Damian Collins

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Senior Tory says Dominic Cummings should have been prevented from becoming Boris Johnson's top... 1yr
The 5G development debate China UK 1yr
Facebook needs regulation to combat fake news, say MPs 1yr
Facebook was warned of Russian data harvesting in 2014, says MP Russia 2yrs
MPs to grill Facebook over data scandals as Damian Collins threatens to expose firm's private e... France Belgium 2yrs
Facebook knew about Russian activity in 2014: British MP Russia UK 2yrs
Facebook documents could be published by UK MP Damian Collins - Business Insider UK US UK 2yrs
Parliament seizes private Facebook documents as Zuck continues to ghost MPs | TheINQUIRER 2yrs
Internal Facebook files dramatically seized after boss of US software firm is forcibly taken fr... US UK 2yrs
Zuckerberg rebuffs request to appear before UK parliament Ireland Canada UK Australia Argentina 2yrs
‘Discrepancy’ in Banks’ accounts, says committee chair 2yrs
UK-Canadian 'grand committee' seeks to question Zuckerberg Canada UK 2yrs
UK MPs ask Facebook's Zuck to pop over and answer their questions (again) | TheINQUIRER UK 2yrs
Arron Banks’s bullyboy tactics will not stop me pursuing the truth | Damian Collins 2yrs
MP urges police to investigate data misuse by leave campaigners Scotland 2yrs
Fake accounts removed by Facebook ‘the tip of the iceberg’ US Iran France UK 2yrs
Facebook data gathered by Cambridge Analytica accessed from Russia, says MP US Russia 2yrs
Cambridge Analytica probe continues despite closure over Facebook data scandal 2yrs
Cambridge Analytica probe continues despite closure over Facebook data scandal 2yrs

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MPs threaten Facebook chief Zuckerberg with summons over data UK 2yrs