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From Covid to immigration, an all-out clash in the final match between Trump and Biden 9m
Trump stuck fighting the 2016 war as Biden comes out on top 9m
Trump and Biden clash on racism at presidential debate – video 9m
Obama campaigns for Biden and slams Trump as a 'crazy uncle' 9m
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Trump, Biden debate marked by clashes, but less chaos US 1h
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Trump and Biden spar in final presidential debate 1h
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'I ran because of you!': Trump sounds off at Biden 1h
CNN Poll: Biden wins final presidential debate 1h
Your Friday Briefing 1h

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US Election 2020: Trump and Biden trade accusations of corruption China US 1h
Trump pressing on the FBI chief: "Investigations into Biden" 1h
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Biden calls Rudy Giuliani ‘Russian pawn’ as he & Trump accuse each other of taking over foreign... Russia 3h
Biden says he’ll ‘shut down the virus, not the country’, then says he ‘won’t rule out’ another... 3h
Trump's response about responsibility stirs up Biden 3h
Fact checking the final 2020 presidential election debate 3h
Obama comes out all guns blazing in support of Biden US 3h
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Trump to bring Hunter Biden’s business partner to debate as guest 8h
Mute buttons at the ready for final Trump-Biden debate 9h
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NPR says it ‘won’t waste readers’ time’ on Biden emails ‘non-story’ – after happily parroting a... 12h
Biden breaks silence on Supreme Court packing, wants to go 'well beyond' that to overhaul entir... US 12h
Moderator has 'mute power' as Trump, Biden face off in final presidential debate US 12h
Honeymoon over? Saudi Arabia-U.S. ties face reset with Biden win US Saudi Arabia 12h
Russia and America: Biden would be a threat to Putin US Russia 12h
Obama attacks Trump for 'ignoring' pandemic at Biden rally US 12h
Facebook and Twitter chiefs ordered to testify over Biden article 14h
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Why would Iran send pro-Trump emails if it wants Biden to win? There are three possible reasons US Iran Russia 22h
The Hunter Biden story is a crucial moment: does Twitter care more than News Corp about fact-ch... 23h
Why would Iran send pro-Trump emails if it wants Biden to win? There are three possible reasons US Iran Russia 23h
Biden breaks silence on son's laptop and Rudy Giuliani's allegations - The Independent Russia 1d
Biden breaks silence on son's laptop and Rudy Giuliani's allegations - The Independent Russia 1d