Emmanuel Macron

25th President of the French Republic more on Wikipedia

Macron to trigger French pensioners crisis as he calls for French to WORK MORE France 1d
Macron accepts Putin’s invitation to attend celebrations of 75th anniversary of victory in WWII Russia France 1d
Russia's Putin, France's Macron discuss Iran nuclear deal: Kremlin Iran Russia France 1d
Ursula von der Leyen’s election is a bad day for Emmanuel Macron Germany France 2d
French Parliament approves Notre Dame restoration bill France 3d
Macron Sticks to Demand for Deep EU Reform Before New Expansion France Serbia 3d
Élisabeth Borne to replace François de Rugy as French Environment Minister France 3d
Macron booed by furious crowd demanding French President resigns at Bastille Day parade France 3d
Feasts with tax credits: France's environment minister returns to "Hummer affair" France 3d
French environment minister resigns over lavish lifestyle claims France 3d
Emmanuel Macron calls for 'Europe of defence' at show of force on Bastille Day Germany France 4d
France's Macron to speak to Rouhani, Putin and Trump to ease Iran... Iran France 4d
France's Macron pledges to relaunch Serbia-Kosovo dialogue France 4d
French Inventor Wows Bastille Day Crowd With Flyboard Display France 4d
Police launch mass arrests on Bastille Day in Paris 4d
‘The Green Goblin!’: Onlookers delighted as armed flyboard rider soars over Paris France 5d
'Yellow Vests' clash with police in Paris after Bastille Day parade France 5d
Barricades & tear gas: 150+ arrested in clashes with police amid Bastille Day celebrations (VID... 5d
Police fire tear gas at gilets jaunes protesters on Champs-Elysees France 5d

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Brigitte Macron: French First Lady wears daring statement dress to Bastille day 2019 France 5d
France follows US to set up military space command US France 5d
No-deal Brexit will leave UK ‘at mercy of French’ warns Hammond Spain France UK 5d
France trumpets shared European defense on Bastille Day France 5d
Macron booed & told to ‘step down’ during Bastille Day parade in Paris France 5d
French inventor soars above Champs-Élysées on flyboard at Paris parade France 6d
Live: European leaders join Macron for Bastille Day parade France 6d
Paris begins a rapprochement with Moscow Russia France 6d
France to showcase European defence cooperation at Bastille Day parade US France 6d
July 14: the complete program of the military parade 6d
The great mercato of the military leaders 6d
Macron approves plans to build ARMY in SPACE to take on US and China China US France 6d
Macron announces creation of French space force France 6d
Macron declares creation of French ‘space force’ … and prompts Trump comparisons US France 6d
France to create space command within air force: Macron France 6d
Digital executives fear ratcheting up of transatlantic trade tensions US France 1w
Deep-sea stealth: France unveils new nuclear submarine France 1w
New submarines for France: With nuclear propulsion and women's cabins Germany France 1w
5 Lobster Tails and a $560 Bottle of Wine, at Taxpayers’ Expense, Give Macron a Headache France 1w
5 Lobster Tails, a $560 Bottle of Wine and a Photo Give Macron a New Headache France 1w
Macron to unveil France's nuclear-powered 'Barracuda' submarine France 1w
LIVE: Macron hosts Ghana's president for African diaspora summit France Ghana 1w
Macron turns his sights on France's town halls for power base France 1w
Emmanuel Macron wants a "no taboo debate" with African diasporas 1w
Iran welcomes French efforts to save nuclear deal Iran France 1w
Macron seeks leading EU role in Iran crisis Iran France 1w
Iran: the very delicate French mediation Iran France 1w
Macron sends top adviser to Iran in bid to save nuclear deal Iran France 1w
Macron’s top adviser in Tehran in bid to save nuclear deal Iran France 1w
Trump, Macron discuss Iran's nuclear program: White House US Iran France 1w
Trump, Macron discuss Iran's nuclear program: White House US Iran France 1w
France: Macron vows to protect women from abusive partners France 1w
France: Macron vows to protect women from abusive partners France 1w
France's Macron condemns Iranian violation of 2015 nuclear commitments Iran France 1w
Nuclear deal with Iran threatens setback: Is the deal to be salvaged? | NZZ Iran France 1w
Emmanuel Macron on brink: Support for French President plummets to 26 percent France 1w
Emmanuel Macron on brink: Support for French President plummets to 26 percent France 1w
Macron Scrambles To Save Nuclear Deal Amid Reports Of Imminent Breach By Iran Iran France 1w
Carrot & stick: Macron teases 'dialogue' with Iran, threatens 'consequences' of nuclear deal br... Iran France 1w
Paris protests violence against women in France France 1w
France's Macron trying to save Iran nuclear deal by July 15 Iran France 1w
Macron warns Rouhani of consequences if nuclear deal weakened Iran France 1w
France, Iran agree to seek conditions to resume nuclear talks by... Iran France 1w
France’s Macron trying to save Iran nuclear deal by July 15 Iran France 1w
Ursula von der Leyen's EU nomination is a win for Emmanuel Macron Germany France 2w
How Emmanuel Macron got his way over the EU’s top jobs France 2w
Reforming EU won't block Balkan enlargement: Merkel France 2w
Seeking reset with journalists, Macron keeps press room inside Elysee France 2w
Seeking reset with journalists, Macron keeps press room inside Elysee France 2w
Head of largest European Parliament group condemns EU lack of democracy after leaders ignore el... 2w
First the traditional left died, now civil rights die | NZZ 2w
Macron exposed as EU admits France has taken NO action on carbon border tax France 2w
Macron and von der Leyen: A president is in raptures Germany 2w
Belgian Charles Michel, an ally of Emmanuel Macron as President of the European Council Belgium Poland 2w
Analysis: Macron won the EU top jobs poker game but could still pay a cost for his victory 2w
Emmanuel Macron says EU should not be scared of no-deal Brexit UK 2w
France's Macron says not scared of no-deal Brexit, responsibility... France 2w
European Council: Charles Michel, the regular of impossible coalitions succeeds Donald Tusk Belgium 2w
France's Macron says EU nominations positive for Europe France 2w
Macron slams fellow EU leaders as talks for top jobs stall France 2w
Macron red-faced as his office admits viral Ivanka Trump G20 clip had unintended upshots 2w
European "top jobs": two women at the highest positions in the Union? Germany 2w
Paris urges Iran ‘to immediately reduce’ enriched uranium reserves Iran France 2w
"France must redeem itself for having abandoned Michel-Thierry Atangana for seventeen years" France Cameroon 2w
Emmanuel Macron slams EU summit failure France 2w
Emmanuel Macron decries 'tainted' EU after Brussels fails to agree an heir to Jean-Claude Junck... 2w
Macron RIPS EU leaders after summit 'failure' to replace Juncker – EU 'profoundly tainted' 2w
Vladimir Putin smirks at Emmanuel Macron as French leader tries to scold Russia Russia France 2w
Macron ‘to block enlargement’ until EU is reformed France 2w
Macron bemoans ‘failure’ of EU leadership all-night summit, while Merkel urges patience 2w
EU leaders suspend talks without deal on top jobs, Macron fumes France 2w
The Battle for Europe's Top Job: It's Wrong to Horse Trade Over Next Commission President France 2w
French leader vows to block enlargement until EU is reformed France Macedonia Albania 2w
French President Macron slams EU summit failure, hopes for deal on... France 2w
France's Macron returning to Paris after EU summit suspended France 2w
Merkel and Macron suffer humiliating blow at EU summit as their plans thrown into chaos Germany Spain Netherlands France 2w
Jean-Baptiste Moreau, MP LRM: "The agreement with Mercosur is a passage in force" US 2w
Ivanka Trump gets 'death stare' from world leader as she tries to join G20 chat 2w
France's Macron sees three EU posts decided at Summit, ECB later France 2w
Christine Lagarde's 'priceless' reaction as Ivanka Trump speaks at G20 Canada France 2w
Osaka G20 summit communique: A 'work of diplomatic art' China India US France Japan Italy Saudi Arabia Argentina 2w