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DOJ hasn’t seen evidence of ‘systemic fraud’ says AG Barr – because it hasn’t been looking, Tru... 4m
What’s happening in the US election in 500 words 4m
US Attorney General: No fraud found that could change election 4m
Trump to meet COVID-19 vaccine makers, gov’t officials next week 4m
Barr says he has not seen proof that voter fraud swayed US election 4m
Leaked government map reveals almost entire US is a Covid hotspot 4m
China’s Africa loans ‘underestimated risk, like those of US, Japan in past’ China Japan 8m
Justice Department finds no evidence of fraud that would change U.S. election result, Barr says 8m
Europe's schools still open, still relatively safe, through covid-19 second wave 9m
Jared Kushner takes on Qatar blockade in Middle East ‘swan song’ Israel Saudi Arabia Qatar 14m
Farm animals antibiotics data raises post-Brexit trade fears Canada UK 23m
US attorney general finds 'no voter fraud that could overturn election' 24m
US senators announce $908bn stimulus proposal - Financial Times 29m
‘Mercenary’ donor exploited US politics to help Erdogan, other foreign officials 33m
US Secretary: No evidence of widespread electoral fraud 33m
EU eyes Dec. 29 approval for 1st coronavirus vaccine, later than US UK 58m
Parler, the 'free speech' Twitter clone, surged in Australia after US election Australia 1h
Trump files Wisconsin lawsuit, Biden campaign decries it as 'completely baseless' 1h
Canada says US border measures to last until virus under control Canada 1h

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Pop-up school for US asylum seekers thrives despite pandemic Mexico 1h
Qualcomm: Android phones to get 'lucky number' Snapdragon 888 chip China 1h
Canada: US border measures to last until virus under control Canada 1h
U.S. Supreme Court justices question human rights claims against Nestle and Cargill 1h
China moves to surpass US in economics, technology and military, report says China 1h
Coronavirus Was In U.S. Weeks Earlier Than Previously Known, Study Says 2h
LIVE | "Coronavirus already in US December 2019" China 2h
US senators announce $908bn stimulus proposal 2h
Journalist drags WHO boss before Criminal Court for "genocide" Ethiopia 3h
U.S. accuses China of 'flagrant violation' of North Korea sanctions - News Express China North Korea 3h
US pins hope on vaccine amid November surge in COVID-19 cases 3h
Bahrain praises US partnership as ‘cornerstone’ of Gulf security Bahrain 3h
Hong Kong now one of key sticking points between China, US: Tung Chee-hwa China 3h
Journalist drags Ethiopian WHO boss before Criminal Court for "genocide" Ethiopia 3h
Nasdaq threatens 75% of listed companies with order to appoint women & LGBT or other 'diverse'... 3h
US offers $5mn reward for evidence of NK sanctions evasion, accuses China of failing to meet en... China North Korea 3h
Mystery monolith vanishes in Romania - alien action or local prank? Romania 3h
U.S. bipartisan lawmakers propose $908 billion COVID-19 relief bill 3h
President Trump wants to reverse loss in state of Wisconsin 3h
Mary Trump to release new book on ‘America’s national trauma’ 3h
United Nations To Vote On Marijuana Rescheduling And CBD Issues This Week, With U.S. Backing So... 4h
Nasdaq to Corporate America: Make your boards more diverse or get out 4h
Coronavirus could have been spreading in US as early as mid-December 2019, study suggests 4h
U.S. manufacturing sector slows in November - ISM 4h
US hospitals fill with 100,000 Covid-19 cases amid fear of pre-Christmas surge 4h
US lawmakers urged to put ‘reciprocity’ at heart of China relationship China 4h
US accuses China of ‘flagrant violation’ of North Korea sanctions China North Korea 4h
US-China ties will stabilise but remain competitive: ex-Australia PM China 5h
EU-Asean partnership: "Together we have a strong voice in this world" China 5h
LIVE | Almost all shoppers in Maastricht came from Wallonia 5h
Nasdaq wants to make boardroom diversity a must for listed firms 5h
U.S. accuses China of 'flagrant violation' of North Korea sanctions China North Korea 5h
American study finds signs of coronavirus in US before China outbreak China 5h
France threatens to seek EU-level response if hit by US sanctions over its digital tax on tech... France 5h
Nasdaq seeking permission to require diversity at listed companies 6h
USA: Scott Atlas, Trump advisor who fought lockdowns, leaves 6h
Russia makes defensive missiles combat ready in Far East as recent border incursion by US force... Russia Japan 6h
European culture to have new dimensions with Lachin's liberation - US expert 6h
Pakistan court resumes appeal hearing in Daniel Pearl murder Pakistan 7h
China’s trade pivot from US could create regional tech winners in Asia China South Korea Japan Taiwan 7h
Pfizer and BioNTech laboratories in turn apply for authorization for their vaccine in Europe Germany 7h
K-pop stars BTS extend career by two years after military service law change 7h
Obama jokes that there's 'so much he could have not done' in office 7h
"Kim Jong-un received corona vaccine from China" China North Korea Japan 8h
BioNTech, Pfizer apply to EU agency for emergency use of COVID-19 vaccine Germany 8h
USA. Blood tests point to coronavirus in December 8h
First blood test for Alzheimer’s goes on sale in US 8h
Australia and US to take on China and Russia in hypersonic missiles China Russia Australia 8h
US arms sales to UAE draw criticism from dozens of human rights groups UAE United Arab Emirates 8h
Lavrov says Russia will work with next US president, if there is ‘mutual respect,’ but Moscow i... Russia 8h
BioNTech, Pfizer ask Europe to quickly approve virus vaccine Germany 8h
Covid, an elderly man in tears seeks his wife. The doctor hugs him and the photo goes viral 8h
China to overtake US as world's largest consumer market 'very soon' China 9h
Vaccination: Biontech / Pfizer applied for EU approval 9h
BioNTech, Pfizer ask Europe to OK vaccine for emergency use Germany 9h
Afghan pilot takes refuge at US base to obtain US asylum Afghanistan 9h
NATO meeting: Germany hopes for continued US support in Afghanistan Germany Afghanistan 9h
Coronavirus: Pfizer, BioNTech apply for EU approval of vaccine UK 9h
‘Less unpleasant but not fundamentally different’: Transatlantic divides after Biden win 9h
U.S. capital may end weekend subway service in 2021 9h
At Disney, "the notion of social responsibility fades in the face of fiduciary responsibility t... 10h
China gave COVID-19 vaccine candidate to North Korea's Kim: U.S. analyst China North Korea 10h
Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple reportedly lobbied to weaken a bill aimed at preventing them from ma... China 10h
Nuclear war between US & Russia more likely as Americans ‘share’ bombs with European NATO membe... Russia 10h
US Covid response in chaos as controversial Trump pandemic adviser Atlas resigns – live updates 10h
Britain can counter China’s threat to international order China UK 10h
Lewis Hamilton is infected and fails next GP; US exceeds 13.5 million cases 10h
Joe Biden has picked his economic team - but who makes the cut in his diverse financial departm... 10h
Joe Biden's vow to end US 'love affair' with autocrats meets early test - Financial Times 10h
Mirae Asset wins U.S. lawsuit against China's Anbang on scrapped $5.8 billion hotel deal China South Korea 11h
Former CIA director 'concerned' over Trump's claims Russia 11h
China urges U.S. to correct mistake on Venezuela-related sanctions China 11h
Biden to receive top-secret US intelligence briefing for first time today 11h
Fauci asks Americans to be 'part of the solution' and get vaccinated as states prepare for dist... 11h
Pandemic threatens to crush dollar & plunge US economy into double-dip recession, top economist... 11h
A Successful U.S. Missile Intercept Ends the Era of Nuclear Stability China Iran North Korea Russia 12h
World’s largest trade pact led by China could crush US gas exports China 12h
Donald Trump's Covid advisor Scott Atlas to leave the White House 12h
US Federal Reserve head: ‘Challenging’ months until vaccine comes 13h
Moderna: Approval for corona vaccine applied for 13h
CNN: China reported too low a number of corona infections in February China 13h