Emmanuel Macron

25th President of the French Republic more on Wikipedia

Paris in flames: Tear gas fired at protesters demonstrating death of black Frenchman France 8h
Emmanuel Macron’s grovelling apology exposed: ‘I’m ashamed’ France 2d
Emmanuel Macron’s grovelling apology exposed: ‘I’m ashamed’ France 2d
Cracks begin to widen in Emmanuel Macron's divided party - Financial Times 3d
Cracks begin to widen in Emmanuel Macron’s divided party 3d
Brexit outrage: Emmanuel Macron's plot to 'keep UK in customs union' exposed France UK 4d
Trump, Macron agree G7 meeting should be held in person, White House says US France 5d
Trump, Macron agree G7 should be held in person and in near future: White House US France 5d
Macron on the brink: Humiliation for French President as seven MORE MPs abandon his party France 6d
France's post-Brexit fisheries panic revealed: 'Without UK waters we will be a mess' France UK 1w
European leaders urge Netanyahu against West Bank annexations 1w
France announces €8bn rescue plan for car industry France 1w
France to inject almost $9 billion into ailing auto industry France 1w
Macron announces plan to rescue French auto industry France 1w
EU plans for virus bailouts rejected by ‘frugal four’ states 1w
EU crisis: BBC host shuts down French minister as Brussels power-grab sparks revolt France 1w
EU row: Frugal four hit back at Macron and Merkel's coronavirus plan - 'It will backfire!' 1w
End of the EU? Huge Macron-Merkel bailout unravels as Varoufakis predicts bloc's collapse 1w
France crisis: Fury erupts as hero doctors and nurses FINED for protesting against Macron France 1w

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Merkel on the brink: Fears Germany 'will pay EU's bills' sparks revolt in her OWN party Germany France 1w
EU crisis: Merkel and Macron's plan derailed amid furious Brussels revolt over COVID-19 Netherlands Sweden Austria Denmark 1w
France’s Macron 'willing’ to attend G7 summit in US if pandemic allows US France 2w
France's Macron open to travelling to U.S. for G7 if epidemic allows US France 2w
Trump, Macron agree on urgent need for de-escalation in Libya: White House US France 2w
Emmanuel Macron's party loses parliamentary majority - Financial Times 2w
Emmanuel Macron’s party loses absolute majority in French parliament France 2w
Emmanuel Macron’s party loses parliamentary majority 2w
Macron loses absolute majority in parliament as frustrated MPs DEFECT to new left-leaning group... France 2w
Macron fury: Why French President's aides fear he is 'own worst enemy' France 2w
French Foreign Minister: regrets new rebel party but LREM majority not in danger France 2w
Macron deprived of outright majority as party defectors form new parliamentary group France 2w
Defecting French lawmakers deprive Macron of outright parliament majority France 2w
Macron loses parliamentary majority as 10 MPs quit his party over broken promises France 2w
France and Germany Propose $545 Billion E.U. Coronavirus Relief Fund Germany France 2w
Coronavirus latest: France, Germany propose vast recovery fund Germany France 2w
Live: Macron and Merkel present joint Covid-19 recovery plan for EU Germany France 2w
French President Macron to hold video conference with Merkel Germany France 2w
Macron backlash: French leader confronted by furious doctors 'We are the shame of Europe!' France 2w
Humiliated French President Macon ‘green with envy’ over Boris Johnson’s popularity France 2w
PM and Emmanuel Macron's WhatsApp texts on travel blindsided officials France 2w
‘Desperate even before Covid-19’: Underequipped French nurses roast Macron at Paris hospital France 2w
We need funding, not medals, exhausted doctors tell France’s Macron France 2w
You failed us, virus-submerged French doctors tell Macron France 2w
France's Macron to meet Sanofi chief on May 19: Elysee France 2w
Macron coronavirus CHAOS: Paris mayor clashes with government on lockdown freedoms 2w
France not exempt from UK's 14-day quarantine rules, No 10 says France UK 3w
EU rift: Angela Merkel ally blames Emmanuel Macron for deadlock on Brexit fisheries talks Germany UK 3w
Summer holidays 'saved' as UK, Ireland and France draw up 'safe corridor' plan Ireland France UK 3w
Macron's support for Boris Johnson's bridge from UK to France exposed: 'Let's do it!' France UK 3w
In France's race for virus masks, old people lost out France 3w
Britain won't quarantine travellers from France at this stage - Elysee France UK 3w
France chaos: Macron forced to deny rumours of split with PM over coronavirus crisis France 3w
Emmanuel Macron crisis: Humiliating poll sparks panic for beleaguered French president France 3w
Macron's lawmakers told to pull together amid reports of new group France 3w
Live: France marks VE day anniversary in shadow of Covid-19 France 3w
France's Macron offers bailout for culture workers France 4w
‘How many have to die?’ Macron shamed as UK and EU exempt from French quarantine rules France UK 4w
France's Macron throws lockdown lifeline to culture sector France 4w
Macron announces extra aid for French arts sector battered by Covid-19 crisis France 4w
French President planning more aid for culture sector hit by coronavirus France 4w
EU leaders won't intervene to break Brexit trade talk deadlock 4w
Summer holidays for the French to be curtailed while Greece says it could open to tourists in J... France Greece 4w
Summer holidays CANCELED in France? Macron announces indefinite 'limit' on international travel... France 4w
France to limit international travel this summer, Macron says France 4w
France's Macron says major foreign travel to be limited this summer France 4w
Emmanuel Macron condemned: Support for France's response to coronavirus plummets – poll France 4w
Macron: France to pledge 500 million euros for global coronavirus vaccine hunt France 4w
Macron humiliated as Brexit campaigner dismantles fisheries row: 'Your bullying will fail' France UK 4w
Paris-area mayors call on Macron to delay reopening of schools beyond May 11 France 4w
A fifth of French think Le Pen would do better job than Macron: poll France 1mo
Life won't return to normal after lockdown ends, Macron warns in May Day address France 1mo
France's Macron says May 11 will not signal return to normal life France 1mo
Defying French lockdown, Le Pen places May Day wreath as Macron urges unity France 1mo
Coronavirus has revealed the EU's fatal flaw: the lack of solidarity France 1mo
France and Italy to ease lockdown as Spain finally allows children outside Spain France Italy 1mo
World leaders launch plan to speed COVID-19 drugs, vaccine; U.S. stays away US Germany France 1mo
Macron warns EU could ‘collapse’ over coronavirus – ‘The whole of Europe will fall’ France 1mo
Macron facing crisis as poll shows plummeting trust in France's coronavirus strategy France 1mo
World leaders due to launch COVID-19 drugs, vaccine plan: WHO Germany France 1mo
Macron calls probe into coronavirus pandemic untimely, Pompeo says China ‘failed to report’ out... China Australia 1mo
Macron flags ‘exit plan’ as France plans end to lockdown on May 11 – Elysee France 1mo
Covid-19: Wearing face masks will be 'recommended' but not mandatory in France France 1mo
EU showdown looms - Macron's radical bailout plan for 10% of Brussels' GDP stuns Merkel 1mo
France to rapidly ramp up production of face masks and respirators: Macron France 2mos
Three kidnapped French nationals and an Iraqi freed from captivity France Iraq 2mos
Macron against total lockdown in France, source says France 2mos
Emmanuel Macron wants more powers for the EU in health crises - Economo France 2mos
France's Macron threatened UK entry ban without more stringent measures: report France UK 2mos
France’s Macron gets popularity bump from coronavirus response France 2mos
Macron's popularity jumps as French approve of coronavirus response France 2mos
France under lockdown as coronavirus crisis deepens France 2mos
'We are at war': France imposes lockdown to combat virus France 2mos
Macron condemns ‘unilateral’ border control measures, discusses issue with Merkel – Elysee France 2mos
‘We are in a health war’: France severely limits movement for 2 weeks, cancels municipal electi... France 2mos
‘Stay home!’ France mobilizes 100,000 police to enforce coronavirus lockdown France 2mos
Escape and resignation as life slows in Paris France 2mos
Macron announces 15-day lockdown in French 'war' on coronavirus France 2mos
France to deploy 100,000 police to enforce coronavirus lockdown France 2mos
Macron warns 'we are at war' as France unveils $50 billion in coronavirus measures France 2mos
[Coronavirus] EU must avoid virus 'nationalism', Macron says France 2mos