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US pushes ahead with Taliban peace deal despite reported involvement in carrying out bounties o... US Russia 1h
House Democrats, Working With Liz Cheney, Restrict Trump’s Planned Withdrawal of Troops From Af... Russia Germany 3h
Afghan translator who saved US lives and helped fellow translators escape danger becomes a US c... US 9h
US envoy forges ahead with troubled Taliban peace deal US Pakistan Qatar Uzbekistan 10h
CNN anchor's bestseller is now a movie 11h
Bounties or not, Russia has hedged its bets in Afghanistan for years US Russia 12h
‘Medium’ to ‘lower’ confidence: US spy agencies express doubts over ‘Russian bounties’ allegati... US Russia 13h
Critics of US-Taliban deal say militants can’t be trusted US Russia 16h
Afghan warlord accused of rights abuse awarded highest military rank 18h
NYT: New US memo highlights gaps in intelligence reports on Russian bounties US Russia 19h
Afghan warlord accused of rights abuse awarded highest military rank 1d
The bounty price against US troops in Afghanistan reached as high as $100,000, report says US 1d
Only verified intelligence? A look at presidents’ briefings US Russia 1d
Discussion of Russian bounties thrusts deaths of three Marines into spotlight Russia 1d
Trump's former adviser says President is trying to avoid responsibility US Russia 1d
Pelosi calls for new sanctions on Moscow, amid ‘Russian bounties’ allegations US Russia 2d
US, Russia share a complex and bloody history in Afghanistan US Russia 2d
Only verified intelligence? A look at presidents’ briefings US Russia 2d
UN concerned Afghan violence aimed at derailing peace talks 2d

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Moscow hits back at Pompeo’s ‘Russia arming Taliban’ jibe, saying Afghan govt is only recipient... Russia 2d
US peace envoy looks to start of talks to end Afghan war US Pakistan 2d
Donald Trump says he is 'all for face masks' and believes Russian bounties are 'a hoax' US Russia 2d
Australian Federal Police ask prosecutors to consider charges against ABC journalist Australia 2d
Russia paid up to $100k bounty for US deaths in Afghanistan: NYT US Russia 2d
Long-shut factory helps COVID-struck Afghans breathe free 2d
Afghan Contractor Handed Out Russian Cash to Kill Americans, Officials Say US Russia 2d
Senate kills bipartisan bill to end war in Afghanistan & repeal 2001 Terror War authorization US 2d
Career CIA officer made ‘the right call’ not to brief Trump on ‘Russian bounties’ – NSA O’Brien US Russia 2d
Russia working with Taliban to force US troops out of Afghanistan, Pentagon says, amid row over... US Russia 3d
Russians squeeze U.S. troops in Syria amid uproar over Trump’s dealings with Moscow • The Syria... US Russia Syria 3d
New York Times calls for punishing Putin over anonymous bounty claims but advised Trump to let... US Russia Syria 3d
Pentagon report says Russia working with the Taliban and others to expedite US withdrawal from... US Russia 3d
Pentagon report: Russia working with Taliban, others to 'expedite a US military withdrawal' US Russia 3d
FDNY firefighter killed in Afghanistan may have died because of alleged Russian bounty scheme Russia 3d
Pompeo tells Taliban not to kill Americans amid Russia bounty scandal US Russia 3d
Trump resumes attack on NYT’s ‘Russian bounty’ story, says 'secret source probably doesn't even... US Russia 3d
US Democrats demand more information on Russian bounty allegations US Russia 3d
UN says Afghan army mistakenly fired mortars that killed 23 3d
Families of US soldiers killed in Afghanistan call for answers on alleged Russian bounty plot US Russia 4d
Will US confront Russia on alleged Afghanistan reward killings? US Russia 4d
White House dodges questions and blames 'rogue intelligence officers' for leaking Russian bount... US Russia 4d
Russians squeeze U.S. troops in Syria amid uproar over Trump’s dealings with Moscow US Russia Syria 4d
‘Russian bounty’ story shifts: New York Times now claims Afghan CRIMINALS & not Taliban were pa... US Russia 4d
Trump's ties to Putin under fresh scrutiny in wake of Russia bounty reports US Russia 4d
Data on Financial Transfers Bolstered Suspicions That Russia Offered Bounties US Russia 4d
Afghan army mortars missed Taliban and killed civilians in market, UN finds 4d
Trump administration must give answers on Russia bounty allegations, House Democrats say Russia 4d
Former Intelligence officials scoff at White House denials that Trump wasn't briefed on Russia... US Russia 4d
Afghan Interpreter Who Saved U.S. Troops Gets American Citizenship US 4d
US politics: Russian bounty payments claim sparks Trump briefing row - live updates US Russia 4d
Trump got 'written briefing on Russia bounties' US Russia 4d
Taliban discusses Afghanistan’s peace process in video talks with Pompeo – spokesman US 4d
Mom of Marine killed in Afghanistan wants investigation into his death Russia 4d
CNN: Russian bounty intel was included in Trump's daily briefing Russia 4d
DNI head says ‘unauthorized disclosures’ in Afghan bounty story ‘a crime’, the whole truth may... US 4d
Republicans briefed on claims Russia offered the Taliban bounties Russia 4d
Russia conspiracy theories are back! MSNBC asks Bolton if Trump is ‘too afraid’ to take on Puti... US Russia 4d
‘Intel did not find this info credible’: Trump explains why he wasn’t briefed on ‘Russian bount... US Russia 4d
Senator Schumer calls for ‘tough sanctions’ against Moscow amid new wave of anti-Russian hyster... US Russia 4d
New York Times' Afghanistan 'bounty' story is not about Russia, it's aimed at influencing US do... US Russia 4d
‘Blood on their hands’: Congressman slams NY Times for blowing up ongoing probe in Afghanistan... US Russia 4d
War-hit Afghan hospitals overwhelmed by Covid-19 4d
Anti-Trump ads seize on claims that Russia put bounties on US troops in Afghanistan US Russia 4d
What’s behind Russia’s growing ties with the Taliban US Russia 4d
White House briefing on Russia bounty reports raises more questions than it answers US Russia 4d
White House: No consensus in intel community on report US Russia 4d
The shadowy Russian intel unit that allegedly paid Afghan militants to kill US troops is the sa... US Russia 4d
Is there any line Trump won't allow Putin to cross? US Russia UK 4d
Biden: Trump's entire presidency has been a gift to Putin US Russia UK 4d
Mom of Marine killed in Afghanistan wants investigation of claim Russians paid Taliban to kill... US Russia 4d
White House briefs House Republicans on 'Russian bounties' intelligence US Russia 5d
Mortar Strikes Kill at Least 20 at Livestock Auction in Afghanistan 5d
Blasts at Afghan market kill 23 civilians 5d
White House refuses to say if Trump will take action on Russia bounty claims US Russia 5d
Afghanistan car bomb and mortar attacks kill 23 at busy market 5d
Russia-Taliban bounty plan in Afghanistan led to deaths of US soldiers, intelligence reportedly... US 5d
What's going on between Russia, US and Afghanistan? US Russia 5d
SAS boss concedes war crimes Australia 5d
NATO officials say they were briefed on Russian bounties on US soldiers in Afghanistan — even t... US Russia 5d
Civilians killed in rocket attack on Afghanistan cattle market 5d
Congress to be briefed on Russian bounties plot as Trump denies knowledge – live Russia 5d
‘Russian bounties for Taliban’ story clearly meant to derail US pullout, says Moscow’s special... US Russia 5d
World War 3: Russia 'secretly paid' Taliban to target US forces – shock claim US Russia 5d
Trump says he was never shown report about Russian bounty on US troops US Russia 5d
Donald Trump ‘kept in the dark’, not briefed about Russia putting bounties on soldiers US Russia 5d
Trump's Denial On Russian Bounty Plan Briefing "Remarkable": John Bolton US Russia 5d
‘Several’ US soldiers were killed by Afghan insurgents that were paid by Russia: report US Russia 5d
Report: U.S. spies, commandos warned about suspected Russian bounty plot as early as January US Russia 5d
Spies and Commandos Warned Months Ago of Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops US Russia 6d
U.S. reportedly shared Russia intel with Congressional leaders, U.K. government but White House... US Russia UK 6d
Joe Biden slams Donald Trump over report Russia put bounties on US troops in Afghanistan US Russia 6d
Trump denies he was briefed on Russia-Taliban bounty intelligence US Russia 6d
Trump denies knowledge of 'Russian bounties on US troops' as criticism mounts US Russia 6d
Russia offered cash rewards to Taliban fighters to kill US troops in Afghanistan US Russia UK 6d
Trump Bashes 'Fake News NY Times', Denies 'Attacks on US Troops in Afghanistan by Russians' US Russia 6d
Three Immigrants That Illegally Entered Greece Test Positive For Coronavirus - Greek City Times Iran Greece 6d
Trump denies briefing on reported bounties against US troops US Russia 6d
Russian intelligence officers offered cash rewards to Taliban fighters to kill US, UK troops in... US Russia UK 6d
Trump says nobody told him about Russia paying Taliban to kill troops US Russia 6d
Trump wasn't briefed on report Russia paid Taliban to kill coalition forces in Afghanistan, Whi... Russia 6d