Xi Jinping

General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and paramount leader of China more on Wikipedia

Chinese peacekeepers deliver medical help after Beirut port explosion China Lebanon 2d
Xi Jinping’s inward economic pivot clouded by weak domestic demand China 4d
China accused of 'global domination' plot via COVID-19 spread as 'Xi wants to rule world' China 6d
Xi Jinping braces for turbulence ahead as US relations deteriorate China US 1w
Hong Kong: Xi Jinping's force with impunity 1w
'Gloves are off' China warned Trump prepared to cut all ties with Beijing as tensions soar China US 1w
Chinese Territory Claims In Bhutan, India "Testing" The World, Says US China India US Bhutan 1w
China Is What Orwell Feared China 1w
South China Sea latest: Trump deploys ground-breaking military equipment in threat to Xi China 3w
U.S. Wants to Bar Members of China’s Communist Party. Who Are They? China US 3w
Western powers are getting bolder on China China US 3w
Chinese university sacks professor who criticised President Xi, friends say China 3w
Xi critic allegedly fired from top university China 3w
Chinese law professor Xu Zhangrun detained for criticising Xi has been released, friends say |... China 3w
China’s ownership of UK assets exposes Britain’s broken model China Germany Netherlands France UK Italy England 3w
Chinese law professor who criticised Xi over coronavirus released China 3w
LAC standoff | Xi Jinping’s mobilisation order, months of planning preceded border moves 3w
Xu Zhangrun, prominent critic of Xi Jinping, released from detention 3w
China releases professor who criticised President Xi, friends say China 3w

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Xi Jinping is the one running this racket, not his people China 3w
China, Hong Kong and the world: is Xi Jinping overplaying his hand? - Financial Times China 4w
China, Russia vow firm mutual support - People's Daily Online China Russia Brazil 4w
In echo of Mao era, China's schools in book-cleansing drive China 4w
Britain should not quake before Xi Jinping: China has already peaked and faces economic stagnat... China UK 4w
Australia creates safe haven for those fleeing Hong Kong | Sky News Australia China Australia 4w
China warning: Beijing headed for 'new Cold War' as West loses patience with Xi Jinping China 4w
FBI chief says China threatens families to coerce overseas critics to return to China China US 4w
Opinion: Xi Jinping — A modern-day tyrant in the old mold Belgium 1mo
US 'deeply concerned' by China detention of critic law professor China US 1mo
FBI chief says China threatens families to coerce overseas critics to return to China China US China-born 1mo
Japan's ruling party calls for government to cancel Xi visit - ThinkPol China Japan 1mo
China detains professor who criticised Xi over coronavirus China 1mo
Japan’s ruling party calls for government to cancel Xi visit China Japan 1mo
Exiled Uighurs call on ICC to investigate Chinese 'genocide' in Xinjiang China 1mo
China launches political policing task force: State media China 1mo
Coronavirus: China detains professor who criticized President Xi Jinping China 1mo
China detains outspoken critic of Xi Jinping China 1mo
China detains Xu Zhangrun, leading critic of President Xi Jinping China 1mo
China's 'most influential' critic of Xi Jinping 'arrested' China 1mo
Xu Zhangrun, outspoken critic of Xi Jinping, detained by police in Beijing 1mo
China and Taiwan Could Be Headed Towards a Showdown. What Should America Do? China US Taiwan 1mo
Middle kingdom Emperor Xi Jinping assumes he is the ruler of the world! 1mo
Not welcome: Japan’s Shinzo Abe could cancel state visit by China’s Xi Jinping China Japan 1mo
Japan ruling party seeks cancellation of state visit by China's Xi - The Mainichi China Japan 1mo
India exposes China's hollowness amid border row as Beijing increases PLA deployment along LAC China India 1mo
China Fears Admitting Galwan Casualties May Lead To Unrest: Dissident China 1mo
The world should stand up to China over Hong Kong, activist Nathan Law says China 1mo
China passes Hong Kong security law, deepening fears for future China 1mo
Ending poverty in 2020 was going to be Xi's crowning achievement. Coronavirus might have ruined... China 1mo
Japan warns China's move on H.K. law would affect Xi's visit China Japan 1mo
Hong Kong: New security law shows Beijing no longer cares what the world thinks 1mo
President Xi Jinping signs national security law for Hong Kong 1mo
China passes controversial national security law for Hong Kong, prohibiting secession and forei... China 1mo
Indian websites not accessible in China as Xi Jinping govt blocks VPN China India 1mo
China exposed: Trump’s personal phone calls to Xi Jinping REVEALED by former adviser China US 1mo
Japan: Indians, Taiwanese, others protest against Chinese President Xi Jinping's 'dictatorial s... China Japan Taiwan 1mo
How China's worries about separatism run deep China 1mo
Op-Ed: Who China's Xi Jinping really wants to win the 2020 U.S. election China US 1mo
Australian MP’s home raided over links to Chinese Communist Party Australia 1mo
China loves John Bolton's book for embarrassing Trump, but not the parts about Xi Jinping China 1mo
Bolton says Trump turned 'a blind eye' to the coronavirus pandemic China 1mo
Australians' trust in China plummets amid 'gloomy' global sentiment China 1mo
Betraying Frustration with China, E.U. Leaders Press for Progress on Trade Talks China 1mo
China to forgive interest-free loans to Africa due in 2020, Xi Jinping says China 1mo
EU leaders expected to raise Hong Kong in virtual summit with Xi Jinping 1mo
India deploys specialised mountain forces to check China’s LAC transgressions China India 1mo
Bengal BJP Slams "Chinese PM Kim Jong Un" In Protest Against Ladakh Clash China North Korea 1mo
Full text: Keynote speech by President Xi Jinping at Extraordinary China-Africa Summit on Solid... 1mo
Vanity Fair: In unredacted manuscript, Bolton writes that Trump told Xi, 'Make sure I win' China US Iran South Africa 1mo
Indians mock Xi Jinping with Winnie the Pooh after deadly border clash China 1mo
Trump ‘Couldn’t Give a Shit’ About China Rounding Up Millions of Muslims China 1mo
Angry With China, Confused BJP Workers in Asansol Took Out a Rally to Burn Kim Jong's Effigy China 1mo
John Bolton: The Scandal of Trump's China Policy China 1mo
Trump told China's president that building concentration camps for millions of Uighur Muslims w... China 1mo
Senate GOP defiant over decision to block Bolton from testifying China 1mo
China says it has no intention of interfering in U.S. elections China US 1mo
Trump signs Uyghur human rights bill on same day Bolton alleges he told Xi to proceed with dete... China 1mo
Trump asked China's Xi Jinping to help him win 2020 election, Bolton claims China 1mo
Trump supported concentration camps for Uighur Muslims, ex-aide claims China 1mo
Trump asked China president to help him win 2020 election, new Bolton book claims China US 1mo
Protesters burn Chinese flag & Xi effigy in Uttar Pradesh after border standoff leaves at least... China India 1mo
China to hit back at West's attempts to sue Xi Jinping's regime over coronavirus - WARNING China US 1mo
Complaint filed in Bihar against Chinese President for spreading coronavirus, PM Modi and Trump... China India 1mo
The twisted logic of backing both George Floyd and Xi Jinping 2mos
France tells China it still backs 'one country, two systems' for Hong Kong China France 2mos
France tells China it still backs 'one country, two systems' for Hong Kong China France 2mos
Hong Kong's last British governor likens city's democrats to Mandela, King China UK 2mos
Trump says not mulling sanctions on China's Xi over Hong Kong China US 2mos
Chinese president Xi Jinping has vowed to lead the “new world order” China US 2mos
Beijing draws up plans to outlaw criticism of traditional Chinese medicine China 2mos
China's President Xi says need to improve monitoring for diseases of unknown causes China 2mos
Rather than malign China, it’s time the West listened China Mexico 2mos
World War 3: How Winston Churchill 'predicted China’s superpower spat with US’ China US 2mos
China's 'nervous' Xi risks new Cold War, last Hong Kong governor says China UK 2mos
China's 'nervous' Xi risks new Cold War, last Hong Kong governor says China UK 2mos
China: celebrity blogger gets 4 years in jail for criticizing Communist Party | Reporters witho... China 2mos
Boris on alert for China punishment after Beijing threatens to unleash UK economic chaos China UK 2mos
Xi Jinping tells Chinese military to prepare for war. Is it against India, US or Taiwan? China India US Taiwan 2mos
Chinese President Xi Jinping tells military to prepare for war, boosts defence budget China 2mos
"Prepare For Worst-Case Scenarios": Xi Jinping To Chinese Military China India 2mos