Joe Biden

47th Vice President of the United States (in office from 2009 to 2017) more on Wikipedia

Trump, Harris campaigns duel in Arizona: US election live news US 1m
The Countdown: YouTuber Cammie Scott, Sarah Cooper and Trumphernalia 51m
Six days from the US election: What you need to know US 1h
Why 2020 could be the year of the young voter 1h
Obama to join Biden on campaign trail for final push 1h
Endangering European security: Joe Biden's assertion that Russia is number one 'threat' to US f... US Russia 3h
Trump touts 'America First' but Biden wary of 'America alone' China US North Korea Israel Russia 4h
India tries to shake off pro-Trump image in run-up to US election India US 4h
Hunter’s ex-business partner says Joe Biden is ‘COMPROMISED’ by China, while detailing family d... China 4h
Joe Biden looks like a safe pair of hands for the US economy | Jeffrey Frankel US 4h
Harry Styles endorses Joe Biden in election against Donald Trump 5h
US election polls tracker 2020: Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden win the race to be president? US 5h
Biden time: what a Democratic presidency might mean to the Canada-U.S. relationship Canada 6h
Joe Biden calls running mate’s husband ‘Kamala’s wife’ as gaffes pile up days before election 6h
Hunter Biden's former business partner Tony Bobulinski on Fox News 7h
US Election Day 2020: When is it, what time do polls open, and how does voting work? US 7h
Trump: Two weeks of votes count "totally inappropriate" US 7h
Survey: No European countries would reelect Trump except Poland Poland 7h
Obama slams Trump’s coronavirus response: 'He's jealous of COVID's media coverage' 8h

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Obama fires back after Trump's Covid-19 complaint 9h
US presidential election: Donald Trump retains chances of victory despite unfavorable polls US the states 9h
'Already broken': US election unlikely to change relations with Russia US Russia 9h
Trump mocks Joe Biden after he mistakes president for Georgw Bush 9h
Joe Biden, 77, accused of forgetting Donald Trump's name during live appearance 9h
Why a Joe Biden win would be disastrous for Boris Johnson US Iran Israel Russia UK Turkey Hungary Brazil 10h
US Presidential, D - 6: Joe Biden on the offensive in Georgia and Iowa US 10h
Barack Obama pokes fun at Donald Trump saying 'he's jealous of COVID's media coverage' US 10h
'Trump's jealous of Covid's media coverage' Barack Obama mocks Trump on campaign trail for Joe... 11h
Election campaign in America: Trump attacks Muslim MPs US 11h
Trump on 'sleepy Joe' calling him George, 'Should I be insulted or happy?' 11h
Will Jill Biden and Kamala Harris be the women who rule White House? 11h
Joe Biden humiliated by Donald Trump after warning of '4 more years of GEORGE' in blunder 12h
Joe Biden humiliated by Donald Trump after warning of '4 more years of GEORGE' in blunder 12h
Covid: Trump's chief of staff admits US cannot control pandemic US 12h
Biden vows his unity can ‘save country’ as Trump hits Midwest US 13h
In Pennsylvania, the timid return of workers to the democratic fold fold 13h
Biden vows to ‘restore our soul’ as Trump hits Midwest US 13h
Biden turns to Belarus, vows to sanction ‘Lukashenko regime henchmen’ till Minsk turns ‘democra... US Belarus 13h
Biden hits new battleground, Trump blitzes Midwest 14h
Biden’s Plans for Latin America: End ‘Bully Dictating Policy’ US 15h
Opinion | The Big Choice 15h
Melania Trump criticises Biden and Democrats in first solo campaign stop US 15h
Biden is closing his campaign as he began it 15h
Live: Biden drive-in rally in Atlanta, Georgia US 15h
Voters’ remorse? Searches spike for ‘can I change my vote’ as US election enters home stretch US 16h
Mike Bloomberg launches a massive ad blitz in Texas and Ohio 16h
Will Joe Biden be better for the Middle East than Donald Trump? US 17h
EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Audio Confesses Partnership With China 'Spy Chief'... Joe Biden Named a... China 17h
Biden vows unity can ‘save this country’ as Trump hits Midwest US 17h
Biden goes on offensive in Georgia, Trump targets Midwest with one week to go 18h
Live: Biden campaign rally in Warm Springs, Georgia US 18h
Trump’s use of China as campaign issue never got traction, analysts say China 18h
Obama mocks Trump: 'He’s jealous of Covid’s media coverage' US 18h
Joe Biden calls Trump the 'worst possible' person to lead the US through coronavirus pandemic US 19h
Is this what democracy looks like? Rich donors pack Biden’s campaign chest to seduce poor spurn... 20h
Barack Obama campaigns for Joe Biden in Florida – watch live 21h
Trump: Early voters want to 'change their vote to me' after debate 23h
Biden goes on offense in Georgia while Trump targets Midwest US 1d
US coronavirus cases surge in midwest as Trump heads there in campaign push US 1d
Seven days from US Election Day: What you need to know US 1d
Billionaire Bloomberg is once again talking about Biden's election campaign US 1d
US election 2020: Putin softens tone to be ready for change at the White House US 1d
US election: from Montana to Florida, everyone’s talking about China China US 1d
Biden is hoping to repeat Clinton's upset in Georgia 1d
Trump focusing on defending states that he won four years ago but where polls show he now trail... 1d
American steals bulldozer to destroy "Biden Garden" US 1d
Follow the latest 2020 election polls - The Independent UK 1d
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris head for Republican strongholds one week before poll US 1d
Tony Bobulinski to reveal 'new allegations' about Bidens 1d
Matt Bai: Story of perseverance and decency could yet have a truly inspirational ending 1d
Trump mocks Joe Biden after embarrassing 'George' blunder – ‘Couldn’t remember my name’ 1d
Joe Biden mixes up Donald Trump with George Bush 1d
Poll raises Biden’s hope of victory in Texas for first time since 1976 1d
Moment Joe Biden calls Donald Trump 'George' in mix-up 1d
Trump mocks Biden for calling him 'George' and says media helping rival US 1d
Confused Trump says Joe Biden will give Americans 'biggest tax cut ever' - twice 1d
Donald Trump warning: US President told to expect 'landslide' in election US 1d
Trump calls Biden a 'pathetic candidate' 1d
Brad Pitt throws support behind Joe Biden as he speaks in Democratic advert 1d
Arabs overwhelmingly hope Biden parts ways with Obama legacy: poll US 1d
Biden is leading in these battleground states 1d
Opinion | How 50 Cent Becomes 20 Cent 1d
"Four more years of... George" Bush or Lopez? Liberals and conservatives clash over who Biden r... 1d
Analysis: This influential newspaper just broke a 100-plus year streak of endorsing a Republica... 1d
Downing Street isn’t ready for a Joe Biden victory – but not for the reason you think US Iran France UK 1d
Is being 'decent' enough for Biden to win the US election? US 1d
Pence's team taking Covid-19 precautions as he continues campaign schedule 1d
Trump campaign tells reporters they're confident the President will win battleground states 1d
Donald Trump vs Joe Biden 2020 policies: how the Republican and Democratic views compare 1d
Brad Pitt narrates ad for Joe Biden's US presidential campaign US 1d
US election: Confident Joe Biden takes fight on to Republican turf US 1d
More than 60 million pre-election votes have been cast 1d
How a Biden / Harris presidency could change the Middle East US 1d
‘Not the case at all’: Kremlin lambasts Biden’s assertion that main threat to US is Russia, wan... US Russia 1d
Kamala Harris bursts out laughing when asked if she’ll push for ‘progressive’ policies, ignitin... 2d
'He couldn't remember my name': Trump mocks Biden for confusing him with George Bush, accuses m... 2d
Biden says in video he has created 'voter fraud organization' US 2d
Polls: Trump is behind where he was at this point in 2016 2d
Pre-election voting has surpassed all 2016 early ballots cast  2d
DOMINIC LAWSON: Joe Biden is not anti British UK 2d