia 10mos
Number of Russians who joined army in 2023 revealed Russia 10mos
Ex-Russian president sees benefit in Kiev’s refusal to talk Russia Ukraine 10mos
Ex-Russian president Medvedev warns of nuclear strike threat as Ukraine’s Zelensky says ‘the wa... Russia Ukraine 10mos
Ex-Russian president suggests surprise response to Ukrainian drone attacks 10mos
No mercy to terrorists – Medvedev 10mos
Military aid to Ukraine makes World War III more likely – ex-Russian president Russia Ukraine 11mos
Medvedev names how Ukraine conflict could ‘end in days’ Russia Ukraine 11mos
Russia ‘threatened’ by Ukraine’s bid to join NATO – Medvedev Russia Ukraine 11mos
Ex-Russian president comments on Polish nuclear request US Poland 11mos
Wagner rebellion: Where are Yevgeny Prigozhin, General Surovikin and Dmitry Medvedev? Russia 11mos
National unity paramount amid Wagner insurrection – ex-Russian president 11mos
Dmitry Medvedev threatens to cut off the West's internet - The Times US Russia Ukraine Poland Hindustan 11mos
Ex-Russian president outlines potential ‘buffer zone’ in Ukraine Ukraine 11mos
Zelensky could be killed by his ‘masters’ – Medvedev Russia 1yr
How Dmitry Medvedev went from being Russia's president to Vladimir Putin's attack dog - The Ind... Russia 1yr
How Dmitry Medvedev went from being Russia’s president to Vladimir Putin’s attack dog Russia Germany UK 1yr
Dmitry Medvedev: UK officials 'legitimate targets' in war on Ukraine - The National UK Ukraine 1yr
Britain ‘de facto’ at war with Russia – Medvedev Russia UK Ukraine 1yr
Top Russian official says British politicians now a legitimate military target Russia UK 1yr
Russia can fight Ukraine war for 'decades', says Dmitry Medvedev - The Telegraph Russia UK Ukraine 1yr
War in Ukraine could last 'decades,' ex-Russian leader says - POLITICO Europe US Russia UK Ukraine Hindustan 1yr
US says Russia cannot win in Ukraine, Moscow sees long war ahead US Russia Ukraine 1yr
Kiev regime will cease to exist – ex-Russian president Ukraine 1yr
Ex-Russian president encourages citizens to pirate foreign content Russia 1yr
Nuclear apocalypse moves closer the more weapons the West gives to Ukraine – Putin aide US Russia UK Ukraine Vietnam 1yr
Russia will ‘maximize’ arms production after treaty exit – ex-president Russia 1yr
Zelensky ‘will end up like Hitler’ – ex-Russian president 1yr
Ex-Russian president blasts Borrell over Kremlin attack comment  Russia Ukraine 1yr
Ex-Russian president urges ‘physical removal’ of Zelensky 1yr
Ex-Russian president calls out Twitter censorship Russia Ukraine 1yr
Ex-Russian president calls for ‘complete’ dismantling of ‘Kiev regime’ 1yr
Medvedev wants a "peaceful division" of Ukraine with Romania, Hungary and Poland to avoid anoth... Romania Ukraine Hungary Poland 1yr
Russia-Ukraine war live: drone attack on Crimea repelled, Russia says; Moscow threatens to scra... Russia 1yr
Mr. Putin, criminalizing journalism to make us silent doesn’t work - it only proves how terrifi... US Russia UK Ukraine Norway 1yr
Ex-president warns G7 against banning exports to Russia Russia Ukraine 1yr
Russia's Medvedev warns Moscow will scrap grain deal if G7 bans exports Russia Ukraine 1yr
Russia could arm North Korea if South sends weapons to Ukraine – Medvedev North Korea Russia Ukraine 1yr
Ex-Russian president blasts Blinken for nuclear omission US Japan 1yr
Poland would not survive a Russia-NATO war – ex-president Russia Poland 1yr
Musk responds to criticism over Medvedev tweet Ukraine 1yr
Former Russian president believes Ukraine will ‘disappear’ Russia Ukraine 1yr
Ex-Russian president comments on EU ‘peacekeepers’ Ukraine 1yr
Former president urges Russians to pirate Western content  1yr
What is squeaking in Russia? Medvedev game Stalin Russia 1yr
Russia warns of nuclear retaliation if Ukraine tries to seize Crimea Russia Ukraine 1yr
Nuclear warning issued to Ukraine over Crimea Russia Ukraine 1yr
Medvedev compares Russian and US militaries US Russia 1yr
🔴 Live: Russian forces may advance to Kyiv or Lviv, ex-president Medvedev says Russia Ukraine 1yr
Any attempt to arrest Putin would be declaration of war on Russia, ally says Russia Ukraine 1yr
Dmitry Medvedev: We'll attack any country that tries to arrest Putin - The Times Russia UK 1yr
Ex-Russian president touts defense-industry capacity Russia 1yr
Ukraine updates: Medvedev says Putin arrest would be 'war' – DW – 03/23/2023 Russia Germany Ukraine 1yr
Russia's Medvedev says West won't leave Russia, China alone -TASS China Russia 1yr
Russia’s Medvedev suggests possible rocket attack on ICC in The Hague Russia 1yr
Medvedev threatens to strike court in The Hague with Oniks hypersonic missile Russia 1yr
Medvedev threatens to strike court in The Hague with Oniks hypersonic missile Russia 1yr
Putin arrest warrant flouts international law – Medvedev Russia 1yr
"Hands away from Putin." The arrest of the Russian president caused anger in the Kremlin Russia 1yr
Italian daily: The Russians set a prize for killing the Italian defense minister Russia Italy 1yr
Ex-Russian president suggests new name for Ukraine Ukraine 1yr
Ex-Russian president mocks Western media’s Nord Stream claims 1yr
Russian ex-president talks of ‘final nail’ in neocolonialism coffin Russia 1yr
Ex-Russian president vows ‘fireworks’ for planned German tank plant in Ukraine Germany Ukraine 1yr
Moscow threatens the world with apocalypse Russia Ukraine 1yr
Ex-Russian president names ‘red line’ for direct war with NATO Ukraine 1yr
Russian ex-president warns of nuclear ‘apocalypse’ Russia 1yr
Russia's Medvedev floats idea of pushing back Poland's borders Russia Ukraine Poland 1yr
Ex-Russian president explains how ‘trophy’ weapons are used Russia Ukraine 1yr
Russia's Medvedev floats idea of pushing back Poland's borders Russia Ukraine Poland 1yr
Putin ally appears to fall asleep at speech, photo shows Russia 1yr
Former Russian president fires warning to US US Russia 1yr
Vladimir Putin announces Russia’s suspension from New START: What is this nuclear arms treaty? US Russia 1yr