Joe Biden

47th Vice President of the United States (in office from 2009 to 2017) more on Wikipedia

U.S. Intelligence Agencies Say China and Iran Want Trump to Lose China US Iran Russia 5h
Why do the US even have a vice president? US 5h
New 2020 election map predicts resounding victory for Biden against Trump - The Independent 7h
Russia 'trying to denigrate Joe Biden' in bid to meddle in US election, says security chief China US Iran Russia 8h
US election shock: China wants Joe Biden to BEAT Trump claims US intelligence China US 10h
Russia acting against Biden as China opposes Trump: U.S. counterintelligence chief China US Russia 11h
Kanye West slaps down election rig rumour and bites down on his presidential bid 11h
‘Why not a diverse Latino?’ Maxine Waters claims Biden ‘can't go home without black woman VP,’... US 12h
Trump could stay in office with a constitutional trick US 12h
Biden campaign targeted by Russia, China and Iran also aim to meddle in US election, official w... China US Iran Russia 13h
Republicans seize on Joe Biden’s race blunder 14h
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer met with Biden to discuss VP job, sources say 14h
US intel: Russia acting against Biden; China opposes Trump China US Russia 14h
Biden attacks Trump for saying he would 'hurt God' if elected US 15h
Trump claims Joe Biden will 'hurt God' if elected president 15h
Brexit row: Joe Biden ‘poised to favour Ireland over UK after election’ US Ireland UK 19h
Former Clinton aide targets Kim Kardashian with BOYCOTT calls as Kanye West accused of running... 19h
US intelligence says Russia, China and Iran will attempt election interference China US Iran Russia 19h
Joe Biden is about to make the most consequential VP pick in US history US 20h

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U.S. counterspy chief warns Russia, China, Iran trying to meddle in 2020 election China US Iran Russia 20h
Joe Biden issues clarification after second gaffe in a week as polls begin to tighten 23h
‘Biden no longer worthy of the black vote’: Trump pounces on ‘Sleepy Joe’ for controversial div... US 23h
Kanye West hints his presidential campaign could hand win to Donald Trump 1d
Biden through the dust after verbal slips on blacks US 1d
CNN political analyst: Biden is in a better position than Clinton ever was 1d
Congress spars over Russia's intentions in spreading disinformation about Biden US Russia 1d
Kanye West presidential campaign enablers appear focused on siphoning off Biden support US 1d
Playing electoral defence, Trump claims Biden opposes God US 1d
Kanye West suggests he IS running a spoiler campaign against Joe Biden 1d
Biden's first big test of judgement approaches - who gets the vice-president nod? 1d
Biden's relationship with Obama offers a guide to his running mate search 1d
Welcome to the most misogynist US presidential election of all time - what woman would want to... US 1d
Donald Trump claims Joe Biden is 'against God' US 1d
Kanye West appears to admit his presidential campaign is a stunt to hurt Joe Biden 1d
How Biden's time with Obama may influence his VP pick 1d
CNN's Chris Cuomo: Trump's judgment 'may be impaired' 1d
Donald Trump accuses Roman Catholic Joe Biden of being 'against God' 1d
Donald Trump’s request for early debate with Joe Biden rejected 1d
Trump bans US dealings with TIkTok as Joe Biden says calling him 'godless' was 'shameful' - fol... US 1d
Joe Biden clarifies remarks on black and Hispanic voters US 1d
Scientist predicts Biden victory against Trump US 1d
Trump falsely claims Joe Biden is 'against God and guns' – video 1d
Donald Trump says NRA should move to Texas before insisting Joe Biden will 'hurt God' 1d
Donald Trump claims Joe Biden is 'against God' and 'against guns' 1d
Trump's 'bizarre' and false claim about Biden 1d
Donald Trump: Joe Biden is against God and against guns US 1d
A Trump campaign ad used doctored photos of Biden 1d
Trump rips Biden's 'insulting' comments to the black community US 1d
President Trump claims rival Joe Biden opposes God 1d
Trump claims Joe Biden 'lost the entire African American community' US 1d
Trump says he's getting information about 'terrible' mail-in ballots 1d
Biden says Latinos are ‘incredibly diverse,’ UNLIKE BLACK VOTERS 1d
Trump says Biden's comment to journalist was 'great insult to black community' US 1d
Instagram's algorithm blocked negative coverage of Trump, but not Biden 1d
Joe Biden goes after Trump country in $280 million campaign push 1d
Joe Biden launches new national ad aimed at Black Americans 1d
Trump wants debates moved up as campaign demand a FOURTH face-off 1d
Coronavirus update: COVID-19 adds new uncertainty to campaign for White House US 2d
US presidential hopeful Joe Biden's new national ad addresses black voters US 2d
New polls suggest Trump's position has stabilized 2d
Susan Rice is the VP Biden needs 2d
Joe Biden would be wise to pick Kamala Harris 2d
Donald Trump and Joe Biden forced to break with convention for nomination events 2d
Joe Biden: 'Why the hell would I take a cognitive test?' 2d
"No, Joe Biden is not the big favorite in the US presidential election" China US 2d
One death every 80 seconds: The grim new toll of COVID-19 in America US 2d
Trump campaign demands early September presidential debate 2d
Biden flinches at question about memory test US 2d
Biden won't go to Milwaukee, site of Democratic convention, to accept presidential nomination 2d
Biden to accept nomination remotely over virus fears 2d
Biden backs out of attending Democratic convention on Covid-19 fears, will instead accept presi... 2d
Joe Biden will no longer travel to Milwaukee to accept Democratic nomination 2d
Fact check: Biden says he hasn't taken a cognitive test. Is he flip-flopping? 2d
Kanye West's presidential bid 'aided by Trump-linked staff to beat Joe Biden' US 2d
Election campaign in America: Biden does not travel to the nomination convention in Milwaukee US 2d
Gaffe-smothered Biden laughs off the idea he should take a cognitive test 3d
Biden rules out in-person appearance at Democratic convention 3d
Joe Biden hits back at suggestion he should take cognitive test 3d
Joe Biden failed to go to Milwaukee for Democrats nomination 3d
Joe Biden will not accept party nomination in original convention venue 3d
Biden 'will not travel to convention' to accept Democratic nomination 3d
Joe Biden aims to outspend Donald Trump on TV ads ahead of US election - Financial Times US 3d
Sexism casts shadow over Biden's search for a female running mate - The Guardian US 3d
Several Republicans are helping Kanye West secure place on 2020 ballot 3d
Prince Harry’s ‘nod to Joe Biden’ in explosive video speech 3d
Trump wants more airtime with Biden 3d
Jill Biden dings Donald Trump for mocking Joe's cognitive ability 3d
Joe Biden running mate: Who will Biden pick for VP? 3d
Joe Biden running mate: Who will Biden pick for VP? 3d
Biden's wife says he WILL debate Trump, as CNN blames right wingers for ‘imaginary controversy’ 3d
Three Biden claims about Trump fact-checked 3d
Coronavirus US: Biden tells Trump 'step up and do your job' over Covid-19 death toll – live - T... US UK 3d
Media ramps up campaign to get Biden out of debates with Trump, offering various excuses other... 4d
Opinion | Will Joe Biden Duck the Debates? 4d
Trump continues to lose ground in election as nation grapples with coronavirus 4d
Who will be Joe Biden's running mate? 5d
Black women seize their moment in the political spotlight as Joe Biden set to name running mate 5d
The one mistake Biden mustn't make with his veep pick 5d
Trump relaunches campaign as funds flood in for Biden 5d
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