Donald Trump

45th President of the United States more on Wikipedia

"Mexican Narcos Won't Let Wall Limit Power" US Mexico 4m
US election: 70m Americans have voted by post, more than half the 2016 turnout US 5m
Joe Biden leads Donald Trump by 17 in Wisconsin and seven in Michigan 10m
Anxiety 2020: Voters worry about safety at the polls 14m
Analysis: How Arizona complicates Trump's re-election bid 25m
Ahead of U.S. poll, Trump ends a U.S. restriction applying to Israeli settlements | Law-Order US Israel Palestine 29m
Trump tells suburban women he is 'getting your husbands back to work' 55m
Trump's key moments from his three-state election rally day 1h
Trump: Voting for GOP acknowledges 'Abraham Lincoln was a Republican' 1h
Six days from the US election: What you need to know US 2h
Key moments from Trump's three-state rally day 2h
Americans refuse to give up their land for Donald Trump's Mexico border wall US Mexico 3h
Watch again: Trump holds campaign rally in Lansing, Michigan US 3h
Corporate America is breaking with Donald Trump US 3h
Trump would have no chance in the EU - except in Poland Poland 3h
Donald Trump setback in rape defamation case 3h
How Trump compares with prior presidents: His economy in 10 charts 4h
Trump cuts number of refugees allowed into US to historic low US 4h
BBC's Maitlis shut down by John Bolton after accusing Trump of being 'clearly corrupt' 4h

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Trump touts 'America First' but Biden wary of 'America alone' China US North Korea Israel Russia 4h
Melania wears a green belted dress for speech about 'handsome' husband Donald Trump 4h
Donald Trump's campaign site briefly hacked 4h
India tries to shake off pro-Trump image in run-up to US election India US 4h
Obama Mocks Trump: "He's Jealous Coronavirus Media Interest" US 5h
Donald Trump declares pandemic is 'ending' despite cases soaring in US US 5h
Donald Trump tells women: 'Your husbands want to get back to work' 5h
Harry Styles endorses Joe Biden in election against Donald Trump 5h
Trump campaign mocks liberals with ‘morning after’ election video -‘Still your President!' 5h
‘Apologise!’: Rudy Giuliani reacts angrily to questioning in Fox interview fiasco – video 5h
US election polls tracker 2020: Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden win the race to be president? US 5h
Mar-a-Lago resort billed THREE DOLLARS for president's glass of water US 6h
Meet the swing voters who could decide Donald Trump's political fate US 6h
Trump says Covid numbers 'way down' as US passes 226,000 deaths US 7h
US Election Day 2020: When is it, what time do polls open, and how does voting work? US 7h
Trump: Two weeks of votes count "totally inappropriate" US 7h
Lara Trump appeals to evangelical voters to support Donald Trump in Pensacola stop 8h
Biden vows to back Belarus opposition in removing Lukashenko Belarus 8h
Obama fires back after Trump's Covid-19 complaint 9h
US presidential election: Donald Trump retains chances of victory despite unfavorable polls US the states 9h
'Already broken': US election unlikely to change relations with Russia US Russia 9h
Trump lashes out after Obama labels him as 'jealous of Covid's media coverage' 9h
Trump Wants Putin To ‘Join Forces’ On China, Former Adviser Says China Russia 10h
Trump mocks Joe Biden after he mistakes president for Georgw Bush 10h
Joe Biden, 77, accused of forgetting Donald Trump's name during live appearance 10h
Trump and Biden vie for American women US 10h
'Let me finish': John Bolton clashes with BBC journalist Emily Maitlis over Trump – video 10h
Why a Joe Biden win would be disastrous for Boris Johnson US Iran Israel Russia UK Turkey Hungary Brazil 10h
US Presidential, D - 6: Joe Biden on the offensive in Georgia and Iowa US 11h
Barack Obama pokes fun at Donald Trump saying 'he's jealous of COVID's media coverage' US 11h
Donald Trump's campaign investigating 'attack' on website 11h
Trump uses outdated thinking in attempt to woo suburban women 11h
'Trump's jealous of Covid's media coverage' Barack Obama mocks Trump on campaign trail for Joe... 11h
Trump on 'sleepy Joe' calling him George, 'Should I be insulted or happy?' 11h
Meet the suburban women who are turning away from Donald Trump 11h
Trump faces rape libel claim after ruling he is not employee of US government US 12h
New York Times: Tax records show Trump had over $270 million in debt forgiven after failing to... 12h
Wisconsin's record single day spikes in Covid-19 cases and deaths crystalized his administratio... US 12h
Joe Biden humiliated by Donald Trump after warning of '4 more years of GEORGE' in blunder 12h
Live: Trump holds campaign rally in Nebraska US 12h
Live: Trump campaign rally in Omaha, Nebraska 13h
Trump campaign website briefly defaced in cyber attack 13h
Live replay: Amy Coney Barrett CONFIRMED as Supreme Court justice 13h
In Pennsylvania, the timid return of workers to the democratic fold fold 14h
Donald Trump: Hackers claim ‘full access’ to President’s official campaign website 14h
Donald Trump: Hackers claim ‘full access’ to President’s official campaign website 14h
Live: Trump holds MAGA rally in Wisconsin US 14h
Fact check: Trump makes at least 16 false or misleading claims to '60 Minutes' 14h
Democrats, Trump confirm no US stimulus before Election Day US 15h
Biden hits new battleground, Trump blitzes Midwest 15h
Opinion | The Big Choice 15h
Biden is closing his campaign as he began it 16h
Trump appears to give pass to kidnapping plot against Whitmer 16h
Clip shows Donald Trump storm out of CNN interview in 1990 when asked about finances 16h
Live: Trump campaign rally in West Salem, Wisconsin 16h
Voters’ remorse? Searches spike for ‘can I change my vote’ as US election enters home stretch US 17h
Opinion: Justice Barrett could now be part of Trump's firewall US 17h
Justin Trudeau offers blunt assessment of global pandemic: ‘It really sucks’ 17h
Will Joe Biden be better for the Middle East than Donald Trump? US 17h
Trump: Failed cease-fire in occupied Nagorno-Karabakh 'disappointing' US Armenia Azerbaijan 17h
Judge rules US cannot shield Trump from rape defamation lawsuit US 18h
Senator Lynn Beyak donated to Donald Trump's re-election campaign US 18h
Live: Trump campaign rally in Lansing, Michigan 18h
Obama mocks Trump: 'He’s jealous of Covid’s media coverage' US 19h
The absolutely bonkers threat Donald Trump made this week 19h
Melania makes first solo campaign stop of year in Pennsylvania 20h
Joe Biden calls Trump the 'worst possible' person to lead the US through coronavirus pandemic US 20h
Death, debt, and degradation: Trump’s border wall after four years 20h
'You're a piece of TRASH': NFL star DeAndre Hopkins DENIES risking lives while INSULTING Donald... 20h
Obama offers blistering criticism of Trump: 'He's jealous of Covid's media coverage' 21h
Donald Trump setback in rape defamation case 21h
Donald Trump is (still) totally obsessed with crowd size 21h
Donald Trump says he dreams of 'trucking the hell out of here' 22h
New York judge rejects attempt by US Justice Department to defend Trump in rape case US 22h
Amy Coney Barrett takes oath and becomes a member of the US Supreme Court US 22h
60 Minutes airs full dust-up interview with Trump which ended with President walking out 23h
Trump response to rape accuser not within the scope of his job as president, court rules US 23h
What is at stake for Donald Trump? It’s certainly not just the election | Arwa Mahdawi 23h
Campaign in US pushes social media to 'arbiter of truth' role US 23h
United States ‘cannot replace Trump in columnist’s defamation lawsuit’ US 23h
Trump sees himself facing victory in “real” polls US 23h