Rishi Sunak

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Who are Rishi Sunak’s in-laws, the Indian entrepreneurs wealthier than the Queen India UK 16h
Ethics watchdog asked to assess if Rishi Sunak broke ministerial code 2d
Rishi Sunak's wife owns part of firm that funnelled money through Mauritius India Mauritius 3d
Slashing overseas aid reflects badly on Britain | Letters UK 5d
No new legislation needed to cut UK aid budget, says Rishi Sunak UK 6d
Britons are cutting development aid to finance the coronavirus UK 6d
Fury after UK cuts billions in overseas aid amid historic recession UK 1w
UK aid cuts 'unprincipled, unjustified and harmful', say experts and MPs UK 1w
UK forecasts show 11.3% GDP contraction in 2020, rebound in 2021 UK 1w
FTSE 100 declines after Chancellor’s spending update 1w
Rishi Sunak pivots between largesse and pain in political balancing act 1w
Rishi Sunak is fighting a battle for traditional Tory values 1w
UK will slash foreign aid to 0.5% of GDP, Rishi Sunak confirms, despite Tory campaign promise n... UK 1w
UK borrowing to hit peacetime high amid COVID-19 emergency: Sunak UK 1w
UK spending review live: Chancellor Rishi Sunak set to address the House of Commons UK 1w
MPs accuse Rishi Sunak of snubbing calls to fix furlough scheme gaps England 1w
UK borrowing hits new record as Sunak readies spending plan UK 1w
Virus puts 'enormous strain' on UK economy, minister says UK 1w
No ‘normal’ Christmas will be possible this year, UK finance minister warns, though families ma... UK England 1w

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Britain wants to agree an EU free-trade deal, says finance minister Rishi Sunak UK 1w
‘No return to austerity’ in the UK, PM Johnson’s spokesman says UK 1w
UK to unveil record £400 billion borrowing plan next week UK 1w
‘Green revolution’: Boris Johnson set to announce plan to make UK world leader in renewable ene... UK 2w
Going for Broke: The Rise of Rishi Sunak by Michael Ashcroft review – too perfect to be plausib... 2w
Covid: Celebrate Diwali virtually to keep safe, says Rishi Sunak - BBC News - BBC News India UK Scotland 2w
The remarkable rise of Rishi Sunak 3w
Rishi Sunak to announce UK’s first green gilts UK 3w
The Latest: Britain extends salary support for 5 months UK 3w
Rishi Sunak announces extension of UK's coronavirus furlough scheme – video UK 3w
Coronavirus: Furlough scheme extended until end of March, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announces 3w
Rishi Sunak extends UK furlough scheme to the end of March UK 3w
Rishi Sunak extends Covid furlough scheme until March 2021 3w
UK coronavirus live: Rishi Sunak extends furlough until end of March in Commons statement UK 3w
Rishi Sunak faces political hazards as Labour ramps up criticism 4w
Sunak was reluctant to accept lockdown but did NOT threaten to resign 1mo
UK’s ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme sparked spike in Covid-19 cases, study finds UK 1mo
Economists call for extension of UK's furlough scheme to save businesses UK 1mo
Why a Joe Biden win would be disastrous for Boris Johnson US Iran Israel Russia UK Turkey Hungary Brazil 1mo
Downing Street isn’t ready for a Joe Biden victory – but not for the reason you think US Iran France UK 1mo
Rishi Sunak ‘barred for life' from UK pub UK England 1mo
Room for improvement with test and trace, says Patrick Vallance – video 1mo
Treasury denies Rishi Sunak's restaurant meeting broke Covid rules 1mo
Britain stumps up more help for coronavirus-hit businesses UK 1mo
UK boosts business aid amid pressure to ease virus impact UK 1mo
Rishi Sunak to unveil new rescue deal for jobs and firms 1mo
Rishi Sunak prepares to unveil Covid wage rescue package 1mo
While Boris Johnson sinks, Rishi Sunak is on the rise UK 1mo
As Boris Johnson's fame wanes, Rishi Sunak on the rise UK 1mo
UK finance minister promises ‘opportunities’ for unemployed as his scheme may save ‘only 230,00... UK 1mo
Coronavirus: Rishi Sunak announces job support scheme expansion 1mo
Coronavirus: UK workers to get two-thirds of wages if firms told to shut UK England 1mo
Rishi Sunak announces expansion of coronavirus job support scheme – video 1mo
The British economy performed much worse than expected in August UK 1mo
UK to implement hospitality furlough measures UK 1mo
UK economy stumbles in August, setting back recovery from COVID-19 slump UK 1mo
‘Priority is jobs,’ UK’s finance minister says, but warns Covid-19 will remain a ‘factor in the... UK 1mo
UK must be hard-headed in relationship with China - Sunak China UK 1mo
‘Strive for normality’: UK finance minister cautions govt against reimposing economy-crushing C... UK 1mo
Rishi Sunak leads the Tories back to tough love 2mos
Are Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak pulling in different directions? 2mos
Sunak trounces Johnson among voters over how to handle crisis 2mos
Politics latest news: Rishi Sunak surges ahead of Boris Johnson in popularity stakes as Tory un... 2mos
State Pension triple lock SAVED as Rishi Sunak vows to honour pledge despite coronavirus 2mos
State Pension triple lock SAVED as Rishi Sunak vows to honour pledge despite coronavirus 2mos
SIMON WALTERS: The day Rishi ripped up the truce in Downing Street 2mos
Rishi Sunak warned of '1980s levels' of unemployment despite emergency jobs package 2mos
What is Rishi Sunak's job support scheme and how will it work? Germany UK 2mos
Covid-19. British government to pay 22% of workers' wages by March UK 2mos
UK govt unveils new job support scheme, but warns it ‘cannot save every business’ UK 2mos
UK's Sunak unveils new job support scheme; warns he cannot save every business UK 2mos
Coronavirus: Rishi Sunak keeps VAT at 5% to aid hospitality and tourism businesses UK 2mos
Coronavirus: UK chancellor unveils 'radical' package of wage subsidies and loans UK 2mos
Rishi Sunak could do worse than copy Germany Germany 2mos
As coronavirus derails UK budget plans, what happens now? UK 2mos
UK's Sunak to focus on wage support as furlough scheme ends: BBC UK 2mos
Rishi Sunak weighs up German-style wage subsidies to replace furlough scheme 2mos
Haulage and logistics bosses demand 'urgent meeting' with ministers 2mos
Rishi Sunak faces taxing times as Tories urge him to focus on growth 2mos
Why the UK is sleepwalking into a job crisis US Germany France UK Italy Austria 2mos
Boris Johnson tries to calm Tory mutiny with vow to keep taxes low 3mos
Keep on dining out, UK minister urges as popular cut-price offer ends UK 3mos
Tories warn Rishi Sunak amid Covid tax hike rumours 3mos
Coronavirus latest news - Up to 85,000 excess winter deaths, says SAGE report 3mos
UK mulls sweeping tax hikes to plug COVID-19 hole UK 3mos
Rishi Sunak to launch war on waste as public finances are hammered 3mos
Rishi Sunak, don’t be a bozo and tax us - tax Amazon boss Jeff Bezos instead UK 3mos
Rishi Sunak to crack down on wasting taxpayer cash on bad value projects 3mos
It would be a mistake for Rishi Sunak to shy away from further stimulus | Larry Elliott 3mos
What Rishi Sunak must do to support the economy and create more jobs 3mos
U.K. Government Debt Tops 2 Trillion Pounds for First Time UK 3mos
Rishi Sunak to axe £500million-a-year 'Facebook tax' on US tech giants US 3mos
As Germany extends furlough, Rishi Sunak wants UK to embrace change Germany UK 3mos
The A-level fiasco shows why Boris Johnson is profoundly unfit to be Prime Minister US Ireland France UK 3mos
Is Rishi Sunak, the people's chancellor, about to lose his crown? 3mos
Rishi Sunak on UK recession: 'Hard times are here' UK 3mos
The UK suffers the worst recession of any G7 country US Germany Canada France UK Japan Italy England 3mos
‘We can’t protect every job’: UK finance minister defends worst unemployment figures since 2009... UK 3mos
Fears grow France could be next on UK quarantine list France UK Belgium Andorra Bahamas 3mos
Quarantine list 'kept under constant review' as Rishi Sunak warns more countries could be added Spain France UK 3mos
Tory grandees slam 'unfair' lack of clarity over France quarantine France 3mos