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Eyes on Barrett, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch as Supreme Court decides Obamacare's future 2mos
Girl Scouts delete tweet congratulating Amy Coney Barrett after backlash 2mos
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Barrett confirmation rises as issue in Kentucky Senate race 2mos
What difference will Amy Coney Barrett make to American politics? US 2mos
Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court eight days before 2020 election 2mos
Opinion | With Justice Barrett, Is the End Near for Racial Preferences? 2mos
The White House holds another ceremony for Barrett, this time with more masks. 2mos
Opinion: Justice Barrett could now be part of Trump's firewall US 2mos
Election law expert: Barrett should recuse herself 2mos
Barrett sworn in by Chief Justice Roberts 2mos
‘Baptism by fire’ for new Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett US 2mos
Why Amy Coney Barrett's addition to supreme court may undermine climate fight 2mos
With Barrett seated, Republicans push for Supreme Court hearing of Pennsylvania voting case 2mos
US election 2020: Pence stays campaigning despite aide's Covid diagnosis - BBC News US 2mos
Barrett joins Supreme Court in unprecedented times 2mos
Barrett takes oath to join Supreme Court after being confirmed by US Senate 2mos
Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to supreme court in major victory for US conservatives US 2mos
Amy Coney Barrett confirmed as Democrats warn of affront to democracy – live 2mos

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Justice Barrett's confirmation triggers a prime time celebration by the GOP 2mos
Last-gasp attempt to stop Barrett's appointment to Supreme Court fails 2mos
White House holds swearing-in ceremony for new Supreme Court justice Barrett 2mos
Trump plans second White House event for Barrett as Senate takes up nomination US 2mos
U.S. Senate confirms Trump's Supreme Court pick Barrett in nearly party-line vote 2mos
Trump's candidate: Senate appoints Barrett as constitutional judge 2mos
Amy Coney Barrett is a constitutional ‘originalist’ – but what does it mean? 2mos
US Senate confirms Barrett to the Supreme Court 2mos
Pence says he will head back to DC "in case" his vote is needed for Barrett confirmation 2mos
Only 1 Republican is expected to vote against Barrett's confirmation 2mos
Trump plans new White House event for Amy Coney Barrett swearing-in 2mos
President Trump's enduring judicial legacy to conservatives 2mos
U.S. Senate likely to confirm Barrett to Supreme Court, cementing conservative majority 2mos
Barrett moves step closer to Supreme Court seat - Financial Times 2mos
'They won't be able to do anything about this': McConnell revels in Barrett supreme court vote 2mos
Barrett moves step closer to Supreme Court seat 2mos
US Senate debates Supreme Court nominee Barrett: What to expect 2mos
Barrett's US Supreme Court confirmation edges closer after Sunday vote 2mos
Amy Coney Barrett faces recusal questions over links to Shell 2mos
Full US Senate to begin debate over Supreme Court nominee Barrett 2mos
Opinion | The Rhetoric of Court Packing Is Here 2mos
Joe Biden plans special commission to suggest supreme court reforms - The Guardian 2mos
Clear way for Trump's candidate Barrett 2mos
Republicans approve Supreme Court nominee Barrett for Senate vote, Democrats boycott hearing 2mos
Senate committee advances Barrett nomination, setting up confirmation for next week 2mos
Amy Coney Barrett committee vote due before Trump and Biden head for debate – US politics live US 2mos
Senate Republicans defend Barrett against new report highlighting her time on board of school s... 2mos
U.S. Democrats to boycott Senate panel vote on Amy Coney Barrett, call process a 'sham' US 2mos
Democrats to boycott vote to advance Barrett nomination 2mos
Democrats say US Supreme Court deadlock shows Barrett’s power 2mos
Buttigieg to Fox News Sunday: Barrett nomination puts my marriage in danger - The Guardian 2mos
Buttigieg says Barrett supreme court nomination puts his marriage in danger 2mos
Opinion: History suggests Barrett won't help Trump with women 2mos
Amy Coney Barrett attacked for ‘cruelty’ in overturning prison inmate rape damages 3mos
Goodbye civil rights: Amy Coney Barrett's America is a terrifying place | Arwa Mahdawi US 3mos
Amy Coney Barrett ‘most qualified’ for top court: Ex-Trump aide 3mos
Greta Thunberg mocks Amy Coney Barrett and compares her to flat-earthers 3mos
Opinion | Everyone Has Gone Crazy in Washington 3mos
Amy Coney Barrett: key moments from the supreme court confirmation hearings – video 3mos
Judge Barrett is firmly on course for the Supreme Court 3mos
Amy Coney Barrett fails to name five freedoms guaranteed by First Amendment 3mos
Calendars show more events not listed on Barrett's Senate paperwork 3mos
Amy Coney Barrett: Trump nominee testifies in Supreme Court hearing - BBC News 3mos
Amy Coney Barrett faith group would expel members over gay sex, leader said 3mos
Barrett says she’s never spoken in favor of the Affordable Care Act 3mos
Supreme Court nominee Barrett back on Capitol Hill for senators' final questions 3mos
Kamala Harris pushes Amy Coney Barrett on Trump's plan to dismantle Obamacare – video - The Gua... US 3mos
The parties offer divergent portraits of Barrett as the Senate opens hearings. 3mos
The Catholic vote, the other issue in the appointment of Judge Barrett 3mos
Trump US Supreme Court nominee Barrett fends off questions on abortion, health care 3mos
Cory Booker puts Trump on trial at Barrett confirmation hearing 3mos
Amy Coney Barrett ruled using the n-word does not make a work environment hostile 3mos
Opinion: Really, Ted Cruz? This is what you asked Judge Barrett? 3mos
Takeaways from second day of Barrett's confirmation hearings 3mos
The problems Barrett poses 3mos
Barrett refuses to commit to positions on abortion, health care 3mos
Fact-checking Biden's claim that Barrett's confirmation process is 'not constitutional' 3mos
Barrett said she knew her family 'would be attacked' during hearings 3mos
Amy Coney Barrett dodges abortion, healthcare and election law questions 3mos
US Senators quiz Barrett on healthcare, abortion and upcoming election US 3mos
Barrett tells both GOP and Democratic senators she won't give her views on Roe v. Wade 3mos
Opinion: Democrats know they will lose on Barrett, but are aiming for a bigger win 3mos
First Thing election special: Trump's on the stump and all masks are off 3mos
First Thing election special: the Barrett hearings could be a holy war 3mos
Democrats fear Barrett will 'torpedo' affordable healthcare 3mos
John Cornyn - who voted against both Obama SCOTUS nominees - complains about partisan politics... 3mos
Senate Democrats seek answers on materials missing from Barrett's Senate paperwork 3mos
Harris blasts 'reckless' SCOTUS hearing for and accuses GOP of using Barrett to do 'their dirty... 3mos
The Republicans are about to "capture" the Supreme Court 3mos
Kamala Harris, the tenacious former prosecutor, faces a complicated role as she questions Barre... 3mos
What Amy Coney Barrett's likely confirmation means for America US 3mos
Republicans and Democrats draw battle lines in Barrett hearing 3mos
Succession to the Supreme Court: Barrett approaches Democrats US 3mos
Amy Coney Barrett Senate hearings set to begin in Washington – US politics live US 3mos
Judge Amy Coney Barrett: She's no longer a maid 3mos
What to watch in the Barrett hearings 3mos
Barrett was member of anti-abortion group that promoted clinic criticized for misleading women 3mos
US Presidential, D-22: Judge Barrett’s Confirmation Process Invites Presidential Campaign US 3mos
Schumer calls on Barrett to commit to recusing herself from Affordable Care Act case if confirm... 3mos
Barrett promises to follow law ahead of US Supreme Court hearing 3mos
Graham, Harris share spotlight as Barrett hearings begin 3mos