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PM refuses to deny reports Tier 4 lockdown could be introduced if infections don’t come down 56m
Prince Harry took years to realise unconscious racial bias existed 1h
Another city in UK set for Tier 3 restrictions from Thursday 1h
Downing Street isn’t ready for a Joe Biden victory – but not for the reason you think US Iran France 1h
UK accused of letting private equity ‘cash in’ on loans 2h
How a Tier 4 level of Covid restrictions could work if Tier 3 rules don't tackle cases England 2h
Cage Match or P.R. Opportunity? Boris Johnson Bets on Live Press Briefings 2h
UK government warns restaurants against exploiting Covid-19 loophole 3h
UK Covid-19 cases and deaths: how the UK is coping with a second wave 3h
Parents defend UK headmistress after she was forced to apologize for lesson on Black History Mo... US 3h
UK shipping boss welcomes ‘clear message’ to would-be stowaways 3h
UK Coronavirus Vaccine: Hopefully it will work for older adults 4h
Prince Harry says ignorance no excuse for unconscious bias 4h
Tesco sorry for implying sanitary products are ‘non-essential’ in Wales lockdown 5h
Treaty banning nuclear weapons to enter into force - Al Jazeera English Japan 5h
Johnson serves hot dogs amid the Corona crisis 5h
Welsh. Return to confinement leaves people without access to clothes or books 5h
UK is recording more Covid-19 deaths per million people than the US US 5h
Almost half of British women do not self-examine for breast cancer 5h

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A Biden win will save Britain’s Tories from themselves 6h
HuffPost is now a part of Verizon Media 6h
Raheem Sterling leads tributes to former Manchester City youth player Jeremy Wisten who died at... 6h
Amazon gets on ‘secretive’ UK government panel on post-Brexit supply rules while benefiting fin... 6h
British Commandos Storm Tanker, Ending Standoff in English Channel 6h
Crew safe, 7 detained for suspected hijacking of oil tanker after U.K. commandos raid ship 6h
Oxford vaccine prompts immune response in elderly: AstraZeneca 6h
Police arrest seven after British special forces board tanker 6h
Frankfurter Zeitung October 23, 1930: What is the British policy in Palestine? 6h
Sanitary products non-essential? Wrong! Welsh government replies to shoppers after they share t... 6h
As a teacher in Thailand, I know Covid will stop my students going to UK universities | Sadie H... Thailand 7h
Former UK Brexit secretary reveals ‘disaster’ test and trace companies don’t face penalties for... 7h
Coronavirus: Welsh government forced to intervene after Tesco blocks period products from sale 7h
Volume of maritime cargo shipment via Turkey from UK disclosed Turkey 8h
Trained UK border staff being poached with government grant funds 8h
DOMINIC LAWSON: Joe Biden is not anti British 8h
Price to pay: UK circuit breaker would cost more than value of lives saved, ex-SAGE member says... 8h
UK cycling groups say rule on riding side-by-side is 'causing confusion' 8h
Soldiers put an end to "hijack" tanker off British coast Nigeria 8h
UK academics: opening of universities was illegal 9h
British special forces storm oil tanker in English Channel to arrest stowaways who threatened c... 9h
UK armed forces take control of ship in English Channel, seven people detained 9h
Instagram to change nudity policy after censoring Nyome Nicholas-Williams and Celeste Barber 9h
UK must move fast for US deal US 9h
UK health secretary not ruling out NEW level of Covid-19 restrictions as cases continue to surg... England 10h
EU's Barnier heads for London for Brexit deal talks 10h
Turkey discloses 9M2020 data on cargo movement via its ports from UK Turkey 10h
‘We’re not there yet’: British health minister dashes hopes AstraZeneca vaccine could be ready... 10h
'China WON'T be happy!' UK and Beijing set for clash over HUGE Brexit move in Africa China 10h
Brexit and Biden demand a bold new British foreign policy 10h
Russian airstrikes kill Turkish-backed rebels in Syria Russia Syria 11h
Tao Geoghegan Hart wins Giro d'Italia 11h
Our Brexit future? Come January, it looks more and more like 1980s Russia Russia 11h
Brexit talks no closer to a deal, say insiders 11h
Prince Azim of Brunei obituary Brunei 11h
'It'll be carnage': British companies dread a Brexit border breakdown 11h
UK coronavirus live: 'increased funding' planned for poorest families over Christmas amid free... 11h
'It'll be carnage': Many predict chaos for British firms when life after Brexit begins 12h
‘Libya deserves better’: Hope, doubts follow ceasefire deal - Al Jazeera English 12h
Gunmen kill at least six children in attack on Cameroon school - The Guardian Cameroon 12h
Seychelles opposition candidate wins presidential election - Al Jazeera English Seychelles 12h
Pope Francis announces first African-American cardinal - Sky News 12h
Xi’s carbon neutrality vow will reshape China’s five-year plan - Al Jazeera English China North Korea 12h
'It'll be carnage': British companies dread a Brexit border breakdown 12h
British military takes control of vessel threatened by stowaways 13h
Guinea elections: Alpha Condé wins third term amid violent protests - BBC News Guinea 13h
‘Demands not met’: Anti-government protests resume in Iraq - Al Jazeera English Iraq 13h
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: US-brokered ceasefire frays soon after starting - BBC News Armenia Azerbaijan 13h
Coronavirus news – latest uk updates: Matt Hancock digs in despite being 'inspired' by Rashford... 13h
British armed forces storm oil tanker near Isle of Wight after ‘hijacking’ 14h
Hamilton beats Schumacher's win record to make F1 history 14h
Japan PM Yoshihide Suga sets 2050 deadline for carbon neutrality China Japan 14h
UK weather forecast: Hurricane Epsilon CHAOS - 70mph winds and heavy rain batters Britain 14h
UK 'SBS' special forces storm tanker and detain stowaways in Channel 14h
Britain records 151 deaths - more than DOUBLE last Sunday's total 15h
Aerospace chief warns on UK sector over delayed Brexit deal 17h
Dentists warn of looming recruitment crisis in UK 17h
Covid leaves 6m UK small businesses and 16m jobs in 'precarious position' 19h
Taliban fighters paid £230 a month to clear minefields in Afghanistan Afghanistan 19h
UK armed forces take control of ship in English Channel, seven people detained 19h
Special forces retake oil tanker from 'hijackers' after stand-off Nigeria 19h
US election 2020: What the US election will mean for the UK US 19h
UK armed forces take control of ship, 7 detained 20h
Pandemic heroes among those honoured at Pride of Britain Awards 21h
British special forces storm 'highjacked' tanker in English Channel after stowaways turn violen... 21h
UK and Japan sign free trade agreement Japan 21h
Brexit talks 'on knife edge' over French fishermen plot to blockade access to EU waters Spain France 22h
UK bird flu threat level raised after swans infected in Netherlands Netherlands 23h
Turkey extends exploration in disputed East Med again - Al Jazeera English Greece Turkey 23h
UK ARMED FORCES seize control of oil tanker & detain 7 people after reported ‘hijacking attempt... 23h
Stowaways arrested on oil tankers 23h
Nigeria protests: Police chief deploys 'all resources' amid street violence - BBC News Nigeria 23h
Britain at fault for Brexit fishing woes | Letters 1d
Aussie Jai Hindley falls just 39 seconds short of Giro d'Italia victory Australia 1d
UK armed forces take control of ship in English Channel, seven people detained 1d
UK military seizes ship in English Channel after 'stowaway' security alert Nigeria Liberia-registered 1d
Worst-hit Covid patients' brains age up to 10 YEARS & IQ falls, study finds 1d
UK records 19,790 new cases and 151 dead in the last 24 hours 1d
‘Hijacking by stowaways’? UK police & coastguard deal with ‘major incident’ onboard oil tanker... Nigeria 1d
Brit 'had sex with wife before strangling her and stabbing her to death' 1d
"Departure Kelderman does play a role in Sunweb choices" 1d