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Australian official who met with Ivanka Trump and Barr last week tests positive for coronavirus Australia 2w
Australian official who met with Ivanka Trump and Barr last week tests positive for coronavirus Australia 2w
Live updates: Trump administration announces steps to speed coronavirus testing; Australian off... US Australia 2w
Judges postpone emergency meeting to discuss Trump, Barr: Report US 1mo
Trump declares himself 'chief law enforcement officer' 1mo
Should Facebook, Google be liable for user posts? asks U.S. Attorney General Barr US 1mo
Source: Barr thought about resigning over Trump's interference 1mo
Source: Barr thought about resigning over Trump's interference 1mo
AP source: Barr tells people he might quit over Trump tweets 1mo
Barr has considered resigning over Trump's interference in Justice Department matters 1mo
Justice Department storm intensifies with new attacks on Barr's credibility 1mo
More than 1,000 former justice officials demand Barr step down over Roger Stone controversy 1mo
1100 former DOJ employees are asking for Barr's resignation 1mo
Trump doesn't heed Barr's request to cool tweeting on DOJ 1mo
Trump says on Twitter he has right to interfere in criminal cases after Barr criticizes preside... 1mo
Trump tweets make my job 'impossible', Barr says US 1mo
Barr says Trump's tweets about DOJ cases make it 'impossible to do my job' 1mo
Barr to testify to House panel over accusations of Trump's 'improper influence' 1mo
Trump praises Barr, attacks prosecutors in Roger Stone case 1mo

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Barr takes control of cases that interest Trump, like Stone sentence 1mo
Barr confirms DOJ is receiving Ukraine information from Giuliani - Axios Ukraine 1mo
Barr and Pompeo shift justification for Iran strike from 'imminent' threat to deterrence Iran 2mos
Predecessor says Barr 'unfit' to serve as attorney general 3mos
Michael Cohen asks judge to cut his prison sentence, says Attorney General Barr is biased again... 3mos
Barr blasts FBI’s Trump probe, accuses investigators of ‘gross abuse’ Russia 3mos
Barr thinks FBI may have acted in bad faith in probing Trump campaign 3mos
Barr's handpicked prosecutor says he doesn't have evidence Russia probe was a setup: WaPo US Russia 3mos
Ukrainian to US prosecutors: Why don't you want our evidence on Democrats? US Ukraine Ukrania 4mos
Barr all things Chinese? AG calls Huawei & ZTE ‘threat to our collective security’ China US 4mos
Trump slams claims he asked AG Barr to hold news briefing over Ukraine Ukraine 4mos
Trump denies he wanted Barr to publicly clear him 4mos
Washington Post: Trump wanted Barr to host news conference clearing him on Ukraine Ukraine Ukrania 4mos
Trump wanted Barr to hold news conference saying the president broke no laws in call with Ukrai... Ukrania 4mos
Australian ambassador, in Missouri visit, says country is cooperating with Barr's probe Australia 5mos
Barr's investigation into origins of Trump-Russia probe is now a criminal investigation 5mos
Barr calls for counseling, intervention to prevent mass shootings US 5mos
Italy PM says Barr's meetings with Rome intelligence were legitimate US Italy 5mos
Mueller didn't make Donald Trump Jr. or Don McGahn testify, and a judge is curious to know why US Russia 5mos
Trump denies knowledge of Barr meeting in Italy, says it would be appropriate Italy 5mos
Trump’s attorney-general investigates the investigators Russia 5mos
Barr met with Murdoch a day before Trump said Fox News poll 'sucks' 5mos
Barr investigates the investigators of Russian meddling US Russia 5mos
Italy’s spy chief met twice with Barr to aid inquiry, Repubblica reports Italy 5mos
Australian ambassador to Washington rejects key claim by Lindsey Graham Australia 5mos
This impeachment poll has ZERO good news for Trump - CNN UK 5mos
New reports reveal wider role for Barr and Pompeo in impeachment scandal 5mos
Barr asked foreign officials to help probe of Russia inquiry origins: Washington Post US Russia 5mos
US Attorney General Barr faces political heat with Trump impeachment US 5mos
Trump urged Ukraine to work with Barr and Giuliani to probe Biden: Call transcript Ukraine 6mos
House Judiciary chief call on Barr to recuse himself from Ukraine probes US Ukraine 6mos
Trump urged Ukraine to work with Barr and Giuliani to probe Biden: Call transcript US Ukraine Ukrania 6mos
Opinion: In the mafia, there is a name for what Pence and Barr did 6mos
Paul Begala: Barr's sucking up to Trump is a new low 7mos
Attorney General Barr removes prisons director after Jeffrey Epstein death 7mos
Elie Honig: Barr can't pass the buck on Epstein 7mos
Barr criticises 'serious irregularities' at jail where Jeffrey Epstein found dead 7mos
Barr cites 'failure' at NYC jail that held Epstein 7mos
US Attorney General Barr orders investigation US 7mos
US Attorney General Barr directs federal government to resume capital punishment US 8mos
House votes to hold Attorney General Barr and commerce chief in criminal contempt of Congress US 8mos
House votes to hold Barr and commerce chief in contempt over census 8mos
House votes to hold Barr and Ross in criminal contempt 8mos
House holds Barr, Ross in criminal contempt, as GOP decries 'more political theater' 8mos
Barr disregards civil rights officials in declining to charge NYPD officer over choking death 8mos
Question about citizenship: Trump gives in to the dispute over census 8mos
Barr won’t recuse from Epstein prosecution but will remain uninvolved in any review of past ple... 8mos 8mos
Moved by trip to Alaska, Barr declares emergency to make millions available for state’s crime-f... 9mos
Elie Honig: This is what Trump and Barr dread Russia 9mos
Barr's 'investigation of investigators' sparks fears for efforts to thwart Russia Russia 9mos 9mos 9mos
Trump invokes executive privilege ahead of House Oversight contempt vote for Barr, Ross 9mos
House votes to take McGahn and Barr subpoenas to court 9mos
Barr will ask Trump to assert executive privilege over materials on added Census question, if l... 9mos
House Dems set sights on the President's men -- Barr and McGahn 9mos
Barr promised to convene civil rights leaders to discuss police reform efforts. It didn’t go qu... 9mos
Spending will outstrip revenue in the coming years, but Barr is asking Canberrans to have faith 9mos 9mos
House Dems to vote on holding Barr, McGahn in contempt, seeking to keep Mueller spotlight alive 9mos
Barr's response to treason question called 'astonishing' 9mos
Schiff demands intelligence chiefs’ help with policing Barr’s review of Russia probe Russia 9mos
Mueller should have decided whether Trump committed a crime, Barr says 9mos
US: Barr says Mueller 'could've reached decision' on obstruction US 9mos
Barr says Mueller 'could've reached a conclusion' on obstruction of justice 9mos
Mueller’s statement highlights key differences with Barr on investigation of President Trump 9mos
Justin Amash sends tweet storm on Mueller, Barr and Trump 10mos
Barr could expose secrets, politicize intelligence with review of Russia probe, current and for... Russia 10mos
Trump grants Barr full access to state secrets for review of Russian interference investigation Russia 10mos
Trump orders intelligence agencies to assist inquiry into Russia probe origins US Russia 10mos
Donald Trump Escalates Investigation of Intel Agencies - TIME 10mos
Russia affair: Trump gives Barr powers to "counter-investigation" US Russia 10mos
Trump gives his Minister of Justice powers to a "counter-investigation" in the Russia affair |... US Russia 10mos
Trump orders intel agencies to assist Barr with review of Russia probe US Russia 10mos
Trump orders intelligence agencies to co-operate with Barr probe US 10mos
It is getting harder and harder for Nancy Pelosi to resist calls to impeach Trump 10mos
Schiff accepts DOJ compromise, threatens future action against Barr 10mos
DOJ offers Schiff access to some Mueller docs if he drops Barr threat 10mos
US House intel panel delays subpoena against Barr after DOJ offer US Russia 10mos
DOJ offers unredacted Mueller report material if House Dems back off Barr threat 10mos